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  1. Intelligence tests were first designed to comb through people in poverty, identify those with potential and invest in their education. Some contributing factors of intelligence having upward mobility are basic nutrition, stable emotional environment, caring family members, not being shot at, willingness to take on responsibility, negotiation skills, writing/speaking skills, openness, autonomy... Part of the flag waving American Pride is the implication that humans seem to have gotten a lot smarter in the last 200 years in proportion to their freedom and value for individual independence.
  2. I agree. I've been on a Jordan Peterson youtube marathon the last couple weeks, as I do with many people who interest me. His lectures are packed so full of information. He reads a book a day, and says the more you know the more you realize how much more you don't know. I've sensed his limits on a few issues, wouldn't it be nice to have a couple hundred more years to take things in and put them together in useful ways.
  3. In this image, the space in the center (the mean) shows the average IQ scores for the vast majority are the same, and the real differences arise in the small gaps at the edges which are the outliers.
  4. The people I care about matter to me in many different ways, their intelligence being one aspect. In prison drug use has probably diminished the IQ's that many had when they were younger. There are also some very intelligent bastards in prison. This got me thinking about another statistic Jordan Peterson was talking about. That 10% of Americans, the outliers, do not have a high enough IQ to be allowed into the military. They are not smart enough to be shot at, yet they still need to be kept occupied with something productive to do so they don't run around tearing the world up. One can have very low IQ and very high trait conscientiousness and still do a simple repetitive job much better than a robot can.
  5. Yeah, no I don't think I have ever thought that when meeting someone. If I think about the truth I always have a sense that I have something to learn from each person I talk to. They might be dumb as a box of rocks and funny as hell.
  6. Thank you DavidOdden for taking time to consider and express your thoughts on this subject. The context for alternative I am pondering is a model that reflects the amazing technological advances we have seen over the last thirty years. By 1918, every state required students to complete elementary school. These schools were designed to meet the masses of farmers moving into cities for industrial work. The industrial model of children flowing through school like a conveyor belt hasn't changed much in the last hundred years. Some ideas. Bringing together specialists, in many fields, who are learning about how the brain works. Optimizing windows that open at certain periods of development where the acquiring of specific skills are accelerated. Flexibility to foster students to move forward more quickly with what they like and are good at. Skills at sifting through massive amounts of information in order to quickly identify, organize, prioritize information that is useful. Yes, this has been on my mind a lot. My son is eleven years old. He loves learning and hates school. Something is terribly wrong with that. I haven't found an online school that seems like a better option. He has friends he really likes in school. I would be happy to join or help build a system that has half or a quarter of in-person education while also seeing him much more dynamically engaged in an online education that plays more like a video game than the repetitive drudgery he keeps bringing home for homework. In the last six years we have only had one teacher who put real thought into her job. I've watched hundreds of You-Tube videos about creativity and education. Many in-person schools seem amazing, but I don't have the money for tuition, and moving expenses. I am currently working on setting clear goals to figure out how to move into a better life situation, which takes time. The online resources I am finding are incredibly helpful, while at the same time I am feeling frustrated that this information wasn't available to me in school twenty years ago.
  7. If Jordan Peterson's premise is correct (He has done more research into the subject than I have) I might contemplate how this affects me on an individual level. If I realize I am talking to a person who belongs to a demographic with an average higher IQ, and I theoretically have a median IQ, I might assume they have a 60% chance of being smarter than me. If a person belongs to the bottom 40% of their group, and they haven't tested their own IQ they might have a higher chance of inflating their own intellectual value by associating inappropriately with the extreme cases in the group they identify with. I see this with people who are interested in Objectivism, who obviously have no where near the intellectual capacity of Ayn Rand, attempting go exert some authority by using her words. At the same time, extremely talented individuals who belong to any group you identify with have the power of being role models you can understand, and you may improve your own intelligence by learning what you can from each of them.
  8. Unrealistic expectations kill any chance at a meaningful relationship with friends, partners, or family. In the beginning people look for virtue signaling, and red flags. If she is a single mother, she may be struggling with her own responsibilities. If the father of her child has been irresponsible, she may not be handling her emotional damage as well as she would like. Women have a much shorter fertility window, so if she wants another child she may be in a hurry to find someone who seems to really want to be with her. She may not want to seem needy, as though a man is doing her a big favor by taking on a family that isn't biologically his. A lack of fatherly tendencies a man shows toward potential step children are huge deal breakers as well. The impact of biological forces and hormones can be overwhelming to clear cognitive function in some. If you can see and treat her like a real human being regardless of your sexual desire, it is a sign of strong frontal cortical activity and executive brain function. Sexual desire placed above the value of the individual most often leads to a pattern of cheating. Humans have only had sexual equality for a hundred years in a small part of the world, so we are all still trying to figure out how to be ok with each other. In the past a woman wasn't allowed to be friends with a man unless he was her brother or cousin. Establishing true friendships with the opposite sex has provided me, and individuals I know with valuable insight, it raises your standards. If you know any happy couples in healthy relationships you might want to spend time communicating with both partners about how they negotiate the challenges they have faced. If you want a lasting relationship you need an honest reliable partner who is going to be there through health issues, tragedy, misunderstanding. Overwhelming insecurities and unwillingness to communicate will lead to many problems down the road. Think of this as a valuable learning experience. Relationships are not going to be pain free, that is one reason we test each other in the beginning.
