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  1. *laughs.* Too bad Bud didn't sell his Honzo Katana. *grins.* Sheebus it would be cool to own a really nice Katana. Someday.... [i actually own a cheapo Katana that I picked up for like $250 ]
  2. I agree 100%. Blur's "Cofee and T.V" video is not what I was feeling or picturing in my head at all:) PRETTY PLEASE could you check out the Orgy video and let me know what you think of it on an aesthetic level? You have to have Windows Media Player...so I don't know if that might pose a problem. I love the art direction...and I like Orgy's synths as well. One of the rock bands I like quite a bit I don't know if you remember my original avatar (it was animated). Some of the people complained cause it was HUGE. That avatar was taken from the Orgy video. I got compliments from a couple of people though who wanted to know where it was from
  3. I see music as quite a profound expression of philosophy. I do not take it casually, which is probably why the Em supporters are flailing in their non-reality based defense of his "art." I guess this boils down to a couple of points. 1) I'm not trying to get you to stop listening to Eminem or anyone. You have the right to listen to whatever you want. 2) My only problem is when clowns try to play and insist that Eminem is "artistic" in nature. Yeah...if you think Jackson Pollock and Burger King commercials are "art" then you probably will be finding Eminem artistic as well. For someone who appreciates actual art, though...it is sort of repulsive. I'm sure my "lower" music tastes (The Smashing Pumpkins, Chevelle, some Drowning Pool, all the way to Pink Floyd etc) are looked down upon by those who enjoy Rachmanioff on a daily basis. The thing is though....I'm content to listen to my music and I admit freely that Chevelle isn't really "artistic" in comparison to any classical musician. I have my reasons for listening to what I do and I could (and would) justify them on any day of the week. I'm also trying to get in to more classical music. I haven't been exposed to much, but my girlfriend is a classical violinist who introduced me to Rahmanioff's 2nd and I fell in love with it. I recognize good art when I see it, which is why I deign from comparing Cordair art to modern crapola art (like Jackson Pollock). Speaking of theassmuffin...I saw this on Yahoo News not two minutes ago: http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/a...llock_auction_1 1) You laugh about MTV...which I find funny considering the amount of time Em spends courting the MTV audience on TRL and in his songs. I think they are a pretty damn good judge of his music considering their cozy relationship. Moreover, the review (like me) actually cites specific examples which is more than you or the Em-defender has done. 2) GNR's music is cool. I liked "You could be mine" from the Terminator 2 soundtrack. You of course have the standard "November Rain" "Sweet Child ' mine" "Welcome to The jungle" and "Paradise City" (mostly Appetite for Destruction songs if my memory serves me). Those are pretty decent as far as 80's hair metal goes. To bad Axl Rose is such a douche when it comes to cancelling shows and breaking contractual engagements. 3) Maybe you should start caring what rational people who use reality to make claims think about a given topic instead of justifying whatever you want with unwarranted assertions. You find find that you have a more balanced perspective on life. I certainly am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. In terms of knowledge and ability I will admit that I'm FAR behind the majority of the people on these boards (because they are that damn smart). I would like to give major props to the Speichers, Erandor, AshRyan, RationalCop, and Matt for always providing a model for what I'm trying to make of myself. I DO care about what those people think about given topics, because I respect them as people and their views based on what I have witnessed. I don't see myself as less or a person for admitting that. I don't think that makes me subservient or grovelling in awe of perceived greatness or anything like that. I can't speak for you [Dinesh], but I believe that the paramount goal in my life is being the best person I can be. Modeling good things I see in other people and taking in rational perspectives is a critical way of doing that instead of being rebellious for the sake of being rebellious. Just my 2 cents. Take it or leave it, -E
  4. I remember when Rotten Apples came out in 2000:) I only bought the one with the greatest hits on it...and not the one with the attached B-sides. I had a friend who burnt me his copy of the B-sides and I was NOT impressed at all. I never listened to it at all. The music video for Stand Inside your Love isn't bad. It gets a little weird with the fat S&M man....but it isn't aweful. I just with they would have done this song more justice on film.
