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  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/28/washingt...amp;oref=slogin This Government has gone from bafoonish to all out self-destructive.
  2. Another stab at this with regards to my favorite Candidate, though I'm not sure if i will even vote for him, Giuliani * The creation of the Office of Faith Based Initiatives. I am not sure on Rudy's position, but he has come off very much as a Secularist when it came to Church and State. * Two wars of self-sacrifice. Giuliani has always claimed that we need to be in an offensive war against Islam, not one where soldiers die for Iraqis ETC * Islamic Fundamentalism has been misrepresented by the Presidency as the "hijacking of a great religion." But not by Giuliani, unless you can show me a quote stating otherwise * Appointment of two, relatively young socially conservative (specifically anti-abortion) judges to the supreme court. It is better, IMO, than appointing some radical leftist, which most Dems would do. Rudy has promised to endorse strict constructionists. Besides, I really don't think abortion is going to fall off the face of America's rights..They got partial birth down, but I don't think they can take it all * Rise of the "Intelligent Design" movement. Rudy believes in Evolution * Ban on Intact Dilation and Extraction (otherwise mislabeled as Partial Birth Abortion). I am not sure if Giuliani supports Partial Birth, but really, it is nothing I am too worried about...If I ever know a girl who has been unfortunately impregnated by me * Government funding for scientific research may now be allocated based on religious principles (i.e. the Stem Cell debate). Rudy has stated he is against such things * Government funding for "Abstinence-until-marriage" programs has significantly increased to well over $100 million per year. Not sure of this. * Being openly religious has become such a necessity to run for office that all of the Democrats are now awkwardly posturing themselves as pious. Rudy is a Catholic... Catholic is basically like saying " I'm not Christian, but it's a nice tagline to fool you "
  3. * The creation of the Office of Faith Based Initiatives. I'll give you that one. * Two wars of self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice is embraced by Liberal and Conservative, Atheist and Religionist alike. It is the credo of Altruism, not Religion * Islamic Fundamentalism has been misrepresented by the Presidency as the "hijacking of a great religion." This could be said, and has been, by any weak-kneed politician. It is in fact the speech you would think you'd find on the Left * Appointment of two, relatively young socially conservative (specifically anti-abortion) judges to the supreme court. Eh, this is a bit so-so. I'll give it to you. * Rise of the "Intelligent Design" movement. Politically? Can I have examples outside of a few schools and such. I haven't been in Public School since '99 but I do know some schools ahve been forced to put in " Evolution is just a theory " and some schools ( Mainly in the south, as I've heard ) have put INtelligent Design in the classroom. But Public schools are immoral in the first place. * Ban on Intact Dilation and Extraction (otherwise mislabeled as Partial Birth Abortion). Give it to ya. * Government funding for scientific research may now be allocated based on religious principles (i.e. the Stem Cell debate). Same * Government funding for "Abstinence-until-marriage" programs has significantly increased to well over $100 million per year. True, but again, Public Schools are inherently immoral. * Being openly religious has become such a necessity to run for office that all of the Democrats are now awkwardly posturing themselves as pious. The first President in modern times to really tout his Born Again Christianity was, in fact, a Democrat. Please See: Jimmy Carter.
  4. Sean Hannity's head will implode...And the world will be better off http://www.reuters.com/article/domesticNew...=22&sp=true
  5. I've been watching his stuff for ages now, and indeed, his videos on German philosophy influencing Jihad was top notch, some of the best vlogs on the net. If I could afford, at this time, anything that wouldn't be a sacrifice to myself I would.
  6. Free market Democrats? There are hardly more than a hand full of them. I would agree that many Republicans are blatantly Socialist, but I cannot come to any current knowledge of Democrats in National politics that are FOR Free Markets, truly free markets anyway. A Democrat doesn't automatically mean Socialist, but I would think it would be safe to assume most Dems support a complete opposite view of the economy from what we advocate. And I would like some specific examples where Religion has been forced down our throat by law, and our Right to free speech against it has been violated. I am not, in this statement, trying to say I don't believe it. It's very possible, but I don't know of many ominous acts by the Government to force Religion upon the people. ANd yes, you got me on the yokel part. I suppose you've completely defeated me in that sense.
