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  1. The achievement of what is top priority? Does the use of 1Malaysia have any meaning or is it just a a typo?
  2. -bold mine- I think that a more accurate statement would be that they would be liable for prosecution and/or impeachment. Anyway, rational people would not tolerate this and they would show this in the electoral process, if no other official means were available to them.
  3. Huh? What is your evidence? Can you point to a link supporting these statements?
  4. Why are you afraid that Lithuania will be next? Lithuania is a NATO member. Do you think that Russia is willing to engage in a war against NATO now? What do you think are the goals that Russia is pursuing in Georgia? How far do you think they are willing to go - and how much risk are they willing to take? Do you think they seek to crush the Georgians and re-conquer them, or are their goals more restrained? P.S.: As I type this, TV news says that Russian troops are 20 km away from Tbilisi.
  5. How can a statistical measure be distorted against someone or something? As long as it is accurate, it merely states something about reality. The interpretation of the statistic may be distorted, the conclusions one draws from it may be distorted, but not the statistic, in- and of- itself.
  6. How so? Fake statistics? Or do you object to the use of "life expectancy" in itself as a criterion? As far statistics go, I'd take anything that comes from a not-free country with skepticism.
  7. A free nation has the right to use military force against a rights-violating one, but definitely not the obligation. Since, to a smaller or greater degree,all governments violate rights one should first answer this question: what amount of rights-violation authorizes the use of military force against another government? What is the threshold? Further, before using outright force, there is a place for diplomatic measures. Mind you, carrying a big stick does add to the attention paid to your discourse, never mind how soft-spoken it may be.
  8. Although this is probably subsumed under the term quasi-ideal capitalistic society, I'd like to point out that the government, and therefore the army should be voluntarily funded. Perhaps going as far as creating a special fund where those interested in a specific mission could contribute, financially or otherwise.
  9. Birds of a feather flock together. They always do. The content of their minds makes them approach one another. Their nationality or origin is of secondary importance.
  10. Further, a minor can be emancipated if he proves in court that he is indeed a mature person.
  11. Hello. Suppose that a huge, previously unknown asteroid, Trein, is discovered to be on a collision course with Earth in 30 days. Many panic, a mission is hastily drawn up to divert the asteroid, anti-man movements try to sabotage the mission. Then, shortly before launching it, so before any human intervention, another asteroid, Soter, is found to be approaching Earth. Further calculations prove that the gravitational attraction from Soter will nudge Trein away from its collision course with Earth. The dreaded catastrophe becomes a skygazing opportunity, as the asteroids. Question: was Trein ever on a collision course with Earth or not?
  12. I can imagine some people in their 30s or 40s trying to pass their adulthood test. I wonder what kind of tests would be devised in an Objectivist society. I doubt scarification would be one of them
  13. I have intended to start a journal, to clear the clutter in my mind, for quite a while. I'll start one tonight. Thanks for the inspiration.
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