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  1. Thanks, I'll put that on my list. My particular "New World" was performed by Sir George Solti and the Chicago Symphony. It was recommended to me by a friend and I have been very happy with it. About a year ago I misplaced it, thinking it was either entirely lost, or I loaned it to a friend (whom I couldn't remember) who failed to return it. I looked high and low to replace it finally finding it at Planet Music locally. A couple months later my original CD was located and then I had two copies. I gave my son one. If you have the opportunity, you should listen to that version and see how it compares to what you may have heard before. VES
  2. My music tastes are quite varied. 1. The "New World" Symphony (and other works by Dvorak) 2. Evanescence - Bring Me to Life, My Immortal 3. Robert Cray - Bad Influence, etc. 4. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones 5. Reba McEntire 6. Natalie Merchant (and 10,000 Maniacs) 7. Enya 8. The Cranberries 9. Weird Al 10. BB King This is just a drop in the bucket, in no particular order. My tastes of movie music is also rather expansive. I won't get into that now. Two pieces in particular that move me emotionally moreso than any other pieces of music are: 1. Spencer Brewer - Wonderland 2. Enya - From Where I Am VES
  3. My real first name is Vern. I'm very new to the Objectivist philosophy. Since I'm still learning quite a bit about it, I cannot honestly say I have fully adopted it into my beliefs. None the less, my interest was fueled by a number of things I have read so far, things that I have spoken about or thought about myself prior to learning about this philosophy. I find that what I understand of Objectivism so far is very congruent to my beliefs about life. I've been married 19 years and have one son. Oddly enough, my relationship with my wife has not been strained by the fact that she is a devout Christian and I until recently professed agnosticism. I think I"m slowly drifting towards full tilt atheism. I've been a law enforcement officer for 18 1/2 years in a neighboring city. I'm pursuing interests in photography with a desire to make an occupational change in that direction in 7-8 years. My purpose here is to use this forum as a learning tool. I am currently consulting a number of web-related and literary-oriented sources to expand my understanding of Objectivism. As time goes on, perhaps I can contribute to the learning of others in return. I will attempt to offer intelligent and courteous (or at least neutral) discourse, asking for the same as well. Take care, Vern
  4. If you had said "IF" instead of "When", it would have made a significant difference. "When" strongly implies that it did happen. VES
  5. Thanks for clarifying Betsy. It does take quite a different way of looking at things when one has engaged in debating for so long, and now has to reconsider each word to insure that it's definition makes sense. VES
  6. A few movies I enjoyed, no particular order, some maybe already listed. Momento Following LA Confidential The Life of Brian LOTR (all of them) Kill Bill (both) Reservior Dogs Tombstone Smila's Sense of Snow Girl, Interrupted The Professional Geez, I could go on... I watch too many movies!! VES
  7. In order for two or more people to communicate effectively, they have to operate under the same definitions. Am I understanding that Objectivists lack a common source of reference for defining words? Is it necessary to define one's terminology throughout any discourse to such that we communicate on the "same sheet of music"? ... pun intended. It would seem to me that communication becomes much more difficult (or at least much more lengthy) without having a common reference. Yes, eventually I will read more of her works, including Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology. And thanks for clarifying A is A for me. VES
  8. Okay, I can understand and agree that opinions can be based on objective data, but the opinions themselves cannot be validated as fact, or reality. I resort to definitions again: If I understand the concept that A=A, and I know someone will tell me if I'm wrong , the piece of music cannot be both great, and not great, in reality, or in a factual sense. VES PS: I appreciate any patience given as I stimulate my logic centers of the brain. I'm sure many of you have had much more of a workout than I have had in while.
  9. I think there is a semantic problem with this whole discussion. The word "judge" is I think an improper word in determining objective reality. Opinions, in my mind, fall squarely into the realm of the subjective. When an opinion crosses over into the world of something that can be factually proven (or measured), then it is no longer an opinion. Am I way off on this? VES
  10. A simple thought on the matter of whether we could have prevented 9/11. In Spain, their terrorists have been bombing and/or threatening the bombing of trains for years. Spanish authorities have on numerous occasions (as I understand it) averted train bombings. Therefore, they had the knowledge and training to deal with a specific form of threat. Yet they were still subject to the most recent bombing. Our knowledge and experience in dealing with what happened on 9/11 was far less. If terrorists are willing to die for their goal and be patient in it's planning, it's not unreasonable that we would not be able to prevent their actions. Nor does blame have to be placed anywhere other than on the terrorists shoulders. Our review should be more focused on developing plans to minimize their opportunity to carry out other plans and/or possibly prevent the same. VES
  11. Murder is a specific legal term. Intent is a pre-requisite for murder, so one could not be quilt of murder without intent (and actually malice as well). VES
  12. Well, thanks for all the prompt replies. I think some of my confusion on this matter came from some of the reading I did regarding how much one lends their talents to the state. I still have lots of reading to do on the matter. I bought Atlas Shrugged yesterday as a start. The one sticking point of an issue that I have come across so far is the Objectivist view on abortion. I don't really wish to open that up as a debate at this point, merely mentioning that my view is different from what appears to be the Objectivist view. This is something I intend to study further. I will say that the Objectivist view that I read which supported choice, was probably the best presented view I have read yet. This may take some time for me to get my mind around. To Betsy: Yes, a fascinating career that is also at times frustrating. I have the opportunity this year to advance in rank, likely for the last time in my career. I am most satisfied when I am in Patrol work, and directly supervising a small group of officers. At my current level I do that, as well as if I do get this promotion. Past that I would be more of an administrator, which I do not desire. Again, thanks for the hearty welcome! VES
  13. I have heard courage described as: the ability to act rationally or maintain rationality when fear would otherwise be the guiding motivation, and hence, likely less rationally. I think several other examples on here reflect that definition. VES
  14. First off, this is my first post. I am very new to the philosophy of Objectivism. It's highly probably that I will ask stupid questions as my base of knowledge on this topic is very rudimentary at this point. None the less, the philosophy is interesting to me. Of the few concepts I have read to date, I can "relate" to virtually all of them right off the bat. My objective on this forum is to increase my understanding of this philosophy in order to determine if indeed I may have been somewhat of an objectivist all along, and never really knew it. A bit of background. I'm 40 years old, have in the past been a Christian which I later abandoned in the direction of Agnosticism. I have been a Police Officer for 18 1/2 years though I do not agree with the nature or justification of many laws that are on the books. I have always sought to understand that which is going on around me, to which the concept that my senses are my only possible learning tool makes a lot of sense. So, on to the first question... Is there anything inherently incompatible with being an Objectivist AND being a Law Enforcement Officer? Thanks in advance for your reasoned responses. VES
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