  7. One of the few issues I have with the ARI is Peikoff's endorsement of Democrats over Republican candidates. He says this is the right thing to do because " Socialism is a dying trend ", while Religious fervor is coming up in America. There are several things wrong with this, and I don't know if Peikoff has taken this same stand in the 08 elections, but it would be tragic and a bad showing. 1. Democrats support Religious propaganda as well. Hillary Clinton, above all, is running on a campaign of absolute censorship for that which she calls " damaging to children ". She has invoked the name of her God many times during debates and talks and her Socialism seems to extend from a Religious disorder. The same with other candidates. Edwards is a Baptist and just the right kind of Southern moralist any yoackle would vote for. 2. Socialism is not a dying trend. America could very well have a fully functional Universal Health Care system soon, and that is about the biggest problem I see in an economic and social view. It would destroy us MORALLY and Economically. And I do not see how Socialism is dying when the Democrats sweep the 06 elections. Some people claim that this is a reject of the Republicans failures, and in some cases that might be true, but I find myself doubtful that it was the case in most. Americans love socialism. They also love Religion. But there is a difference. Religious nuttery can be fought socially, outside of the direct political arena. So what if the country is full of Bible-believing people? YOU have the power to change that, but it is much harder to fight Socialism in a political sense. It's only growing.
  8. http://insidejihad.blogspot.com/ An interesting blog a friend of a friend made up. Tracks Jihadi sites, translates them ETC. Very good stuff
  9. Sure, being back on the gold standard will be great once I get the radiation cleared out of my fucking body. Paul is for great things economically, but there is no economy without a country. As far as Giuliani goes, I was all for him before the debates began, and he began to succumb to pressure from Social Conservatives. He suddenly became strictor on immigration, gave 5 minute excuses for why he was for abortion and I'm sure now he hates queers, eh? I realize the terrible things Giuliani did in the 80s. Well, that is not quite true. I wasn't conciouss for most of the 80s, but I have heard what an absolute scurge he was for businesses. It's sad. But, I suppose I will vote for anyone that will defend us against Iran, but then how do we know they will? Elections are filled with doubt, especially when it is between a " douche and a turd sandwich ".
  10. A man showed me an ocean This man of high repute He spoke of things in lofty words And played upon his flute But when I looked at this ocean closely And discovered at it's root It was not so deep after all But muddied by his filthy boot This bastard had betrayed me And for this he must pay I drowned him in his muddie waters He rests there till this day I then awoke from my lucid dream And realized it was gone, what I want To bury this bastard in his puddle A man who went by Kant
  11. No candidate with any tact is going to say " I don't believe in American Self Defense ". And really, I'm sure Paul THINKS he is acting in America's interest ( I like to think the best of people ), but that doesn't mean what he thinks and believes is true.
  12. I'm shocked at even the dimmest support for Paul amongst Objectivists who recognize Islam as a very serious problem. Ron Paul is the most pacifistic of all candidates, Democrat or Republican. It's completely psychotic to vote for such a man, opposed to war in all forms unless we are attacked. Attacked AGAIN, I suppose.
  13. Your assumption, Statesman, is that Ron Paul is somehow NOT the lesser of the evils presented. Somehow Ron Paul, despite his flaws, is a " good " candidate. But what is good about succumbing to the wishes of Islamic Totalitarians? What progress will come from a foreign policy of suicide which states we must be Nuked by Iran before attacking them, despite constant evidence in that direction, and despite the fact that Iranians have already killed American soliders, and perhaps funded the killing of American journalists as well? Ron Paul turns a blind-eye to Iran, and to the necessity for victory in the Middle East. He panders to Libertarians and Socialists with his Anti-American messages. He appears on the famed Conspiracy Theorist's Alex Jones' show constantly. Jones is an avid supporter of Paul, and it would not surprise me if Dr. Paul himself were all in for every conspiracy Jones spews out of his ignorance-filled mouth. How about his stance against abortion? Or his conspiracy theories on the border, and calls for a strict Militarized Border where breakers of the Law can be shot, just for coming to work and make money. And let's not forget that while he is okay with Marijuanna, he would keep hard drugs such as Heroin illegal. He isn't even a fucking Libertarian. He's just a Paleo-Con who wants to blur the borders between Church And State Ron Paul claims to be a fan of Rand's work, but it certainly doesn't show in his policies.
  14. Here are a bunch of my fat, creepy self I wish it was mine. Property of the Canadian military Me after 3 days with no sleep on the glass floor of this building ( Not the CN Tower ) My nephew splashing freezing water onto me There's something not quite right about this picture.
  15. Let me start by saying that Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorite modern writers, as far as fiction goes. I also realie he considers himself a Nihilist, or at least an Anarchist in the philosophical sense, not really demanding that the government fall, but ultimately not caring about life, property or the rule of Law. But yet, I love his works. They are compelling, humorous and altogether great stories. And now, to the work. Tyler Durden is viewed, by many, as a protagonist or at least an Anti-Hero of sorts, but from what I have viewed and read, is that Tyler is an ultimate bad to the Narrarotar ( Jack's ) life and psyche. Jack begins as a depressed insomniac wandering around in and out of support groups for disease. Obviously, we have a character who cannot be admired, but perhaps somewhat connectable to those who desire contact and are so void of it. He meets ( Creates ) Tyler and his life changes. It begins with a friendly release of a fist fight, and ends with the destruction of his entire mental state, of his friend he met before he created Tyler and of his relationship with Marla ( At least temporarily ). Tyler, to me anyway, is an obvious evil in the book. He is a charismatic, attractive, young man who knows how to speak and is at least a bit intelligent, but he strips those who depend on him of their individuality in replacement for a slave mentality. Now, Jack never rejects the ideas of Anarchism and poverty worship that Tyler taught him, but if Tyler is an ultimate evil, then it is obvious that what he preached was.