  5. Why him and not any of the other god aweful failures that American Idol broadcast every year (they show the tryouts and mock how bad some of the people trying out are)? I think this is a question people need to ask. There are a lot of crappy singers and bad dancers. Why did the American Idol contest (A contest focussed on talent and ability) spawn the success of a crappy singer when there are tons of crappy singers trying to get signed to a record label on a daily basis? The reason is that no one would buy any old crappy guy who sucks at singing. They are buying an American Idol reject...a looser. That status is what is being bought in droves. That is what I tried to address in my post. -Evan
  6. Yup. You familiar with Death Cab for Cutie? *smile.* I agree with your assesment of the Pumpkin's albums and filler material There are gems on most of the albums, though. You might consider (if you haven't already) investing in "Rotten Apples"...their greatest hits CD. Here are some recommendations from the albums you mentioned: Adore: - "To Sheila" =I found this song to be amazingly beautiful poetry with some great vocal harmonies and overlays. The acoustic guitar was really neato, in my opinion. - "Daphne Decends" = I like the Western cowboy feel of this song mixed with the romantic lyrics. This song reminds me a bit of Kill Bill 2 (the relationship between The Bride and Bill). Check these lyrics: I'm quite romantic....and the music that goes with that is in my opinion...really really brilliant at establishing that romantic "I'm in love" feeling. The lyrics aren't the Pumpkins best lyrical work by any means. The lyrics also aren't very complicated or complex, but combined with the music, they do some really great things as Romantic Realist art. "Pug" - Cool beat. This song could have been written for a T.V show or movie like Alis if it were set in the year 2090. Machina: "Stand inside your love" = another one of my favorite love songs "raindrops + sunshowers" = another cool Machina song Let me know what you think if you ever get a chance to listen to any of those songs. -Evan
  7. Some C.S essays/posts: http://coldfury.com/reason/comments.php?id=P814_0_1_0_C = on the New York blackout Interesting that he claims he is an Objectivist when he makes the statment, Maybe he was joking? If so...it is a really bad joke for an Objectivist to be making. Especially one who seems to profess a love for NYC. I visited NYC a month ago and I fell in love with it. It is SOOOO amazingly productive, nothing stands still. An "Objectivist" bitching about a monopoly though?Talk about wiggidy wacktacular. http://coldfury.com/reason/comments.php?id=P5_0_1_0_C An essay about Libertarianism. http://coldfury.com/reason/comments.php?id=P329_0_1_0_C A post from the Nathaniel Branden forums...which Sciabarra seems to frequent quite regularly.
  8. What school got the good review? [just total curiousity]
  9. Yeah...definitely true. I was a bit hasty. I'm a MAJOR Pumpkins fan, though. I love everything from Gish to Machina II. Some favorite Pumkin songs of mine would be: Mayonaisse, Pug, To Sheila, Tristessa, I am One, 1979, Eye, Perfect....I could go on for DAYS with half of the SP catalog. When it comes to videos...I guess a better one than 1979 would be "Bullet with Butterfly Wings." Have you seen that? "Tonight, Tonight" and "Today" were also really great. What do you think of the new album with "Just Because" on it? I like some Radiohead. Namely: "Idioteque" "let down" "Climbing up the walls" "Karma Police" "Exit music for a film" and "Airbag." As for their videos...I agree. I saw the video for "Knives out" and went..."what the hizzle?"
