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  1. I can understand how it would be hard in your circumstance. When you find someone else you are interested in, it won't be so much of a problem.
  2. I agree about the PSP. As far as PSIV, I definitely recommend it. It gets really good as you get into it more. It turns into a TOTALLY epic game that you aren't really expecting it to be. Yes, PSII was definitely really hard...lol. The mazes were a real pain in the arse too!
  3. I agree 100%. The Seto part of the game was great. Bugenhagen just kinda floats along when you are going through the cave of the Gi tribe. I wasn't sure what to expect and then you find out the truth about Seto. Truly brilliant. Especially how Red XIII howls mournfully as his father cries. VERY VERY emotionally moving. Parasite Eve was a MUCH better game than PE2. I highly recommend it. I'm also a big fan of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (I also own that soundtrack too). I also love retro gaming as in Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. My Game Boy Advance is one of my favorite systems. I think Sony's new handheld (The Sony PSP) that is going to come out first quarter of 2005 looks really cool. What do you guys think about it?
  4. I don't think you will be disappointed at all. I can understand reluctance at going for "pop-punk." I think PP is a bad label though just like I think "Nu metal" doesn't really accurately describe the burgeoning hard rock genre that happened after grunge. I think PP describes some bands very well like Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, and Simple Plan. AFI's punk roots go back REALLY far, though. In fact "Total Immortal" was covered by The Offspring at one point. If you like AFI, check out some of the other recommendations I made. ah yes....I CANNOT believe I didn't recommend this band!!! Check out Kill Hannah! You can check out their media player right here: http://buzztone.atlanticrecords.com/killhannah_kennedy/ If you like AFI, buy "For Never and Ever" by Kill Hannah immediately! As far as Blink-182....they have SOME good songs. I recommend: -"Dammit" - " Josie" - "All of this" (featuring Robert Smith of The Cure) - "Violence" They don't have many good songs, but they have those ones at least. -Evan
  5. http://www.versiontwo.org/abstract/archives/001011.html Check that out for the real dizzle on "One Winged Angel".
  6. I can definitely understand that as being a sticking point. I think that is definitely valid as well. Yup. Have you heard the Parasite Eve soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura? It is definitely really cool. Have you ever played Parasite Eve? As far as my fav FF songs: -FFVII Overworld Theme - Aeris's theme - One Winged Angel - Kuja's Theme - Beatrix's Theme -The Great Calm (from FFX) - Maybe I'm a Lion (FFVIII) - Lunatic Pandora (FFVIII) I'm so glad I finally met an Objectivist who enjoys FF music. :)
  7. *grin.* I LOVE the way you described FFX. Such a wonderful game isn't it? Do you like the soundtracks? I own the FFVII, FFVII, and FFX soundtracks. What do you think of Metal Gear Solid and how Snake falls in love and fights for Meryl? I think that story is one of individualism in the face of technology that seeks to control your identity (the genome soldiers and the Les Enfant Terrible project). Snake is a badass hero if I do say so myself.
  8. Erh...you can be "unique" and still be a crappy human being. As far as being strong goes...she was so "strong" she had her memory of Jim Carrey's character erased so she could evade the reality of what happened . As far as being attractive...compare her to Elastigirl in The Incredibles. Until their relationship falls apart due to the woman's boredom and Jim Carrey's inability to please her. As far as valuing goes, Jim Carrey values her tremendously and he realizes that all to late. The problem is weak characters trying to evade their crappy reality. Jim Carrey has a relationship that is VERY up at times and at rock botom at other times. VERY unstable relationship which is why it fell apart. The people are fundamentally lost. They don't know what they want or what they need to do to get it until it is too late. Great Gen X-er movie I guess if that is what you are looking for. He tries...and fails. They break up and both get their memories erased and during the actual erasing process he tries to "hide" inside good memories before they get erased. He also is "helped" by his ex-girlfriend as she talks to him while the memories are erased which is just a figment of his imagination as you can't TALK with someone who doesn't even remember that you exist anymore. This is where you get the surrealism. A lot of impossible things like him getting sucked down the drain of the sink and into another memory happen because a large part of the movie takes place in his mind. Lots of non-reality and non-realistic concepts abound in this movie. Why would he want to save the memories? I understand the old saying "It is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all." I also understand that this is what they are going for. The only problem is that the characters were so caught up in their mediocre and non-fulfilling jobs/lives that their relationship crumbled due to the fact that they don't really know what they need in their lives or how to get it. It was only happy because the main characters were incable of remembering how crappy their relationship was and why exactly they broke up. The happy reunion was based on a total denial of reality. BTW...the "happy reunion" you speak of wasn't really happy OR a reunion. Jim Carrey feels an inexplicable urge to go to the beach and he meets the girl again and neither of them know who the other one is...so they can't really be "happy" about seeing each other again. It also isn't a reunion because at that time they are once again "abula rasa. Not at all. The point was that there were good times and bad. When you get rid of ALL of your memories having to do with a bad relationship, you get rid of the good times as well. A sort of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". Apparently the good times were "good enough" to go through with a relationship that they knew would eventually fall apart again at the end. She says as much. NOTHING fundamentally changed about either of their characters that would lead to a different outcome. NOTHING. The only way the outcome could possible be different is if Jim Carrey or the girl retained SOME memory of what caused their break up in the first place. If you put 2 and 2 together, you will ALWAYS get four. The only way the outcome becomes different is if your variables in the equation change or get something extra added on, subtracted, multiplied, or divided out. So yeah...their relationship was indeed damned to failure for the second time. A triumph of metaphysical evasion that results in a struggle to save memories that ends up in failure. He DOESN'T remember and they reunite to have the same stuff happen all over again. Not really a triumph in my book.
