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  1. Something about the end of the world chosen people and aliens in Giant crystals and sun flares and Noah's ark What more can you ask for!?
  2. The hidden fortress is one of my favorites. I have been seeing al ot of rare Japanese films lately because I'm taking a extra course in Japanese cinema. I'm doing a essay on the conflict of individualism and collectivism using the hidden fortress and, no regrets for our youth and possible One wonderful Sunday for references.
  3. Hold on a second... How can you say that one or two persons are obliged to provide for third? For how long? How much must they provide? How can one have a legal right to be cared for? Who should do the caring if the parents are dead? Or for some other reason the parents cannot? The father cannot be held responsible for bringing up the child and neither can the mother. No one has the right to impose people of caring for anyone, not even their own offspring.
  4. I really enjoy Kurosawa's movies. One that I found interesting and though might interest you is No regrets for our youth. One of the heroes is a leftist but that is really not the theme of the film at all, but integrity is. Perhaps rather undeveloped but I think it is good.
  5. The arches are new to me in snow building but it is still a castle, not a skyscraper.
  6. Who wants to be friends with women, I associate women with corsets, ropes and shouting. Why bother girls are boring.
  7. This is a Vérité film so click at your own risk of copyright violation. although I might add the scenes from the birth of a nation are public domain. And the the Chinese film is by Godfrey Ho, which has violated more copyrights then... ...satan. on the scale of 1-10 on aesthetic value I claim 2, its comedy, aesthetic marginally apply. This is my longest movie ever at 21min, so it needs to be in three parts on youtube. check it! The Oriental Ninja Spies of the Confederacy Part 1 The Oriental Ninja Spies of the Confederacy Part 2 The Oriental Ninja Spies of the Confederacy Part 3
  8. People, it was the little match girl, at least she won't freeze to death now! I'm Icelandic so I know all the H.C. Andersen stuff, but is it to far fetched for you?
  9. The first scene I've shot in my comical demonstration of capitalism. As a final thought for the latter scenes, I might have to make it look less like counter-propaganda. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg-8CCpUxr8
  10. Yeah, it's fine for your office I mean, the purpose of copyrights isn't hindering that albeit technically you are in the soup, but my guess is that Ayn Rand would really dig it, but I would buy one of those given that you had the proper permits.
  11. Here is my own eccentric list of cast: Cherryl Brooks - Ragnhildur Steinunn Dagny Taggart - Ziyi Zhang Ellis Wyatt - Viggo Morthesen Francisco d'Anconia - Antonia banderas Hank Rearden - John Stossel James Taggart - Kevin Spacey John Galt - Brad Pitt Lillian Rearden - Mia Farrow Midas Mulligan - Morgan Freeman The unnamed newsstand owner - Sean Connery Ragnar Danneskjöld -Jhonny Depp Well if anyone could afford this cast...
  12. Eve online has a capitalistic economy.
  13. Ah, Lazytown is Icelandic (Icelandic-Virginian) , I went to the first run of the Lazytown play! It's spelled Magnús, but I'll forgive since you don't have 12 vowels on your keyboard. Lazy town has numerous references to Iceland. I like the show because of it's light hearted songs. It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake!
  14. I was just being silly. On the other hand, more examination of intensions seem to be attached to the Confederate battle flag then other items. Say perhaps, if I had a poster of Wagner, not to many people would conemplate that I was and anti-semite. If I had a poster of Ayn Rand people wouldn't associate it with homophopia (inaccurate). That is because that isn't what they were primerily about. Especially in the case of Rand. However the civil war was definetly largly about slavery. But now it is mostly used by the sons of confederate veterans and people (mostly white, with exceptions though) that just like being southern. I like being southern and I like to fly it. I amm not sure if I should call myself an Objectivist; however I wouldn't be a very good one if I didn't have it on my wall because of what other people might think of it. I do not associate it with slavery because of reasons stated in here by me and others (The post above was silly); if other people disagree so be it.
  15. Dudes... The bad guys have the coolest flags, besides those flags are mostly for decorative purposes. Smae goes for action figures, having a Darth Vader standing in the corner of your room, does not mean that you support the Galatic Empire. Confederate flag: Why hang on wall: 1) It is a pretty flag 2) I'm a southerner 3) Other southern flags have the same meaning Why not hang on wall: 1) It represents slavery (albeit two centuries ago) 2) I won't have any black friends The first list outweighs the latter. Japanese Rising Sun Flag: Why hang on wall: 1) It is a pretty flag 2) I love the Japanese navy 3) It represents evil totalitarian imperialism (Equals: Comedy) Why not hang on wall: 1) It represents evil totalitarian imperialism 2) Asian chicks might bitch So it stays unless it comes between me and yellow skin.
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