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    I have an eclectic taste in music, but it'd be fair to say I'm a fan of mostly modern stuff. I'll listen to classical music, and classic rock, but it's not what I pursue really. I like something with a good bit of wit to it, like Cake, for example. Or something well constructed, by a band of people I can respect, like lostprophets.<br /><br />As for movies, it's even harder to pin it down. I definitely like Sci-Fi, though I'm not that avid a fan. And I like some anime stuff (Cowboy Bebop especially). Basically, if the writing is good and it seems like everyone made an effort in making the film, I'll really like it. <br /><br />Books, well, there's poetry and prose. I like Rudyard Kipling, Shelley, Keats, Wordsworth and Byron. It'd be safe to say I'm a bit of a Romantic. As for novels, I like Gaiman's work, the way he explores his themes through vastly imaginitive worlds (American Gods, Mirrormask, etc), as well as his far more autobiographical stuff (Fragile Things). Palahnuik's fine for his style and research, but I'm not so sure about his themes. I also like this little-known Russian author who emigrated to America as a kid. You've probably not heard of her.

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    I'm a student at the University of York. I am an enthusiast in the theatre, specifically the nature of acting. I love dealing with all theory associated with the expression of meaning in the arts, so long as that theory isn't too convoluted. I'm a lover of big, extraordinary things.

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