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  1. "...and Dr. Seuss would be proud of the beautiful illustrations..." No.
  2. That sounds rad. I love both Seuss and Rand. However, looking at those images of the front cover...bleg. The illustrations look like a childrens' book I made when I was in 7th grade.
  3. Usually when I am bored I can think of a lot of things to do, but I am physically too tired to do them. OR, I can think of a bunch of things to do, but I can't decide which one to do and I just sit there kind of weighing the pros and cons and budgeting time for each thing. That makes me feel bored.
  4. Why is that vulgar at all? It's just like the man is trying to get more comfortable. If I'm sitting cross legged and my legs start to hurt or fall asleep, I change the way I'm sitting so I'm not uncomfortable anymore. Same thing. However, if you are constantly adjusting it, maybe you need to figure out a better system...different underwear...something! I read through a few of the lists on the sight, half expecting there to be something good there, but found mostly garbage, as is typical of lists like that. The 75 things list was alright though. Lots of stuff on there that women should know as well.
  5. Kori

    Reality Bites

    That's really cute, Justin! Love it Was it an assignment?
  6. Nightmare Before Christmas Requiem for a Dream Team America: World Police South Park the Movie Juno
  7. You can't make your own birthday thread! That's like giving yourself a nickname. Anywho, Happy Birthday!
  8. The scenario I always here of is this: Your grandma is on her death bed. She has a golden retriever that she loves dearly, and she asks you, "When I die, promise me you will take care of my dog." You know you can't or don't want to take care of the dog. Do you say 'yes' so she'll rest easy? These scenarios are all just nonsense to me, really. The first one up there, especially. What fuckin' decade do we live in, really? No reasonable person would ask their son or daughter to marry solely because they, the parent, wanted them to. On the other hand, I have met someone who wants their kid to have children before they die (the dad, that is). Gosh. So anywho, if I were in the grandma situation, I would say yes because I love dogs and have no problem with that. However, if for some reason hell froze over and I didn't want the dog, I would say that I would take care of the dog to make my grandma rest easy. If I were thinking about my grandma's life, I'd feel okay with myself that she was put at ease during her last minutes, hours, days, whatever. I wouldn't focus on that "ZOMG, I lied to her!" I'm not sure what the hell I'd do in the situation at the start of this thread. I don't think I'd lie to comfort the dying parent though, because I think what they asked of me was ridiculous (and I'd try to make them realize that).
  9. Do you guys want to go cheese?
  10. I think you should figure out what your definition of 'normal' is. Even if your interests are different from other peoples', I don't think that makes you abnormal. Plus, real friends aren't going to give much of a shit that you like Nancy Sinatra (at least, they wouldn't ridicule you for it). The kind of friends I want are the ones who, when they see me reading a book or listening to some kind of music they are not familiar with, are curious about it because they have an interest in the things their friends enjoy (even if they end up not liking the music, or maybe aren't so into all that book learnin'). One important thing I always try to remember (or...I'm just reminded of it on a regular basis) is that not everyone is like me (damn the world!). Different people have different qualities, good and bad, and it is important to me to try to find those good qualities in other people, weigh them against the bad qualities, and decide if it would be worthwhile to stay friends. Not everyone is going to be some perfect angel, but one can still find some value in those that are 'less-than-perfect'. I don't know much about your friends, or 'friends', but I find that people are often just kind of paranoid about how other people react. They may not really be ridiculing, and maybe it'd help to explain your interests to them (why you like what you like, etc.) and they could possibly be interested. If not, then whatever, but you really gotta start by showing the real you.
  11. Dude, dress how you like to dress. That's Objectivist style.
  12. Also, why do they bleep out 'hole' in 'asshole'? What's the deal with that?
  13. Ok, here's a couple: I also find this pretty hilarious: Could you clarify what you mean by existence-affirming? I've never heard that term before.
  14. I agree that humor is often used to negate or deny the importance of the irrational, etc, but what about the silly things...like, say, laughing at a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. Or maybe chuckling at a baby who has mashed his face into a birthday cake? Why is that humorous?
  15. ^Me too. That was strange last night when chat wigged out on us. Wonder why. It did seem like it was related to Greg turning autoscroll off, but it's just a coincidence, I'm sure. I still really like this new chat, and if whatever happened can be fixed, I'd still like it to be the permanent chat. How dare you, Greg! How dare you!
  16. So, what...does simplistic music make for terrible music? Each person has some kind of special connection with the music that they choose to listen to and enjoy (even if it's just a silly one). Not everyone is going to love the classical tunes this dude bangs out (and the ones he bops to in HIS car). I wish I understood it myself.
  17. I love happy goo. I'm all for that. sNerd, I love the new chat. So far, I'd say keep it.
  18. ^Maybe sometimes people post in the wrong section by accident. Damn. So, which do you prefer? I prefer Batman for reasons Moose already stated. He is a self-made badass. He has all sorts of awesome gadgets, he has the Batcave, the Batmobile, Robin (err...), and not to mention his outfit is waaaay better than Superman's gayass tights and red cape. Is this even really a question? Graaaant, what is your fave?
  19. I don't see why that would be called a comic. There really isn't anything funny about it...no punchline or anything. And to boot, the drawings aren't good at all, either. *shrug* I still say my comic Logical Phalluses is much better.
  20. ^ I think he mentioned not developing an intimate relationship with the woman independent of his wifey. Not that he couldn't ever see her. It'd just be more of an "our" friend kind of thang.
  21. South Park is my favorite show, I think. It just gets funnier and funnier. Oh, and... "My mom says there's a lot of black people in Africa..." EDIT: Oh, I think one of my favorite episodes is the one where that Mormon kid moves to South Park and Stan starts hanging out with him and learning about Mormonism. The flashbacks to Joseph Smith are hilarious! "...even though nobody else ever saw them...DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM!"
  22. I own Season 3 on DVD, but I've yet to watch it. I really hate watching it when it's on TV because of all the commercial breaks. Plus, I always forget when it's on. BUT...I've always loved Lost. It's just so exciting.
  23. Those are hilarious! Here are some that I think are very...me-like: Evil Clown: This one I think just shares some of my characteristics. I don't have patience for in depth discussion, at least on forums, but I don't think I'm evil...and don't try to use humor to hurt people. Coffee Klatch: The internet is totally my Wednesday morning canasta. Enfant Provocateur: I just can't help myself sometimes, but it's mostly me being...Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Rebel Without A Clue: What can I say? I hate stupid rules. Strumpet: I likes me sex jokes.
  24. West, I was looking for that "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" as one of my Romantic ones. Thanks for posting it. Here is the poem. Kelly, your Romantic one is beautiful.
  25. Femininity: Sunflower Girl Running Masculinity: Smirky Man The Wanderer Romantic: Starry Night Over Le Printemps
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