  10. I posted the lyrics in the first place. Yes I read them. You didn't really provide much in the way of evidence except for say "look at the lyrics." That is like making a critique of religion and having them say, "Look at the Bible...its all in there!." You want to talk about hasty, sheesh . You claim that a literary/poetic/dramatic tool (Irony) is used in the lyrics...yet we are supposed to deduce where this tool is located magically out of thin air. You made the claim, YOU back it up. I'm not saying that you might not even be right....but you are going to have to prove it if you wish to engage in any sort of rational debate. Earlier on in this very thread I defend Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album when Concerto of Atlantis indicts them for being "anti-capitalist" in nature. Hop over to page 7 of this VERY thread to see how you can (and should) defend an artist that you think is being misinterpreted. Instead of making the clalim that I'm wrong and just letting that supposedly stand for itself when I provide counter analysis that goes largely unrefuted, you might try addressing a point or two. Just a tip. Well...he certainly doesn't play one in the studio. So if he doesn't play an instrument in the studio and he doesn't play one live, where are we supposed to evaluate his musical ability? If you wish to evaluate his vocal ability (which IS part of the entire musical package) I will grant you that Eminem might be able to sing. Yes, I have listened to Eminem. If you listen to "Hailey's Song" on The Marshall Mather's LP, he sings for the whole song....well maybe. Hard to tell nowadays with all these producers, engineers, and sound guys. When Eminem goes on live tours (just like 50 cent) he brings a decent sized posse up on stage with him for his songs. Do I think he probably busts out one song of talent in his show? Statistically the odds are against him, because most of his songs follow the basic rap game of beatbox, sample, and monotonous rhyme. Unlike you, I actually have listened to Eminem material. I remember going to school on the 8th grade school bus and having this kid named Tim play a song for me (cause I was curious). The song? "Just don't give a fuck." Over the course of me keeping an eye on mainstream radio and media (I do want to become a music industry attorney and I already manage a band) , going to prom/other youth events, and having a roomate with The Marshall Mathers LP (which I burned, just for the sake of reviewing) , I became aquainted with Eminem. More so than yourself, apparently. What music of his are you referring too? That which was canned in a studio by producers and is never replicated live? 1) You have the burden of proving that he is making art, first off. You seem to be ditching that burden of proof, which is your perrogative of course. 2) It is quite relevant to what Eminem does as he references MANY personal things in this so called "art" of his. Examples: Take the song "Cleanin' out my closet". That song references his dead beat dad, his wife Kim, his mom's drug problem, and some family problem involving a dude named Ronnie. Or take the song "97 Bonnie and clyde" (I already posted lyrics, I'm not posting them again) which references his daughter by NAME (Hai Hai) and her mother (Kim). Another example would be the song called "Kim" (I wonder what that could be about?) http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/eminem/kim.html A positive example would of course be "Haile's song" (which references his daughter, Hailey). Those are just a few examples off from the top of my head. Another one would be "My Dad's gone crazy" where Haliey's voice is actually used. Lets see what MTV has to say about Eminem, shall we? http://www.mtv.com/bands/az/eminem/313868/album.jhtml Despite the abundance of introspection, Eminem doesn't back up a single step on any of the themes that made him such a hot property. He's still into glorifying violence, as on "Soldier" one of the many cuts where he waves his broken-home/dysfunctional upbringing like a flag to justify the hatred that seeps from every pore of THE EMINEM SHOW. Over the course of the album, he threatens to brutally murder so many members of his family that one begins to lose track, but this is just the kind of hard-ass image that's helped make him an icon. The aforementioned cut finds the former Marshall Mathers making one of his most telling statements; "I'll never be Marshall again." It's clear that the Eminem identity allows him to fully vent his rage and get lauded (by some) for it instead of imprisoned. In his continuing effort to show that he's as hardcore as any black rapper, he extends his rancor Professor Griff-stye to Jews on the skits "Paul Rosenberg" and "Steve Berman," the latter of whom we hear getting shot for whiningly taking Em's music to task. Love him or hate him, Eminem makes no apologies, and THE EMINEM SHOW is as strong a statement as he's made to date. And you say I'm making the hasty generalizations? Unless you want to claim that MTV doesn't really know what it is talking about when it comes to Emimem, I think that speaks volumes. After all, they only have him on TRL so much he even raps about it in the song White America ( "I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get.") and in Without Me ("They tried to shut me down on MTV). Speaking of without me....in the video he dresses up like Bin Laden and dances around with his rap posse. Real cute huh? Is this the art you are talking about? Since you seem to credit him with producing music (even though he has quite a few people producing music for him) maybe you will credit him (instead of the video director) for making that joke with such poor taste. *giggles.* Then quit while you are behind.
  11. A couple of casual shots I snapped.
  12. http://www.hockscqc.com/bio/index.htm HOLY CRAP! Hock's resume is amazing! Whoa! *is super impressed* as for Krav Maga....I will have to do look in to it (even if I don't study it, I'm still interested in learning about different martial arts).
