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  1. Do the best you can. Don't slack off with the excuse that you have a disability (you don't appear to be slacking off at all right now). But also don't expect the impossible. Recognize your weaknesses and accept that you are at a disadvantage in some aspects of life. There is nothing wrong with living with your mother if she is willing to support you when you need it.
  2. As someone previously mentioned, the New York Times has found much evidence that indicates that the Chinese women's gymnastics team has members that are too young to compete. The official age to compete is 16. At least one of these girls is 14. The Chinese team won gold last night. The US team came in second. It's one thing to fake a singer's identity during the opening ceremony. It's another to fake a competitor's age. This is downright cheating, and it is disgusting.
  3. Rob, Emotions are a result of your value judgements. You feel disgust and anger toward these people because they criticize those values that you hold very passionately. It is natural that you would feel this way. If you did not, it would be because you did not value these things so much. Simply understand, however, and I'm sure you already do...that emotions are not a tool of cognition. Don't let them be the driving factor in your actions. Beyond that, enjoy your emotions and use them to introspect and learn about yourself.
  4. Mimpy

    Copied DVD's

    No, you should not watch them.
  5. All the company-owned restaurants have closed. The franchises remain open.
  6. I am in BrassDragon's class, and I can attest that the program is very valuable. The OAC faculty is spectacular. The personal feedback is particularly helpful. Plus, there are many extra benefits of being an OAC student, such as scholarships to OCON and such.
  7. No. Neither Dr. Peikoff nor the Ayn Rand Institute has anything to do with this movie. Ayn Rand was also unhappy with the architecture in the movie.
  8. Welcome to the forum! What motivated you to read Atlas Shrugged? And what other works of Ayn Rand have you read so far?
  9. Sophia is right. Angelina does what she does because of the prophecy. It is a sacrificial killing.
  10. I think the NYU club is no longer functioning. Otherwise, that would have probably been the best choice.
  11. Another way to get HIV: a baby can get it in the birth canal and when the mother is breast-feeding. Though the risks of this are significantly reduced now with developments in healthcare, this was a legitimate concern back in the day. I am not sure what is immoral about dating someone with HIV. HIV is the consequence of a certain event. The event should determine whether you date the individual or not.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Where and what are you studying in the fall? What works of Ayn Rand have you read, besides AS?
  13. It would be helpful to explore the concept of "duty." According to Kant, if a customer accidentally gives the cashier too much money, the cashier should give back the unearned money simply on principle....not because he might consider it right to do so or because the customer might appreciate his honesty, etc. He must give back the money because it is his duty to do so. That could obviously also be applied to such acts such as lying, cheating, etc.
  14. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/features/?id=...=all&p=.htm Interview with the director of the movie.
  15. A baby has the capacity to reason. He has just not developed that capacity yet. This is different from an animal, who will never be able to reason because of his metaphysical nature. A baby does not have extended rights, like an adult does. For example, it obviously can't enter into a contract. Yet, it is recognized as having a right to its life because it will eventually develop the capacity to reason.
  16. I am just curious. Why does the Founder's site say the school is accepting applications for the 2008-2009 school year?
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  18. I think it is a question of your values. If you value certain traits in a partner, such as honesty, openness to reason, humor, etc, a person with those qualities will naturally attract you. If you do not truly hold those values, then you might find yourself passionately attracted to others who do embody your current values. Also, the situation you are describing does not sound like "love" to me. It is akin to how I feel about David Beckham. It does not sound like love.
  19. The old chat presented each person's name as a different color. That made it really easy to distinguish who said what. Is this option available in the new chat?
  20. When I watched the "pregnant" man on Oprah, he stressed that there is a difference between sexuality and gender. He said that the reason he wanted to become a man was because of conflict with his gender, not his sexuality. I think that is an important aspect to remember. Thus, I do not think that it is entirely correct to compare transgenderism to homsexuality because the latter is a sexual preference, while the former is gender preference. As for the morality of transgenderism, I am not sure myself what the fundamentals of the issue are. Thus, I am unable to come to a moral conclusion. I am interested in reading what other people think.
  21. This event will most likely physically impact her her whole life. How could she not know? "Mother, why is my body like this?" "I don't know. It just is." I don't think such a response will suffice, unfortunately.
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