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  1. I assume that the fear of snakes and spiders is a remnant from our distant past when these creatures were a serious threat to early humans.
  2. Yes, taking the time to know a person and falling in love isn't exactly a short process; if you consider everything involved.
  3. I'd like the same for my DVDs, I moved house not long ago and most of the boxes were full of old CDs and DVDs. I'm running out of space and I still have so many I want to buy!
  4. He was speaking of Rand's Objectivism but he was very vague (perhaps purposefully), I have emailed him asking him to be more specific. My question seems to have been answered though, there is no theft of Objectivist ideas as I was led to believe... damn those tricky Kantians!
  5. After expressing admiration of Ayn Rand I was told by a Kantian that Intelligent Design and Objectivism have "the same conceptualisation of things". My knowledge of Oism tells me that he's probably wrong but my lack of knowledge of ID doesn't tell where his error stems from. How similar are the two theories of conceptualization and is there any evidence that ID has copied Oism?
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