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  1. Museum of Natural Science is pretty cool. If they're in season, catch a NY symphony performance. If you like jazz, hit up Birdland or Blue Note. You can also try to catch a yankees or mets game. If I think of anything else I'll post again.
  2. Is it Stan Lee that's an Objectivist?
  3. Moore was a third-generation auto-plant worker until he quit that gig for "broader" horizons. What can one gather from a family that spent two entire generations working at an auto-plant--where if one loses focus, the repetitive nature of the job can easily make it a mindless affair with little hope for promotion--except that the family is unwilling to pursue the value of wealth? He is a man that refuses to trim down from a reported 320lbs--what can one gather except that he is unwilling to pursue the value of health? Essentially, Michael Moore is unwilling to achieve the value of self-este
  4. King County, Oregon officials are considering passing a law that will prohibit private land owners from using 65% percent of their land in order to preserve "natural vegetation." Read the Fox News article here. In terms of activism, what can one do to directly deter things like this from being successful? Is there anyone in this forum that lives in county?
  5. If there are any gmail invites left, I'd like one. As for contributions, hands down David has helped me out more than I've helped him out. After looking through the site however, here are some minor thoughts: -Update the images that show up during navigation such as Home>Essays>Philosophy Essays so that the overall integration of the site is better. -For people that might be overwhelmed by the information handled on your site, have a sort of "site navigation" page that explains each feature. -Not sure if you want better visual integration between the forum and the main pag
  6. The specific wing configuration Rutan used to achieve a shuttlecock reentry is new and unique, but not revolutionary, and the main idea behind it has been around since the coming of age of Aerodynamics (back in 19th century)--namely that lots of drag slows down traveling objects. As for application toward reentry, high-drag, shuttlecock reentry vehicles have been around since the 60's. Also, moving surfaces, as well as the capability to make folding wings have been around since at least the mid 70's, there's just never been a need for folding wings in horizontal flight. Furthermore, this par
  7. I've been in and out of this forum since it started but never got around to joining. Steve and David are incredibly productive with this site -- cheers to you. Anyhow, I'm a graduate student in aero/astro engineering at stanford. Looking forward to making some posts. I'll take this opt. to plug my site: www.d-anconia.com.
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