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  1. I disagree. The baby will grow up physically impacted by what happened to her. She is already undergoing some type of surgery, and it is likely that she will need a lot more care for a very long time. Furthermore, just knowing that this happened to you as a child is enought to traumatize you for life. It is something she will struggle to come to terms with. This is a disgusting story. Unfortunately, it is not so uncommon, especially in places like Africa where people believe that having sex with a virgin rids you of HIV.
  2. I would never date anyone who read books and espoused ideas that I fundamentally disagreed with. If he were reading the book to learn more about the subject, that would be fine.
  3. Welcome to the forum. How were you introduced to Objectivism?
  4. The beta site is up and running! www.southparkstudios.com
  5. Certainly help her if you value doing so! If she is important to you and you want to better her life so that it will better your own, then there is no reason to not do so. It is impressive that you just stopped doing drugs altogether. Though not impossible, I know it is very difficult. If there's anything that'll change one's habits, it's good philosophy. Welcome to the forum.
  6. I like having long hair precisely because it augments my femininity. Guys and girls are not the same. I think girls should strive to be "like a man," when it comes to working hard, being productive, having a mind of their own, etc. But that does not mean that I want to give up my physically feminine qualities. So I might act like a man, like Athena indicated, but I do not want to lose my femininity.
  7. Welcome to the forum. When and how were you introduced to Objectivism?
  8. From what I recall, this line is from when Roark goes to Wynand's office after the trial to discuss Wynand's skyscraper. Gail is obviously very hurt for losing his integrity once more to his newspaper and also losing Dominique to Roark. If Roark pronounces Gail's name, Roark knows he will bring back all the intimate memories they share...such as their yacht trip, the house Roark built for him, lounging on the grass outside the house, etc. Gail tries to maintain a distance between himself and Roark, as if they never were such good friends. Roarks helps him by not pronouncing his name.
  9. That is disgusting. I am surprised that the ex-governor is not contesting this story but saying that they just have to move on. That almost makes it sound like it really did happen....but perhaps he just despises his wife for suing him and so does not give a damn about her reputation. His reputation has been demolished anyway. A threesome will not do much damage now. In any case, this article is the most read on Fox News because scandalous sex sells. For good and for bad.
  10. I'm very proud of you, Dr. DarkWaters.
  11. I have never really given the issue much thought, but my immediate reaction is: I think expressing your opinion about someone is an expression of your right to free speech. If that opinion happens to be particularly nasty, then so be it. However, I do not think one has the right to say something incorrect about an individual. That is why tabloids are sued so often. I think it constitutes a kind of fraud. So basically, I don't think you should be able to publish or publically announce lies, while insisting you are telling the truth. Obviously such publications, such as "The Onion," are excluded from this rule because they admit what they are doing.
  12. The pope has clearly never picked up a book on economics.
  13. I think Jennifer Connelly would make a beautiful Dagny. And I would not mind seeing Ralph Fiennes playing Rearden!
  14. The IMDB page was updated on March 5, 2008. It now says that Angelina Jolie is "rumored" to be playing Dagny Taggart. I wonder if this status change is due to her pregancy. The site still says that Jamie Clay will play John Galt but also that Brad Pitt is "rumored" to play that role, as well. IMDB is pretty reliable, but I am not sure what to make of this. I do not know what "rumored" means exactly.
  15. The alternative ending to the movie can be seen here. I like this ending a whole lot better. I think it is somewhat strange that the vampires are suddenly calm and somewhat rational, , so I would have preferred to see this ending in theaters.
  16. That's exactly where I was coming from. If the fetus was pre-viable, then yes, the mother would have the right to abort it.
  17. You cannot kill a child with Tay-Sachs for the same reason you cannot kill any infant.
  18. I had to watch this movie for my English class because we are currently focusing on the civil war in Sierra Leone. I thought the movie was just excellent. Leonardo Dicaprio's character was so intricately complex. I especially enjoyed the dynamic of his relationship with Solomon: sometimes Dicaprio was holding him at gunpoint, other times they were talking about marriage and family. It showed how complex of an individiaul Dicaprio was and that he was not a bad person, as such. He grew up in a bad place, saw horrific things and was trying to live the best he could. I also enjoyed the director's message at the end when he said that even though countries had signed agreements to not purchase conflict diamonds, some still slip through. He mentioned that it was ultimately up to the consumer to decide whether or not he wanted to purchase conflict diamonds. I wholly agree with that statement. Also, the portrayal of the Sierra Leone civil war was very vivid and accurately done. This was a great movie!
  19. There are numerous threads about this topic already. You may want to search for them.
  20. Mimpy