  16. I think that I am one of the youngest here, as many of you are into classical, and things that a teenager such as myself has not had a chance to mature into until recently. Personally, as far as Classical goes, I like Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner and Chopin. And the immortal Bach, of course. But, I would be lying if I said that was what I listened to constantly. I am very much into Punk and Metal, as any young person is. Here is a list of bands and such I find to be exceptional, not just from the styles I mentioned. Bad Religion GWAR The Vandals Guttermouth Slayer MEtallica Johnny Cash All Three of the Hank Williams Queen Lamb of God Agent Orange Bloodhound Gang Dead Kennedys Minor THreat Black Flag Greg Graffin Tom Waits System of A Down Rage Against The Machine Screeching Weasel Old Blink 182 Sodom Dragonforce Combat 84 Better Dead Than Red
  17. Thank you for the welcomings. On the Lecture: I have seen it, and it is indeed an excellent entry into the ARI's Lecture series. It has ranked up there with one of my favorites. On the school I shall be attending: If you mean Law School, I have no Earthly clue yet. My hope is that since I am starting out my college career in pursuit of studying Law, that my classes and grades will be enough to get me into someting decent, but quite honestly I just don't know a thing about Law schools, how to judge them or anything of that nature. As for just normal college, I won't be going anywhere amazing. Most likely just a small 4 year university around the Buffalo area.z It is shocking to hear that there is more than one or two Objectivists in the People's Republic of New York. It's also pleasant. The majority of my friends and acquaintances around here are almost all Christian. And of course, the lower part of New York is always famous for Psuedo-Liberal douche baggery. Again, thank you for the kind words of welcome.
  18. I have been posting here, seldomly, for a month now, and have hung around, just viewing the chat and the forums for quite a bit longer. Many of the question threads found throughout the board have been an immense help in my further understandings of Objectivism and it's application to everyday life. I suppose I will give a basic description of myself.. I am an 18 year old, fresh off my High School graduation and soon to be enrolling in College. As of now my plans for the next 8 years will be studying Political science at University and following through with education at Law school. Law has been an area of subject for me, and much moreso since my deeper understandings of Objectivism have unfolded. I became at least a student of Objectivism last summer with the slight coaching of a gentleman on another board. I was, in the spring of 06, a Christian of sorts but was also a fan of Rand's writing. As her words grew on me more and more, and my disgust with Religion became more vehement, I immediately rejected the notions of my Christian faith, however I would not consider my true intermediate knowledge of Objectivism complete until this year when I stopped treating it as some immature philosophy of Hedonism and began understanding it's tenets. My personal favorite work of Rand's is not actually Atlas Shrugged, but the Fountainhead. I see myself connecting more with Roark, though I do understand that all protagonists in Rand's major works of fiction are paragons of her philosophy. I've read the Fountainhead 3 times and Atlas twice, and I don't go a month without taking a day out and flipping through Anthem, and her works of Non-fiction touch my fingertips every so often as well, though I have yet to read the Romantic Manifesto. My likes include a budding love for classical music, and an old-time love for that of punk and metal ( I am afterall just a teenager ). I enjoy writing poetry and short essays. I blog on current events and my views on the major issues of the day. That blog can be found here http://ryantheegoist.blogspot.com/ . Many of the entries focus on Islamic Fascism, but I also cover subjects ranging from immigration, to Liberal Fasicm and some of my own personal writings, though I rarely reveal what I write in private. So, there you have it. A not-so brief introduction from myself. At this point I don't think I can dwell as deep in the muck of philosophy as many of you do, but I hope to add as much as I can.
  19. And of course Rush - Cinderella Man A modest man from Mandrake Travelled rich to the city He had a need to discover A use for his newly-found wealth Because he was human Because he had goodness Because he was moral They called him insane Delusions of grandeur Visions of splendor A manic depressive He walks in the rain
  20. Of course these cowards do not walk into a room of scientists. They ask people randomly, who might have not even studied biology since 10th grade.
  21. Problems like these could be solved quicker than the Soviet problem, that is if we had a president with the moral and testicular fortitude to do something about it, other than launch another humanitarian effort. And consummate was merely a type-0.