  9. Has anyone played Phantasy Star IV for the Sega Genesis? If you want to play it nowadays, just go get an emulator (I recommend Gens 2.0) and download the ROM and enjoy. That is one of my favorite RPG's. As far as games that promote individualism...I would say that is definitely one of them. FFX is also awesome. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful games of all time in terms of music, depth, graphics, and story. All of the characters are individuals in that game:). I love Diablo II as well. Do you play on Battle.net?
  10. FFVII is a really interesting example. Kind of interesting you brought that one up. I LOVED that game when I was in the 7th grade (when it came out) and it was one of my fav games of all time. I recently bought it again about 2 months ago and have totally beaten everything in it (including the Weapons and all the side quests). I was kind of disappointed with some of the philosophy for a while, but then I started really thinking about it. Here are my conclusions: 1) Shin-Ra was a horrible corporation that exploits a resource stupidly. Think of loggers in the North West that used to clear cut. It isn't in your rational self-interest to clear cut in the long term because it kills the whole industry and you don't have anything left for long periods of time. Conservation makes MUCH more sense if you really have a mind for profit. The James Taggarts of the world do that kind of crap to make a temporary profit and then they have nothing to show for it once they have parasitically sucked all of the life out of the industry. It takes a LOT more genius to sustain things like Ellis Wyat and his shale-oil. Look at these factors of Shin-Ra: -Hojo did bio-experiments on people just for the fun of it kind of like some of the Nazi scientists. -President Shin-Ra ordered the destruction of an entire 8th of the city to try and kill people that were rebelling against what they were doing. - Rufus makes the point in his speech with Cloud (when you fight him at the Shin-Ra building) that he will govern using fear instead of just using wealth to dominate people - There is a man named HEIDEGGER in Shin-Ra....do you really need anything else? (I'm just joking on this one) -They have no problem using coercion and force (look at Wutai and Corel as examples of that). Another thing is the WAY that the fictional planet operated with the life-stream and reincarnation. If that was a metaphysical FACT that was a given (which it IS in that game) it would be morally wrong to intentially destroy the glue that literally holds your planet together. Remember when Bugenhagen shows what happens when the lifestream is totally sucked away? The planet crumbles and disappears. That makes Shin-Ra pretty damn anti-life. 2) When Cloud comes back from the lifestream after coming to terms with his pyschological fears and problems, he makes an amazing speech. He basically says that he is fighting for his OWN reasons and he sends everyone off for a couple of days to find out what their own reasons are. -Barrett is fighting for Marlene - Nanaki (Red XIII) is fighting for honor and for his grandfather -Vincent is fighting to right a wrong (the fact that he couldn't stop Hojo from injecting the woman he loved (Lucrecia) with Jenova cells which ended up creating Sephiroth. - Yuffie is fighting for materia and for her town's glory. -Cait Sith is atoning for Shin-Ra's crime and to save the world -Tifa is fighting for a future with Cloud 3) Cid. Cid has a dream to go into outter space and has done everything in his power to make that dream happen when Shin-Ra breaks off the space program. He fought for his dream and it finally came true (sort of by accident when they are trying to get the Huge Materia). He is "the captain" and is a science buff who believes in the superiority of science and reason. That is pretty damn cool in my book. 4) Cloud. This game makes it VERY clear that faking reality is a BIG no-no psychologically speaking. Look what happens to Cloud when he perpetuates the lie that he made SOLDIER. He cannot integrate himself into the reality of what he just couldn't do (achieve his dream of being in SOLDIER like Sephiroth). When he finally DOES deal with his issues, he is a whole person. Cloud also has some very good traits. He ran after Tifa when they were young so he could try and defend her when she went questing to find her mom at Mt. Nibel. He also really came to her defense when he managed to toss Sephiroth into the lifestream and wound him badly after Sephiroth attacked Tifa and Zach. Cloud fights for his values and for himself and he makes that really clear from the beginning. As he says in the beginning...he isn't fighting for the planet, Avalance, of anything but himself. That never changes at all. He just develops himself into a true hero and identifies what he really wants to gain from his fight. 5) Sephiroth. Sephiroth wants to become a god and dominate over everyone. He kills a whole town, awakens the weapons, summons a giant meteor, kills Zack, and attacks Tifa. He is pure evil. The presence of such a villian shows what one should try and fight against. This game isn't done in terms of "shades of gray". This is good versus evil...plain and simple. 6) Barrett realizes that Avalanche's way of doing things (blowing up mako reactors) wasn't the right way of doing things, though he has his reasons (including the fact that Shin-Ra burned down his whole hometown which killed his wife). He redeems himself by helping to save the world. Any thoughts?