  13. I think it says a lot. I see this as a middle finger to the American Idol contest. So many people in this country have been told that they were failures who would never amount to anything by teachers, preachers, parents, etc. Simon's blunt honesty is probably perceived by such people as being "mean spirited" and "cruel in nature." I think the reaction of "We will pay to see this talentless dude sing" is an offshoot of people wanting to support the underdog that they see in themselves because they know THEY would have been laughed out of the show if they would have tried out. More importantly...a lot this situation fell on WILLIAM HUNG's head and not any of the other Idol failures is because he played the "innocent lamb." He didn't blow up. He didn't throw water in the judges face or cuss them out. He seemed like he was too goofy to even really know what was going on...which made the "Awww" factor that much greater when he got his ass handed to him by people with actual talent. If you know anything about Hung's history...his singing "career" started in his dorms (he was an engineering major at UCLA I think) where he won a mock "American Idol contest." He put everything he had in to it and didn't really take it seriously. Why did he win? Either the people he was up against in the dorms didn't have any talent either (or were too stage wary to pose competition) or cynnical college assholes were trying to be cute and vote for a loser just to metaphorically "piss on the Alamo" (An Ozzy Osbourne reference in case you didn't catch it). Hating on things that are perceived as valuable says a lot about your psychology. Either way....I think that Hung's situation is quite indictive of a pretty screwed up mentality.
  14. Mmmm hmmm. So he could coach his son's little football team. After being the High Times man of the year like a bajillion years in a row, being in porn (he raps while two people bang in the background..giving a sort of commentary. He also has his own Girls Gone Wild video), and generally singing about stuff I wouldn't want my kid (pending that I had one) to come near if I had made it......he drops a lifelong addiction with no rehab whatsoever. Did he quit? Maybe...maybe not. Still doesn't say much about his character for the last 20 years. *grins.* Or maybe it is because: Album Personnel includes: Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, Latoiya Williams, Jay-Z, Soopafly, Nate Dogg, The Dramatics, Lil' Half Dead, Uncle Charlie Wilson, Mr. Kane, Traci Nelson, Goldie Loc, E-White, Redman, Warren G, Lady Of Rage, Ludacris, RBX. Producers include: E-Swift, Jelly Roll, The Neptunes, Just Blaze, LT Hutton. He he. I always have liked the velvety quality about Snoop's voice. It is very very magnetic.
  15. I guess the greatest thing I see portrayed in the photos of your son is that he he honestly appears to be thinking which is something that is a rare sight in modern youth.
  16. Please specify what you find ironic about this? The fact that Eminem actually had severe marital problems with Kim Mathers and in fact pulled an unloaded gun on her and the guy she was cheating on him with (and pistol whipped the guy)? The fact that his daughter is named Haley and he references her in the song (hai hai)? The fact that he compares he and his daughter to a muderous duo (Bonnie and Clyde) when he has been to jail before and perpetually sings about violent actions? 1) Even if I grant you this...what does this say about his sense of life? 2) your interpretation is simply WRONG. Take the part you half quote in bold: Did I just hear somebody say they wanna challenge me here?? (huh?) While I'm holdin a pistol with this many calibres here?? (here??) Got some registration and just made this shit valid this year? (year?) Cause once i snap i cant be held accountable for my actions He is putting himself in the role of a crazy person as if he was addressing an unnamed smack talker. Translation: You wanna talk crap when I'm holding a gun that I just legally purchased and registered...because once I go off....I can't be held accountable for what I do. It is like a street warning...similar to someone saying, "Are you sure you want to screw with me? Cause once I get angry, you can't say I didn't warn you...and thus..you have to hold YOURSELf accountable for provoking my uncontrolable violent behavior." Earlier in the song, he compares Detroit to a mental hospital in the fact that it has a crazy mentality. I think you are finding what you want to find when you try to intepret Amityville as a critique of the justice system. Consider 1) Dr. Dre. He is a hell of a guy right? Do you want to tell me that HE is joking or being ironic when he sings about violence and screwing his bitches. He signed the rapper you are defending. His history involves Compton, Suge Knight (a notorious crip gangster), Snoop Dogg (who was also charged with murder), and Tupac (who was killed). 2) Who has Eminem signed? 