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  1. Saying Objectivist grace is fun. "I thank me for this food. I worked hard for it. That will make it taste all the better. Thanks, me." The temple of Man looks neat - but the inside should be comfortable. A place where you can enjoy the simple, monkey pleasures of life. That's what I think of museums as - Temples of Man. A sacred hall of the works of Man, be they the Smithsonian or the Louvre. You could have your vows renewed at one - most have a reception area. Just get a justice of the peace, and you're set.
  2. He was given the highest award possible to a non-german citizen by Hitler's govt., the imperial flying cross of the eagle, or some such monkeyshines. He might have been a great industrialist, I can give credit where it's due - but don't expect me to buy a ford. The guy was a nazi. I feel bad enough about buying gas from arabia. Oh, and the elders of zion thing was agitprop.
  3. You can't have a rational discussion with someone who's premises are all wrong.
  4. In Soviet Russia... Ice Crushes YOU!! Monkey spanks YOU!! When Kitten Masturbates, God kills YOU!! Line stands behind YOU!! (good retort when you're told to stand behind a line) Soap drops YOU!! many more to come.
  5. Would not the desire for something you haven't earned be the definition of greed? If you steal then you haven't earned it, you've used force against someone.
  6. That's reassuring. I feel so alone in the world..
  7. I'm down in Hampton Roads, VA - near VA Beach and Norfolk. We have a local radio guy named Tony Macrini who's an objectivist, check out WNIS.com and listen for free from 6 -10 am eastern live. Does anyone else have a local media outlet with objectivist views that canbe accesed over the net?
  8. I'm down in Hampton Roads, VA - near VA Beach and Norfolk. We have a local radio guy named Tony Macrini who's an objectivist, check out WNIS.com and listen for free from 6 -10 am eastern live. It's great.
  9. I think that, by my actions, I do ascribe to that. I don't care what other people do. As for me, there's got to be some connection. Come to think of it, the last time I dragged a random home was some years ago, and it didn't go all the way. Namely because she was really dumb - which was really unattractive. Not a value worth having. I don't think that I could, when it comes down to brass tax. But there's a time and a place for everything, and it's called 'high school'. How deep does the love relationship have to be, dating for a month? Two months? Engaged, Married? Some of Dagny Taggart's sexcapades weren't exactly Objectivist. How do you quantify passion?
  10. It's war - loose lips sink ships. The terrorists have satellite tv and the internet, makes for great intel. Props to Ethiopia, I'll never make a joke about them again. They showed the ICU who's boss. Nice Job. The Al-Qaeda dudes who got lit up by a C-130 = pwned.
  11. Happening to be one (I identify as one way more culturally than religiously, as I haven't been to Synogauge since my Rabbi asked me to vote for Gore - but lighting the Menorah is fun, since I'm a pyro - and latkes are tasty), It always did seem the most rational of the irrational. Probably because of it's close proximity to Greek ideals during the Hellenistic ages. Most of the last 3 books of the pentateuch are old tribal law - it made sense for pork to be unkosher, since they didn't know what trichina worms were - they just knew that it wasn't clean, and sometimes people ate it and died. Shellfish like wise, as shellfish allergies are common and scientific knowledge of allergies wasn't when those laws were put down. My beef with Islam comes with the idea of it being a collectivist school of thought devoted to oppressive, irrational rules (sharia law). And the fact that some of them want to wipe Israel off the map and conquer the world. I don't think that's all muslims - especially those that have come to the America or Europe to get away from sharia - but look at the demographics of Europe's birth rates with the middle east. There's a lot of ground for the seeds of resentment towards the rest fo the world to grow in.
  12. If the service is good - they just leave the option of paying for services rendered open ended. I waited tables once upon a time - it reeeeeaaally used to piss me off when people left Jesus pamphlets as tips.
  13. Offhand - I don't see a moral clash if it's two consenting adults, it's their bodies and the ones having meaninglelss sex, by their actions, consent to all risks involved. Depends on what you value, your safety or your need for gratification. In practice, I prefer to get to know someone, to see if they're a value worth having - if I can't stand to hear her open her mouth then she's not worth the hassle. Unfortunately, most of the time, it has usually meant more to me. Perhaps they just work 60 hours a week and don't get out much? BTW, Hi everyone. Glad I found this forum.
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