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  1. Where've you been hiding out?

  2. You must not forget to wear your shinny pants to commencement!
  3. The fact of the matter is that there isn't a "rather large difference", in principle, between the theft of property outside a country's borders, and the theft of property inside a country's borders. Theft is theft.
  4. And just what, in principle, is that "rather large difference?"
  5. Oh, OK. I've had people pronounce my name exactly the way you've spelled it.
  6. Huh, I just checked the moderator logs, and indeed the only changes made to that topic title prior to yesterday were by me. I'm sorry about that Felix; you know I have no bone to pick with you. We were doing some house-cleaning back then and clearing up titles to make them less obscure or less general; it looks like I took too much liberty in this case. It's weird because I've never used that word in regular speech--hence why I readily admited it wasn't me (in fact I had to look the word up to see exactly what it meant). My apologies, mate.
  7. I didn't do it, but man is that subtitle funny (and accurate)!
  8. Please keep us updated on his thoughts on Yaron's piece!
  9. Is it just me, or does it seem like the lunatic Iranian leaders know more about America's cultural state than America leaders do? They speak clearly, smilingly, directly. American officials speak vaguely, apologetically, pleadingly. (link) I'm beginning to get very worried...
  10. I don't understand this distinction between actual and official reasons. What, are there conspiracy theories out there saying we did it to test the bomb on actual people? Anyway, the point is that the principle behind the bombing of Japan can apply to bombing Iran. Japan, a proven threat, was given an ultimatum to surrender unconditionally, which it refused. The Japanese were going to fight to the death, to be 'martyrs', were we to invade. In response, the most efficient, least costly method of taking down the threat was to use nukes. Similarly, we have Iran, the heart of an Islamic cul
  11. And what point is there in wondering about the cost of such a war if such a thing as "cost" is irrelevent if we're all dead anyway?
  12. The will of the enemy must be utterly shattered via a nuclear bomb. To avoid American casualties and skyrocketing debt in a long drawn-out "war on terror," end it by crushing its heart, Iran. Consider the points made in this article.
  13. "HG," you make it seem as if you're dissapointed that the so-called "freedom fighters" aren't coming up with better strategies to promote their cause. What is their cause and why do you support it, if you do? I could think of more fundamental points to criticize these people for--like for example that they are barbarians. That seems to be overlooked in your sarcastic remarks over the way in which they are trying to promote their cause.
  14. Here is an open letter from the Borders CEO to Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs weblog, responding to Mr. Johson's criticism of Borders.
  15. Regret?! You could totally win your case should you face a female judge. Just say: "Your honor, are my pants shiny enough for you to see yourself in them?"
  16. Remember to wear your shiny pants to court... Congrats!
  17. Welcome to the forum. I can sympathize with your situation, and I hope what you're looking for can be found here. Can you elaborate on what you mean here: This forum is provided at the pleasure of its owner. So, any freedom here (or lack thereof) is rightly left to his discretion. What that freedom consists of is determined by the purpose he sets for the forum. Whether the freedom here achieves his purpose, or whether the purpose itself is worth achieving, is something we may all judge for ourselves. As I understand it, the purpose of this forum is to provide an place of exchang
  18. I'm posting to ask for assistance in distributing The Undercurrent's free speech flyer at Yale, NYU, Stanford, and Berkeley campuses. Kudos to anyone that's already distributed at these campuses. I will be at Yale and NYU this coming Monday, and at Stanford and Berkeley at some point between Tuesday and Friday of the coming week. I will have at least a couple of thousand copies on hand to distribute. The more people distributing on a particular campus, the faster it gets done and the easier it is to thwart those who wish to take the flyers down. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Flyer:
  19. OK, who did that. Not funny.
  20. Don't forget Naomi Watts. Or this woman, who I've never heard of.
  21. I couldn't resist, though they weight 78lbs and 67lbs, respectively:
  22. Another question to ask, which I don't know the answer to, is how often are these bad laws enforced? Do people actually pay no mind to these laws? For example, here in the States, the drinking age is 21. But I read about this trendy Hollywood club where teen stars go to hang out and drink. They have been photographed going in, drinking, and coming out. Yet the local cops don't do anything. This is just one example of non-objective laws which fail to be enforced. So, unless we have that data, I don't think it's enough to have a listing of the UAE's laws as proof of its evil.
  23. This is the context-dropping, cherry-picking technique that you continue to follow. She *qualified* this statement further with "If the United States is to commit suicide, let it not be for the sake and support of the worst human elements, the parasites-on-principle, at home and abroad." You keep insisting on the "if America continues down the road of a mixed-economy" statement as if it stood alone, and means what you want it to mean. But, unfortunately for you, she meant that "if America is to committ suicide." This is a statement of *principle*. You insist, in a concrete-bound fashio
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