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  1. First of all, he's only fourteen. He's not intellectually mature enough to survive the barrage if indoctrination inherent in that course. He's relatively intelligent but easily swayed by authority figures. All I wanted to know was what would be some good websites that explain Objectivist positions in a pithy manner. Some of you said, "let him make his own decisions", however that is impossible when you only have a portion of the relevant information. This is a website that explains what the course is: www.teaching-point.net/ibtok.html www.wikipedia.org/wiki/theory_of_knowledge
  2. My little brother is going to start high school next year in the Internation Baccalaureate (IB) program. A course in Philosophy is required, in which he will be taught Platonic epistemology. Im worried that with his teachers telling him things that are so blatently irrational that his thinking will become corrupt. And, frankly, I will disown him if he becomes a little Ellsworth Toohey. If anyone has any information, tactics or links that would be helpful, please let me know. THANK YOU
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