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  1. Does this not also rule out any Democrat, quasi-Democrat, liberal, etc. as well?
  2. One would think that the candidates themselves would support such a check. Anything they find will undoubtedly be found by someone. Better to find out sooner, rather than later.
  3. I imagine that is possible, but from a viewpoint of political pragmatism, highly unlikely. After all, Bush 2 had the Presidency and both houses, and it didn't happen. Like it or not, the political will of the electorate matters, and nothing is likely to happen in the foreseeable future to change that. Basing one's political choices of the possibility of an exceedingly unlikely scenario seems ....wasteful. The more likely scenario is that Barry gets a 2nd term, turns even more ridiculously to the left (since he'll have more "flexibility" by being relieved of the burden of reelection), nomina
  4. It is unlikely that we will have a decade. More likely that it will happen within a year. Be prepared.
  5. Nobody wants to reverse Roe v. Wade, despite all protestations to the contrary. Abortion rights enjoys the support of a majority of the public. As long as that holds true, it will never be overturned. The SCOTUS would simply deny writ. They don't want to get involved in that either. I really don't understand Objectivists that see the right as a threat vis-a-vis the left. It seems to indicate an absolute political tin ear, as if we were politically on the very precipice of falling into a theocracy if <insert Republican candidate here> is elected. It ain't going to happen. There is no p
  6. Judging from the article, thinking is not a strong point with him.
  7. Not really. They will, at the very least, shed the stink from that 0-16 season, and become a potential destination for the odd free agent who may just put them "over the top" to get into the Super Bowl conversation. Besides, with Stafford and C. Johnson, they have at least a "puncher's chance". If they had any running game at all, I'd give them more than that.
  8. "Religious science" is kinda oxymoronic. It seems to be an attempt to "square the circle", allowing room for both rationality and faith. Such cognitive dissonance would give me a headache, but it seems to be needed by some.
  9. Agreed. I was off the wagon for a bit there, but I am pretty firmly back on it now. I see the Lions in playoffs as being all-but assured. BTW, Green Bay's loss will not hurt that assessment in the least, as they will no longer be going for perfection (and WTF! - a loss to the freaking CHIEFS!!!!!). Unfortunately, I also see a quick exit from them being pretty likely as well.
  10. Amorality means, in this context, that they (Adam & Eve) would have had no frame of reference to determine that eating the fruit, or even dying, was "wrong". Before the eating of the fruit, "wrong" (or "right", ftm) didn't exist.
  11. And, of course, that begs the question... You're missing the point: If Adam & Eve had no knowledge of the concepts of "right and wrong" before they ate the fruit, how would they know it was "wrong" to eat it? Kinda like an ex post facto law.
  12. The OWS types (generally speaking) are essentially laying the groundwork for greater statism. This will likely become manifest when the US hits the economic wall of debt it has constructed, and the government will be forced into the Morton's Fork of printing (a la Zimbabwe or Weimar Germany) or running government on an effectively cash basis. This will zero out nearly all social program spending, sparking unrest. Order will be demanded. You see where this is going....
  13. True, the deficit will keep growing, until it can't. That is, when there will be no demand for Treasury debt at sustainable interest rates. You can see this happening in Italy as we speak - the interest rates on their sovereign debt is rising rapidly. At the point where the carrying costs of the outstanding debt exceed tax revenue, you become instantly insolvent. With the kind of deficits we are running, even a small uptick in interest rates on Treasury debt would be disastrous (assuming our present level of "obligations"). The alternatives would be inflate or run government on a cash basis
  14. First, utabintarbo is all one word. Thanks. Second, my post-oblivion scenarios were in my first post. FWIW, I tend to think the deflationary depression scenario is the most likely. In either scenario, we will likely end up less free, for the reasons stated previously.
  15. I think that 'reserve currency status' also refers to A) Much of the world's commerce is denominated in USD the fact that the world perceives the USD as the currently best store of wealth available. When the Euro goes boom (and it will), there will be a flow of wealth into dollars (and PM's). These flows will mitigate somewhat the rate (but not the inevitability) of our swirling into oblivion.
  16. They would more likely view the complete obliteration of their population as their blessed delivery of their peoples to Allah's holy paradise.
  17. US != former Soviet Union in so many ways, but chief among them (in this context) is that the US enjoys reserve currency status. This acts as a brake on any collapse that may happen, and why the rest of the world generally suffers more than the US does.
  18. There's little doubt that America remains the premier super-power, both economically and militarily. The old adage goes that when America sneezes, the world gets a cold. That likely will be the case. Given the scenario I see for America, I fully expect it to be substantially worse elsewhere.
  19. In the end, what you arrive at is a distinction without a difference. The endpoints have different names, but the means are essentially identical. It becomes more about marketing at that point.
  20. I think y'all are entirely too optimistic, and that scares the hell out of me. The "can-kicking" that Maarten ref'd has a finite endpoint beyond which it will simply not work. Eventually, people/governments (the Chinese) will no longer lend us money at effectively 0% interest. This will leave us with two options: 1. Inflate, Zimbabwe-style, to eliminate the debt overhang by paying it down with effectively worthless dollars/euros; 2. Deflate, and allow prices to fall to equilibrium via foreclosures/bankruptcies. This will have the effect of raising interest rates dramatically. BTW, this als
  21. It's good that your local paper so strongly supports women's sports. In news about men's sports, the loss Sunday to the 49ers has me preliminarily re-assessing my initial enthusiasm for the Lions. I had no illusions about them going 16-0, but the way the Offense was so ....lame gives me pause. Another reasonable test comes on Sunday against the Falcons. If they right the ship, I may have to, once again, belly up to the Lions' kool-aid bar.
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