  11. Not at all. Jim Carrey didn't really "choose" to meet her at the beach it was something burried in his subconscious that neither he nor the girl could remember. It wasn't a conscious choice at all. There relationship DID end horribly and if you recall, they met at that same beach. So what do you think would happen if they have NO memory of the bad or the good and the meet in exactly the same way? It isn't like their personalities changed at all. I didn't see that as overwhelmingly positive. I'm agreeing with Amagi's analysis of the movie. Erh...Uncle Ben and Aunt May are Spidey's biggest influences in his life more or less. Aunt May openly supports altruism and the point is made in the first movie that Uncle Ben died because Spidey got gyped by the bookie and didn't help someone else out after he got screwed over. In other words...the "right" thing to do is turn the other cheek. The point was...Spidey shrugged when he got screwed by the bookie...in his own words "That's not my problem." The first movie links shrugging with NOT being in your own interest and helping fight for the good EVEN when douchebags like the bookie, Jameson, and other rotters smear you all over the place. I don't call that philosophical goodness in comparison to The Incredibles. It is tripe when the woman is a complete dysfunctional wreck and you would definitely be better off without her. It is tripe when you as a character are also a boring weenie who is just a "typical" Joe who really has nothing but that woman who really does nothing to enhance your life and actually takes away from it. I don't see the fact that Jim Carrey loved that crazy bitch as "suspenseful" or "deep." As far as the artistic quality of the movie, the way it was filmed was brilliant...I give it that. Some of the sequences like Jim Carrey as a baby were really done extremely well. Props to the director for having his ducks in a row. The script writer should be pimp slapped though. See above.
  12. Whatsup guys? Here are some things I'm listening to. 1) My Chemical Romance. If you like Coheed and Camrbia...you HAVE to check out MCR. They are AWESOME. In pop-punk the dominating trend is to go for effeminate vocals (read AFI, Coheed, MCR, The Used). MCR is no different, but they have their own unique spin on it. I seriously recommend downloading or listening to "The Ghost of You". If you wanna get a listen, IM me over AIM. My screename is "Tryptonique." 2) AFI/The Used (two really great bands). AFI has been around for forever and they have really really great material. I recommend buying the album "Sing the Sorrow" "Black Sails in the Sunset" or "The Art of Drowning." The Used has GREAT material. I recommend the following from them: "The Taste of Ink" "Noise and Kisses" "Blue and Yellow" "The Poet." 3) Julien-K You can listen to a demo of one of their songs from their upcoming album here: http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseactio...20041210190021) . This band is awesome! It is a side project of two Orgy members (Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck). Amir is soooo cool. The dude designs guitars for Jackson and Yamaha. He has a degree in producing from UCLA and has been in the music business for 20 years. He is also an incredible pioneer in modern guitar for his use of the G-Synth in rock recording. Julien-K is an electronica/dance/club and rock hybrid that is definitely worth a look. I happened to meet both Amir and Ryan after an Orgy show and they are really fun to chat with. Amir even hooked me up with a JK button and I was quite pleased:). 4) Cold. I LOVE this band. They are incredibly dark lyrically, but their music is really really well put together. In fact, Rivers Cuomo (lead singer of Weezer) is a big fan of Cold and even worked on "Stupid Girl" which was their big hit from "Year of the Spider" (their third album). "13 Ways to Bleed Onstage" and "Year of the Spider" are both two of my favorite albums to come out in the last couple of years. The recently did a song for Psi-Ops..a Playstation 2 videogame. The song is called "With My Mind" and you can listen to it HERE: http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseactio...=20041210190527
  13. http://www.pcavote.com/voting/film/f01.shtml The Incredibles is up against: -Farenheit 9/11 (ugh) -Spiderman 2 (yay for a movie that blatantly praises altruism and NOT being an individual) -Eternal Sunshine (romance movie about a man who deliberately gets all memories of his ex girlfriend erased out of his mind and his quest to hold on to some scrap of her before the end implicates that fate always brings people together again in the end...boring tripe) -Shrek 2 (haven't seen it...liked the first one) I think The Incredibles is the clear winner, and if you do too...make your voice heard.