    I think they are aweome. I only use that word to describe them because I cannot think of a better word. There probably isn't a word to describe how great The Beatles are! "Eight Days a Week" and "Hey Jude" are my favorites.
  21. I am a freshman in college, too. I am taking mostly math/science classes (because I'm a biology major), so most of my learning is pretty objective. I am taking one English class, in which the professor can choose the texts and the subject for the class. The topic for the class is the struggle for identity in difficult political situations. So far we have read a book about the Darfur conflict and the Sierra Leone civil war. We will read other such books for the rest of the semester, including Elie Wiesel's Night. As you can probably guess, the class is pretty depressing. I personally do not think that genocide and war are topics to be discussed for an entire semester: there are more uplifting things to discuss. Furthermore, the constant complaint of how the US goverment is not doing anything to help these poor people is annoying. However, I always try to write my essays objectively and clearly. In this class, I can choose what I'd like to write about (pertaining to the novel, of course), so I write about things that I believe, not what the professor does. Your professors should be open-minded and so will probably not mind if you ask them honest questions. I would not have an accusatory or argumentative tone, but I think it is fine to suggest some of the problems you see with the ideas they are teaching. If they are hostile to your questions, then that is not your fault. There's nothing you can do at that point, besides drop the class if you want and still can. But I definitely encourage you to ask a lot of questions. Professors generally love a good discussion. This will also be a learning experience for you, and it will give you a chance to strengthen your own arguments with many examples and good logic. Also, if you have chosen a major in the humanities, then you will unfortunately have to get used to this.
  22. The Senior Vice President of Google has posted his thoughts on Microsoft's bid for Yahoo!. You can read it here. The general idea of the Vice President's post can be summarized as such: I have always respected Google for its innovation, technology, and brilliant marketing. It not only is one of the "coolest" companies around, but it is also very good at what it does. This post, however, reveals a different side of Google that I had not encountered before. The Vice-President, speaking on behalf of Google, outrightly acccuses Microsoft of "extend[ing] unfair practices" and engaging in serious "legal and regulatory offenses." I grant him the fact that, yes, Microsoft was put on trial: their actions were deemed to be illegal. Morally supporting what the company had to endure, however, is cowardly, especially when coming from the one company that is most threatened by the potential alliance of Microsoft and Yahoo!. The post tells me nothing more than Google is afraid of Microsoft's bid and is trying to convince anybody they can to morally denounce it so Google will not have to work as hard to compete with Yahoo!.
  23. Holy crap. I just checked the tour dates and they are coming to my town! This might not sound amazing, but I assure you it is since I live in the middle of nowhere in State College, PA.
  24. Mimpy

    A Fetus Is Human

    First, a fetus does not develop pain receptors until 23-24 weeks. These receptors function properly only by 26-29 weeks. The phenomen you are referring to is a reflex. It is not indicative of any pain felt by the fetus. Second, the fetus feels pain after 26 weeks. So what? The doctor uses anesthesia. Third, the ability to respond to pain does not constitute evidence of reason. How are you even justifying that statement? Pain is automatic. It cannot be controlled in most cases (ceratinly not by a fetus). It is a physiological response to a negative event, whether physical or mental. Dogs feel pain. So do birds. They will both recoil when you hurt them. Yet, they do not use reason.
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