  22. http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2007/7/...0758.shtml?s=ic Yes, it seems the two flirtacious and fascist leaders have finally consemmated their marriage of hatred for America's Capitalism and Freedom. Chavez and Ahmedinejad ( sp damnit, I'll never remember ) have united their oil powers for the specific purpose of crushing the West's power. Venezuela has made it's position more than that of rhetoric and propaganda. They are now deep in bed with our largest enemy.
  23. I see what you are saying, my friend. We must be tolerant of Middle Eastern radicalism. It is wrong to be so judgmental and harsh towards those that seek to kill us and our military. How dare us, we arrogant Americans!
  24. I am not sure of the policy here with youtube videos that have News broadcasts but. Apparently, a lead member of Hezbollah was captured inside Iraq, and spoke of Iranian funds brought to Hezbollah to kill and hurt U.S troops. Anymore proof that we should already be in Iran?
  25. For ages the majesties of the Earth have always been the beautiful forests. Men of every stripe of life have been taught to revere it's winsomeness. The trees are it's main attraction. They stand high and block out the sun. They grow in many colors and are a sustainer of much wild life, which we also adore with our eyes. Percular creatures of many shapes and sizes running about in their colonies, or on their lonesome. Many men spend their lives trying to figure out how these small and large beasts work. The forest is no doubt a gorgeous and majestic place filled with wonderment, and necessity to study. I know of not many humans who can deny the loveliness of a spring's day in the thick of a forest. But where is the glory in the forest? Whose hands crafted day and night to make this pcturesc scene so possible? Many men claim it to be God, but there is not much to wonder and marvel about God's creation, if you choose to believe such silliness. It could have snapped it's fingers and the Wilderness would exist. There is no workmanship of the Forest, only natural cause which we have barely a hand in until day, and that is only to tear what stood down to the ground. So then, what is there to marvel at? If the forests are unsufficient, where do we look to, to ponder and to be inspired? I stare towards the Skyline. The Skylines of glorious cities. There is true virtue within them. They also block out the sun with their height. They are arrayed in many colors and the ultimate beast lives within them. Not the beast of nut gathering, nor th beast of honey making. They do not hatch eggs. This beast is the beast of Commerce, of progress and of Capitalism. This is the beast of glory, man. It was not through acts of nature, nor acts of God, that the skyline came to be built. They are not randomly placed bits and pieces in a chaotic environment. They represent order and the progression of man and his happiness. Man pricks the sky with his glory. Verv says men are ships, and women are harbors. I say skyscrapers are the pricks of men of glory, and the sky is the endless cunt which those men try harder and harder to penetrate. Men mock God and nature with these scrapers of the sky, and oh what a beautiful term that is. Skyscraper. Men seeking to make a mark on the world. They seek with the buildings so high, to not merely reach, but to scrape the sky. Men of vision and of morality armed with nothing but their dreams and the perseverance to achieve them. They stand above the rest. Above the peasants who lie on the sides of these scrapers of the sky. They beg for change, and scoff at you when you don't give it to them. They are the weeds and scum collecting beneath the floor of a great and powerful ship. Collectives of men and women come to these buildings, to protest the man inside. They call him an evil, selfish and heartless bastard with no concern for others. Ayn Rand said, through the character of Howard Roark that when the first man created fire, he was probably burnt on the stake by the fire he sought to create. Forever they benefited from what that man created, but they despised him nonetheless. They despised him for his Individuality, for his originality, for not being like the others. He was sick of living in poverty. He was sick of being another mindless slave to the collective. He stood proudly atop a mountain, waving what he created. The brightness, the warmth. The jealous masses hated him. They burnt him at the stake... Now men of vision sit above the massed protestors, and they do not feel contempt for those below, but only pity. Pity, and sadness that what he has done had been so warped through their minds. He brought them services thhey would die without. He fought day and night to bring this service to them, to be better than the others. He competed, and he won. He pities them because they seek to destroy the absolute epitome of glory. They claw and scream at the bottom, he chuckles and sighs at the top. They seek to bring us back to the primitive, before fire and before accomplishment. They wish we to be mere pond scum again. They hate what we have evolved into, rational individualist beings. They will do what they can to bring us back to collective scum But in the end, collective scum will be crushed under the boot of the individualistic beast. The beast of glory. Man mocks God He mocks nature below He does what he pleases Goes to and fro The collective scum They scoff at the guy Who has reached his own glory And now pricks the sky. Give me towers above nature Give me art of forest Give me glory above poverty Give me rich above poorest Give me liberty or give me death Give me my final breath If the Collective Scum Get away with their theft Feel free to comment, criticize ETC on here or on my blog. http://ryantheegoist.blogspot.com/2007/06/...forests_14.html
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