50 cent. A thug who has been shot 9 times and also has mysoginistic lyrics. Are we seeing a pattern here? Birds of a feather flock together. Either Eminem is a massive poser by his cozy relationship with both 50, Dre, Snoop (a massive drug addict/criminal)...or else he actually doesn't have a moral or ethical problem by hanging around mysoginistic rappers with violent histories. Pick which bullet you want to bite. It's only his lyrics, right? Feel free to warrant your assertions at any point during the course of this debate. You can support this with some evidence if you wish or you can leave this as your own warrantless opinion. Even if he is joking...that still doesn't make him musical the majority of the time. So he can provoke controversy? So can Ozzy and Alice Cooper. What does it say about his sense of life that he concerns himself with others to such a degree that he makes it a career to do nothing but either piss them off or at best, make crappy music that could EASILY be interpreted as being quite negative in nature? If by music you mean the simplistic 10or so piano notes at the beginning of "Loose Yourself" then sure..I guess that makes his engineers, producers, etc musical. When was the last time you saw Em pick up an instrument and play it live? Never. Em's songs are simplistic in nature...and the rhythm is catchy and poppy. So are Burger King commericals. I don't try to claim that the former is "music" and the other trash. I hold them both to the same standard. In fact, I actually have more respect for the Burger King commercial producers, because THEY are the ones that actually are making the music. Not a bad rapper hiding behind thousands of dollars of technology, a posse, and a buttload of engineers.
  17. From what I see...a combination of BJJ for ground fighting, Wing Chung for multiple standing opponents, and Hock's modern police techniques would definitely make a well balanced fighter. That would take SOOO much time. I think I will start out with BJJ for now:)
  18. http://www.hockscqc.com/ interesting....
  19. I'm unfamiliar with Brazillian Ju-Jitsu except for some reading I have done. I'm going to be taking a sort of class that is offered by the University of Idaho's Brazillain Ju-Jitsu team next semester. I would assume that a large part of Brazillian J-J training involved getting your stand up opponent on to the ground. Would I be correct in saying that? My motives in the area of martial arts are: 1) To be able to defend myself...not only against common unskilled cheeseball thugs, but people who actually know what they are doing when the attack and aren't necessarily "benevolent" in nature. 2) Physical endurance training, balance training, and a simple hand/eye coordination improvement are all desired on my part. 3) I think it sparring and practice would be a whole lot of fun:) I looked in to Wing Chung and it looks very interesting. The history of it is really neat. It looks like it is super functional....which would make it a great stand up art. Thanks for the info. Oh yeah... I also liked your photos in the photography thread. You seem to display a lot of love for your son...just in the way that you glorify him through your photography. I was quite impressed and I thought all of your pictures were quite powerful...if you don't mind me saying so. -Evan
  20. Who wants a Hatori Honzo blade? *grins and raises hand.*
  21. Just making sure. I wouldn't wanna have to get angry. You won't like me when I'm angry. *Hulkifies himself.* RAAAWR!
  22. Definitely. I like some ambient stuff like Chicane (brittish dance group) I like video game soundtracks (beacause I'm a dork) and I own the soundtracks to FFVII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Parasite Eve. I also like some more mellowed out stuff that isn't agressive rock. I like Pink Floyd, U2's "Joshua Tree" album, some Elton Jon (here and there) and other various stuff. I have songs that I really like in a lot of genres. I would like to get more in to clasical music, but I have absolutely no idea where to start. My girlfriend is a classical violinist and she has given me a couple of recommendations (I listened to Rachmaninoff's 2nd with her and it was really really wonderful/romantic). I have no idea where people buy good classical CDs...so if you know any good online shops, please drop a link.
  23. Did you check out any of the ones that I linked above? I'm curious as to your opinion. As for Jane's Addiction...I love "Jane Says." Such a cool vibin' song. As for music videos... I also recommend "Cofee and T.V" by Blur.
  24. I hope that wasn't also in response to me, as my posts have been anything BUT supportive of Eminem:)
  25. They inevitably will puppet the claim of the terrorists that "It was in response to the abuse of the prisoners in the Abu Grhaib prison. From: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...erican_beheaded
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