  14. I think the goatee he is referring to is one of the studys Mr. Larsen did prior to the completion of the work. http://www.cordair.com/larsen/acs1-6.aspx
  15. I just saw this movie the other day and I was wondering what you guys thought. I was really impressed by the directing on this movie. I read a review on ign.com that compared it to a modern Crime and Punishment set in modern Los Angeles. I was really impressed despite the horror I felt as the story progressed. Perhaps it was just me, but as soon as Max meets Vincent and they run their first "errand" together, I felt like I was emotionally and mentally sucked into this really depressing negative maelstorm. In my opinion, it was very well done though. For example, the club scene featuring "Ready Steady Go (remix w/Korean vocals)" by Paul Oakenfold utilizes music and visuals to create a synchronized picture that hits on two different gut levels. It is sort of strange, normally when I watch movies that portray such gruesome pictures of life...I'm either bored or unimpressed. This was different though, and I found that despite the pretty lame ending...I was quite astonished at the quality of this movie. If you have a strong stomach, I recommend this movie. Has anyone seen Collateral? If so...what did YOU guys think? Does anyone remember the Oakenfold song I'm talking about? Does anyone know of any good techno that I should check out? -Evan
  16. How is it an "immoral evasion" to tell both candidates to screw themselves because they have no MORAL RIGHT to invade our lives (social-Republicans or economic-Democrats)? Didn't John Galt himself say "Get the hell out of my way" to the looters? Is Dr. Peikoff forgetting the whole shrugging thing or am I missing something? Can any of you picture John Galt voting for Kerry or Bush? How about any of the Rand heroes? I can see Dominique doing it if she was in a particularly bad mood and playing a joke on the world or attempting to make herself less (like her marriage to Keating). Has Peikoff gone buggers?
  17. Great movie. I have a friend who is an Asian cinema movie buff. A good Asian Romantic comedy would be "My sassy girl."
  18. Why? I didn't understand that one either, actually:) I haven't ever been to a pawn shop (at least not since the age of about 5 years old).
  19. Barbara Branden was not just Nathaniel's "girlfriend" she was his wife for nearly at leeast a decade (I think).
  20. Rom is Quark's brother and their mother is nammed Moogie:) She isn't allowed to wear clothes either...he he he.
  21. http://www.trippeisen.com The guitarist for Static-X is a pretty outspoken O-ist (or at least claims to be). I got an email from BMG promoting their new album "Shadow Zone" (one of the songs has a mention of "A is not A"...I think the song is about logical contradiction) and Tripp was wearing a shirt with Ayn Rand's face on it. He actually has lots of customized O-ist shirts. Kinda neat in my opinion.
  22. Some cool places: Restaurants: PomAire (Chilean) Churrascaria Platforma (Brazillian) Street venders rule. I like the halal vendors the best actually. As for other cool places? Some obvious ones: -The Met -The Gugenheim -Carnegie Hall -Federal Hall (where President Washington took the oath of office) - Ground Zero -Central Park One thing you HAVE to do is see Times Sqare. Yes...it is touristy as all hell. However.....it is such a symbol of the capitalism that I love...it nearly makes me euphoric. It is so *ALIVE* and bustling. Definitely go there at night and it will be worth your while. There are also lots of notable places in Times Square that are touristy. Examples would be Radio City Music Hall, Rockefelller Center (with Atlas in front), MTV Studios, etc. Also check out the Staten Island fairy if you get your chance. Hmmmm. What else? If you are into concerts, see if there is anything going on. One notable place in NYC are The Hammerstein Ballroom. Hope this helped a little....
  23. The train thing was just like the bridge scene when Spidey is fighting the Green Goblin in the first movie. Talk about needing some originality.
  24. Not only was the philosophy crappy, but I felt that the movie was overwhelmingly flat.
  25. Peikoff answers this quite brilliantly (in my humble opinion) in OPAR's discussion of the arbitrary and why one shouldn't even attempt to discuss this kind of crap at all. He uses gremlins as an example and even makes a funny joke about people who are willing to assert random crap like "your sex life is based on your past life as an ancient Egyptian Pharoh." I'm only 200 or so pages into OPAR and I'm very very happy with it. I was given OPAR as a gift and was a great one:) Perhaps you should check it out.
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