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  1. I'm proud to say that I am a born and raised atheist. I've never been inside a single church in my entire life nor have I read a single holy document (to tell you the truth, I don't even know what is in the bible. Is it a book of stories? Or commandments?) All of my family members are also atheists except for my father who is a Hindu and is a hardcore Reagan Republican. My father however, unlike most religious conservatives is very tolerant of atheism (partly because their are atheist sects of Hinduism.)
  2. Lets not forget Obamas crusade against those evil tax havens.
  3. Perhaps, but I honestly can't stand reading about that philosophy without getting too frustrated. I believe that this is what you were talking about?
  4. A government doesn't literally need to maintain a monopoly over the physical institutions of the police, the Law courts, and the Military, it is the retaliatory use of force that the government must uphold. There are already plenty of private agencies that provide security services (Brinks) to people who want additional 24 hour protection. There are even private courts that people have the option of using if they want to conduct a private trial without a jury. What the government must maintain a monopoly over is the retaliatory use of force or in other words, the government must be the only decider of the objective law of the land and only they can determine what is objectively wrong or right and bring about retaliatory justice to the criminal according to it. This doesn't literally mean that the government must nationalize every single court, police, or military firm that arises with in the free market. There will always be a proper function for both government and privately controlled services. The best deterrent for not having the private agencies compete with the government in a fully free society is simply through philosophical education. If enough people are taught about the shear horrors of anarchy then it's only natural that people will be motivated no matter how much more efficient a private service may be at enforcing the law, the government must always uphold the law and therefore people should always donate to their government for the sole purpose of doing so. When the populace understands the importance of objectivity in the field of law, then it should only be natural that a government will always exist to finance it's proper services without having to worry about being out-competed.
  5. For the most part I do enjoy the show... except for this episode. http://www.southparkzone.com/episodes/203/Chickenlover.html
  6. 1. Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimern 2. Anthony Bourdain no reservations I don't watch tv that much but when I do those are the shows I watch.
  7. Congratulations! I was never good at arithmetic but I tip my hat to any one who can have a broad understanding of it. What would economics be without math? What would life be without economics?
  8. None the less it still shows that a proper government really doesn't need very much income to finance it's necessary services at all. Information like this are good examples to remember the next time a bureaucrat proposes a proposition or a piece of legislation that wishes to increase revenues for a particular function like infrastructure or parks etc. People should be reminded of evidence like this so they can require congressman to use the money they already have more wisely before arbitrarily raising revenues.
  9. I found this article very interesting, particularly how a 3% rate of taxation was actually considered oppressive by their standards and only necessary in a time of war when the government needed allot of money. Nowadays your slapped in the face by statists as a "capitalist fanatic" if you support a 10-15% flat tax. I'm afraid to know what rate of taxation will be considered "low" according to the futures standards. http://www.unrv.com/economy/roman-taxes.php
  10. I think Jason Isaacs would probably play a better Dr. Ferris.
  11. I think Sean Bean could capture the role of Hank Rearden very well.
  12. I decided to make a post about this topic because I thought that it was worth adressing. The Libertarian party has a caucus called The Libertarian Reform Caucus which is a caucus that has generally decided to take a more incrementalist approch towards implementing their principals. According to their party platform, they agree to take a more interventionist foreign policy, however there are still issues with the caucus that are considerably undesirable but then again coming from an incrementalist point of view arn't quit so bad. I beleive that these reforms made to the party would be over all for the best rather than worst. Perhaps if these reforms are made, the Libertarian party won't be such a bad party to support after all. http://reformthelp.org/platform/shortB/
  13. Repealing the 16th amendment would be a whole lot of effort to change something that won't even be gauranteed to be abolished. If we are to abolish the income tax, then I beleive it would be more beneficial to purpose an entirely new amendment that specifically puts an end to it.
  14. Reading that almost makes you want to vote for the democrats, but then again... http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.php?showtopic=9700
  15. Thats awsome. I noticed that you hold down your dominant seventh chords with the index finger baring a fret and with the middle finger holding down the third of the chord, I almost do the exact same thing however I find it easier to use the pinky finger to hold down the third. You should make some videos teaching Jazz/Blues progressions, those tend to be my favorite.
  16. This may be really off topic but I couldn't help but say it. That entire speech would be absolutly hilarious if it was narrated by Jeff Bridges as The Dude from the Big Lebowski and ended with "The Dude abides..."
  17. Want to know somthing cool? The artist Robert White is my dad
  18. The Income Tax does not give the federal government the authority to levy Income Taxes, that is a common misconception among libertarians. Abraham Lincoln was able to levy an income tax during the civil war in order to pay for it and back then, there was no 16th amendment. Read the following link for further information. http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/04/16/greenslade.htm
  19. Is that picture you posted a real project? I'd be very interested to here more about it.
  20. The ARI classes would be the only thing worth coming over here for, unless you want to pay our taxes that go to give benefits to illegals (which we have plenty of) and who of corse are completly tax exempt. However, the city itself is very nice and the people are friendly (for the most part).
  21. I just pictured random scenes of all the people that Dagny met through out the novel going on during Galts speech. Like it'll show Mrs. William Hastings, Eugene Lawson, Fransisco d'Anconia, Eddie Willers, Ellis Wyatt ect., and they'll all be listening to the broadcast.
  22. Based upon what Ive seen of him, I think I'd rather see Danny DeVito casted as John Galt.
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