  9. Have you ever had a personal sentimental item, attached to the memory of a person who is gone, stolen from you? I have. No amount of shouting in the street about what is fair is going to stop human malevolence and ignorance. If I want to approach fair human interactions, I've got to build my own foundation, inspire the cretins to educate themselves, and not waste time bloviating to a choir of one. I come here to find real, unique, interesting intelligent human beings, who happen to adore Ayn Rand for reasons she might have appreciated. I am not here to run around in circles with puppets who spout ideologies with no thought of what any of it means to them personally, individually here and now in the real world.
  10. There is a difference between equalization of opportunity and equalization of outcome. Equalization of opportunity means keeping the starving masses from uprising and destroying the system, while fostering social mobility so that talent can rise from poverty. The loss of millions of individual lives has already shown that we can not force/guarantee equalization of outcome. Working to fight unearned second hand theft is important. Outliers in society are a fact, do you want them to steal your car, or a portion of your paycheck, some portion of your time addressing their source and reduction? There is a problem, it has always been a problem, something is going to happen, which do you choose? People often use portions of Ayn Rand's text without fully integrating her entire philosophy. They haven't earned it. It isn't proper to tell someone what to do, it doesn't work. What one ought to do, and I try, is to be very careful in choosing words. Human societies (including Objectivism) are based on hierarchies. Ayn Rand is at the top, there are varying degrees of competence within the structure of individuals who volunteer to take part in this particular hierarchy. Just as in America, where Objectivism was born, there are conservative and liberal objectivists. When an individual in this social space goes to an extreme each individual chooses how he or she wants to deal with it.
  11. Questions I am asking myself within the context of education: What would a modern alternative comprehensive online school look like? In what context would you be willing to contribute to such an enterprise? What does it mean to read a book a day? What role does humor play in the development of consciousness? How does a call to "Responsibility" and "Meaning" affect the rising generation? How does one develop a balance between ones own body and mind in healthy integration? How does one practice speaking in a compelling way that keeps the interest of your audience? What is the value of self awareness? Do others find you self aware in an argument? How do you hone your skills toward a contentious audience? How do you organize vital information to recall in crucial situations? When you think, do you develop arguments within yourself in order to prepare to meet your opposition? How much effort have you made to improve your writing skill? Who is your target audience? Ayn Rand wrote for herself, but was also reaching toward her ideal man. Would your ideal man have any critical feedback for the way you conduct yourself in the world? Do you have some sense of what you don't know? Have you set goals for what you want to accomplish? In what ways do you abdicate the responsibility toward your aspirations? In what ways do you create meaning in your life? Are there disciplines that have become corrupt that I think I might be interested in and able to take on? What are the common conditions that lead to war? Are there good ways to direct my skills toward entrepreneurial pursuits? What have I learned through the phenomena of social media? Why leave those venues to my adversaries? What are the consequences of recent technological breakthroughs? How can I develop creatively in all aspects of life? Has the quality of life of the people I value and love (and who love me) been sufficiently improved by my presence in their lives? Considering Existence and Consciousness are corollaries: What symbolic void is being left in the world by me not attempting living up to my potential? How do I quantify the education I have acquired? How can I find a way to travel and visit more of this planet in a more intimate way? How can a person be taught to read, think, speak, present, and negotiate in a more efficient manner? What is the Intellectual Dark Web? Clinical Psychologist, and Evolutionary Biologist Jordan Peterson is working toward the development of a less expensive online school. Considering hierarchies are biologically linked to achievement, how do I develop my own competence hierarchy that benefits me as an individual?
  12. I wonder specifically where the distinctions of Jordan Peterson's view of objective reality differ from Objectivism. Ayn Rand used terms like 'God No' and 'God bless you' not because she believed in a literal God, but because she liked what those phrases meant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZMIbo_DxJk&t=1139s
  13. "You don’t think through another’s brain and you don’t work through another’s hands. When you suspend your faculty of independent judgment, you suspend consciousness. To stop consciousness is to stop life. Second-handers have no sense of reality. Their reality is not within them, but somewhere in that space which divides one human body from another. "-Ayn Rand, For The New Intellectual A living person is to parrot someone who has died... for a philosophy of life? I don't believe any living Objectivist claims to be Ayn Rand. Only you can direct the action you take to quote her. If it were all quotes it would be like she was just here talking to herself...
  14. Where did the last three weeks go? Went on a road trip; Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, and back to Wyoming. I've been painting a lot since I got back. Its a different part of my brain I use while painting... visual language. I get good at one thing, and push myself to try to challenge myself in a different way and it turns out horrible. Getting over my false pride, so I can earn some real pride is messy and it takes too long, but I am trying.
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