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  1. David, I believe that Victor meant to post this in the Debate Techniques section. Is it okay for someone to make a li'l mistake? Greg, I think someone has a problem with quality threads. Really, don't bother with the moderator threats. Four in two days?! My, what a nuisance! Why not quit complaining and throw in your two cents (relevant to the topic, of course)?
  2. I don't regard them with great seriousness either, Victor. Still, I don't use it as an excuse to act completely different from the way I do in real life. I'd like to think I still have some standards. I operate by the same rules on the Internet as I do in real life (except on the web I have a bit more time to think before I 'speak'). If, at a party, one sat around and spat venom, I'm guessing nobody at the party would want them there. It would also be pointless for them to stay. It's the same thing with the Internet. You look foolish when you act like "oh, I don't wanna be here, everybody is so stupid" on the web. One has the choice to log off or leave the party! It's some kinda obsession. I don't understand why the Internet brings out this private life emotional baggage or whatever one wishes to call it. Trust me, I have been known to take out my anger on innocent bystanders (in real life and in cyber world...like I said, I play by the same rules in both real and cyber worlds), but like I said, I always apologize. If the behavior reoccurs, I figure out what it is that causes it and I fix it. Sometimes that means ending relationships. Life goes on. Everyone just godda be themselves, fa Christ's sake. EDIT: Thinking again, and maybe it's not that the cyber world brings out hostility in people. Maybe that's just how they are in real life. Or maybe I just think that because it's so hard to fathom acting like a fool "just 'cause it's the Internet." What is it that draws people to places that inspire such hostility? One of life's great mysteries.
  3. Victor, this is a great article. I see all kinds of malice, hostility, name-calling, just general immaturity, all over so-called "intellectual discussions." Or, as I like to call them, "18-page bickerfests." It's disheartening and discouraging. I don't want to have to read and skim over that BS to get to the heart of the discussion. So...I usually just don't participate (though not only because of this...sometimes it's just a matter of time and energy...I gotta keep my priorities straight). I'll admit that I can get a tad bit hostile/sarcastic occasionally. It's easy to get too wrapped up and take things personally (this reminds me of a Will Smith quote: “…but if you don‘t like my cut, it‘s like you don‘t like me.”); however, I consider myself to be a pretty rational, reasonable person and I will apologize if I feel like I’ve acted immaturely (and I‘ve been there!). To me, it’s important not to condemn a person entirely based on one conversation. I’d like to think that other people feel the same. If I disagree with someone, you best believe it’ll be known. BUT, I cannot ever bring myself to shrug off that person, condemn them as invaluable to me, based on that one disagreement (it’s more how they handle themselves in such a situation). I repeat this to myself if I catch myself getting too caught up: “Why do I care? Is it really imperative that I convince so-and-so of such-and-such? Is it worth all the spent energy and time? Is it worth getting venom spewed my way?” Usually the answer is “NO!” The problems listed in your article aren’t the only ones I’ve seen, though I sure as hell see those frequently. I also witness good “debaters”, those who are sticking to the topic and having rational discussion, paying too much attention to those who are “obfuscating points” and derailing threads. Those people may eventually learn if they are ignored. I also see people taking things a bit too seriously...24/7. Sometimes it's nice to just chill out, have a bit of playful fun. If you don't like those laid back discussions...just stay out. Simple as that. Everybody just chill!
  4. Did I ever state that I thought the Great Wall was wonderful "just because it's big"? Bob Kolker beat me to it. Another thing I found "wonderful" about the Great Wall was that its construction spanned about 2,000 years (if I recall correctly) and the progression of the construction shows progression in technology. Initially, the wall was built out of whatever the builders could find: earth, sand, pebbles, grass. Later, during the Ming dynasty, the builders used stone and brick, which made the wall studier and longer lasting. I started this discussion for people to express their opinions. I didn't intend to start a debate on what qualifies something as a "wonder." I think it's really a matter of opinion. Someone may have a good reason for why Stonehenge is a wonder...I personally don't think it's such a great site, but I'm interested in hearing why someone else considers it one.
  5. Okay, I don't see an "edit" option for the posts, so I'll do this in a separate post. I copy/pasted my original post from another site that I posted it on and the link did not transfer to this site. The New Seven Wonders site is: New 7 Wonders. DavidOdden, is there not a rational basis for appreciation of the Great Wall? Just because it's "primitive" doesn't mean that it's not wonderful. I do agree that there should be more modern marvels on there, such as the Interstate system you mentioned or, as someone on another forum mentioned, The Internet! What a marvel that is! I don't think that the list can be narrowed down to 7...there are so many wonders in the world. I just have a good time talking about them. You also make a good point, David, about stating the basis for your wonderment. I really don't know much about the history of St. Basil's Cathedral, so my wonderment stems merely from seeing pix of it (I don't know if it was hard to construct, etc). I've never seen anything like it. I am going into architecture and when I took a gander at St. Basil's I pictured myself in front of my AutoCAD trying to design something like this and then bring it to life. Planning out all the shapes and what colors they would be, making the colors coordinate, all the intricate details. I think my eyes would just fall outta my skull. I am more of a simplistic kinda gal...and the details of this masterpiece just floored me. I could never design such a thing. One thing I would add to the list would be The Terracotta Army. Also, there is a thread floatin' around here that shows the building with rotating floors. That's gotta be one.
  6. Did I say that they weren't? I suppose I had the 7 Natural Wonders of the World on my mind when I wrote that. Now, instead of nitpicking my initial post, why don't you tell us what your choices would be and why? Right now, although it isn't the most amazing thing in the WORLD, my favorite on the list is St. Basil's Cathedral. Just absolutely astounding architecture. How would they have been chosen before? It's better, in my opinion, to have them democratically elected than to have some ancient dude just pick them himself. The list is sort of a silly idea and, of course, just because 'the people' chose the Seven Wonders doesn't mean that they are the MOST wonderful things EVER! It's just interesting, I think, to look at all these marvels and...MARVEL at them. They're all amazing. Any additions?
  7. I was browsing the web tonight and I learned that the Pyramid at Giza is the only remaining of the 7 Ancient Wonders. I then realized...hey, I don't even know what the other 7 wonders are! So, I went-a-researchin' and I found out that there is an election for the New 7 Wonders of the World. There are 21 final contenders: The Acropolis at Athens Alhambra Angkor The Pyramid at Chichen Itza Christ Redeemer The Roman Colosseum Statues of Easter Island The Eiffel Tower The Great Wall of China The Hagia Sophia Kiyomizu Temple The Kremlin and Red Square Machu Picchu Neuschwanstein Castle Petra The Pyramids of Giza The Statue of Liberty Stonehenge Sydney Opera House The Taj Mahal Timbuktu What would your choice be? As far as I'm concerned, these are all amazing...it's too hard to choose. I am glad to see a lot of man-made structures on the list, because those are always more awe-inspiring for me. You can learn more about these wonders (I still am!) at this site: The New 7 Wonders As of right now, there is still 35 days left to vote. The winner will be announced on 7/7/07 (how clever!) DO IT!
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