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  1. Hi, I am doing a clear-out and selling almost all my books. I thought these Ayn Rand books may be of interest here. They are all in pretty food condition. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, Signet 100 Centennial edition - $4 Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Signet 100 Centennial edition - $4 The Ayn Rand Lexicon, Objectivism A-Z - $4 The lot - $10 I live in the UK and I will post anywhere. If you are interested contact joealton AT gmail.com (replace " AT " with "@") Cheers, Joe
  2. Drugs are rarely the best answer to anything. They should be used as a last resort, for instance if your mental state will result in physical harm to yourself or others. Depression ia caused by cognitive distortions which gives your environment(the uncontrollable) too much power over the way you feel. A cognitive distortion is an abnormality, why should this not be a disease? Changing the way you think needs to be done actively(consciously), since depression drugs are passive they will not get rid of your cognitive distortions. They work on changing your brain chemistry. If you have socia
  3. Schefflera Arboricola- I don't think I need medication. Is what I'm saying not applicable to our lives? Let me explain. Aren't we all thinking to much? Is it really necessary to read Rand and to formulate concrete ways to live our lives? Rands teachings seem like the way a man would think had he been independant enough to stand against socialism or acculturation. So I conclude Rands work not as necessity(unless you need to have intellectual discussions on such topics as your function) rather as an andidote to the philosophical BS is taught or formulates. By "formalates" I mean introspecting
  4. Do you mean drinking at all or heavy drinking? I hate alcohol but I feel I need it in some scenarios. I know, I know, "you don't need alcohol to have a good time". True. BUT you do to get into a certain state unless you are very socially confident. I know people who are confident socially but when in a club situation they look nervous and lost. I used to drink very heavily in order to fit in and my friends thought I was awesome but the more I did it the more I hated myself. I started drinking less for health reasons also. I suppose I could say I use alcohol as an ergogenic aid for club/party-s
  5. I always thought myself rational however after examining my thought process I realised I had a number of cognitive distortions. For instance I would make assumptions of how people percieved me when objectively I have no way of knowing this. I have always had an introvert personality which makes me prone to depression. I have always wished for happiness above all else, when asked in school on my goals for life I would say "to be happy". After becoming depressed after my first year of university I reviewed a number of self-help materials. All self-help authors seem to write in 300 pages what
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