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  1. Do you think this is because you have no personal agenda of pushing Objectivism to make a discernible impact? Or do you think it has something to do with the nature of Objectivism? This seems to be a symptom of the vast history of collectivist perspectives. What if the perspective were developed? (I am trying to understand what I am thinking as I type, it may not be as clear as I would like it to be yet...) Objectivism is Ayn Rand, in a very real sense. Objectivism is what she discovered during her lifetime. Her mind burns on in the pages of her work, but she is no longer here to be won over by a compelling argument. Exact conformity isn't expected or required to get what ever an individual is capable of getting from Objectivism. 'The Vigorous Debate' seems to be a vital essential to social interaction of people interested in Objectivism. The priority upon which each individual focuses his or her attention will determine their perspective. The things I agree with Rand about would be like trying to argue with gravity, it is what it is. The personal aspects of life where I differ with her are like trying to build a rocket ship, it takes a lot of work to reach escape velocity. Her work has fortified me with the independence, stamina, and drive to return to my own work. Ayn Rand bequeathed us a vast and expansive direction of learning, which took her 77 years to amass and will take any scholar years of study to even begin to take up where she left off. At the same time, her sense of life had an immediate impact on me the first time I encountered her. An impact I found confusing as she caused fear, intimidation, and insecurities in friends whom I initially enthusiastically exposed to Rand and her ideas. My benevolent sense of life keeps me in affectionate contact with friends who don't have the mind or the will capable of grasping her. I am a reference point in their mind, a stereotype of the kind of people who value Rand. When they hear someone ranting about their hatred for Rand, they picture me and think, 'That person's sense of life doesn't feel like Tym's, what does Tym know that the haters don't?.' I keep the quote in my signature to remind me that the nature of consciousness is volitional. "..the being whose consciousness has a limitless capacity for gaining knowledge-man is the only living entity born without any guarantee of remaining conscious at all." - Ayn Rand - The Objectivist Ethics The perspective that there is nothing that anyone can do for or against the tide of the world is determinism. Remembering the advocates of capitalism have done more to damage it than anyone. Socialists are learning from the success of free market, and they are aspiring to keep it in a state where they can glean the most second hand profit from the system without allowing it to raise or drop too far. I haven't studied the field of geography and national boarders extensively, but from what I have seen, it seems like boarders changed a great deal more before the A-bomb than they have since. I like what you said Eiuol. I'm pondering a tangent... The words dominant and force pop out at me in this sentence. Something I think people misunderstand when beginning to debate in Objectivist forums. The idea of domination is antithetical to Objectivism. Reason is something an individual will embrace or deny; you can pretend the sun is dominating you because of its overwhelming influence in life on earth, but domination isn't something the sun consciously attempts to enforce. Each individual can have strong opinions, but any underlying collectivist need to dominate will weaken his argument rather than letting the defense be self evident.
  2. I can see how calling someone a vampire/parasite would not be conducive to a rational debate. I need to work toward the root of the frustration I was expressing. People who vote for socialism are predominantly renters. Having no personal claim to a piece of this land there isn't much to fight for. I am also curious about the power and psychology of the socialists who own the media, who make billions of dollars off of musicians, actors, journalists, artists who only receive a fraction of the profit from their work. The artists in turn make more work about being victimized out of that frustration, perpetuating the trend toward socialism.
  3. Stark contrast, vibrant color, dynamic composition. I have watched artists develop online, in galleries, and when I worked in an art supply store, my recommendation is consistently make more, make more, make more!
  4. I read this article this morning and am having some thoughts about the issue of Failure to Launch. This article complains that children are being coddled, but doesn't suggest much more solution than having a family meal: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/nation-wimps/201612/the-failure-launch-epidemic Competition for resources has made it much more difficult for a young person to own his home. When you own your home you have a greater drive to keep it. When most of your energy is being drained to a vampire rent lord you lose ambition. If the housing industry is being manipulated by realtor vampires, why put all that energy into a middle man between you and the former owner of the home? When the government is devaluing the dollar to make it look like there are gains in the economy, how can you keep the fruits of your effort? Why put any effort into feeding the parasites? Our parents 401K's gain money through rental properties, our parents generation is living off of our generation. In China three generations live together, and China is now buying up 'investment' property in the US. Why leave home? If you refute my arguments please divulge if you own rental property, and how that is good for the economy.
  5. I saw an interview of Rand where she stated, "It's not a matter of opinion, its a matter of life or death." Objectivism gets into trouble mis-attributing anything on a large social scale. I try to bring the issue, the ideas back to a personal scale. How has she affected your life? The use of 'We' is dangerous. We don't want them to misunderstand us. We don't want them to have any weapons to use against us. It is a difficult perspective for me to see clearly. Does Objectivism have to wait 2400 years before the history books will be able to see clearly her influence on the development of the world?
  6. One person's affect on the world can not be measured. But the affect Ayn Rand has on the mind of man... Whether the innovators of vaccines, inventions, farming equipment had ever heard her name or not, she inspired a friend, sibling, cousin, uncle, or artist to respond favorably upon those efforts.
  7. It is interesting contemplating the Objective approach. How the battle is won without triggering the irrationality of the opposition to even know what they are fighting. I take personal note again of 1943...
  8. Ayn Rand spoke of the 'child prodigy speed' with which the world had developed when man adopted and defended the rational rights of man. 1776-1943 = 167 years 1943 the publishing of the Fountainhead 1943-2016 = 73 years. How much more has changed since she came onto the intellectual scene, and how much can be attributed to her influence? It seems impossible to quantify without being able to see how the world would have developed without her. How much has she affected your own life personally? Can you project that difference onto the world? She didn't cause each rational mans mind to function, but she defended him, told him he didn't need permission, offered illuminating examples of what is possible in her work and in her person. Ayn Rand's life is at the curving transition in this chart. How many Objectivist's are bold enough to give her credit? Can this chart measure human success? What would a chart depicting the increase of rational minds look like?
  9. Yes everything you said MisterSwig, as well as mounting evidence that travel invigorates the brain, exercise creates brain fertilizer, getting up to a higher vantage point offers greater perspective, the map each of us holds in the mind becomes more detailed and rich with each experience. The identification of the names of each mountain peak you see makes them more real, more tangible.
  10. Many more threads would be a good start. I would like to present the argument that if Objectivism is going to thrive individuals interested ought to take the visual world seriously, more seriously than I see evidence of in this visual arts forum. With the advent of the Internet, the world is becoming increasingly visual. I believe the mental real estate in my brain is filled up with a great deal more visual information than most of the people I know. It is historically unprecedented how many images I can recognize. Tumblr for instance is thriving with visual activity of every echelon of quality. I've been cultivating my tumblr account for five years, and re-posted over 10,000 images. I've sifted through and rejected hundreds of images for each image I post. You get better at sifting, better at finding those who have the kind of eye you are seeking. My tumblr: http://tenderlysharp.tumblr.com/
  11. Aristos has highlighted/promoted these artists: Frederic Church Thomas Cole Anthony Waichulix Jason Brady Jean-Léon Gérôme Léon-Joseph-Florentin Bonnat Théodule-Augustin Ribot Maria Oakey Dewing Lawrence Alma-Tadema
  12. "Remember that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!" - Vicki Corona
  13. The image invites you to question. The characters gaze is focused slightly beyond the egg, as though there are things calling his attention outside the frame of the image. Did the character, or a friend, or a bird place the egg? A play on the question of which came first... Which came first the artist or the artwork? It is close to a self portrait, but not quite. The element I like most is mans ability to use scientific method to discern the object, the egg, where a predator might recognize it merely as food.
  14. ..a post that makes me feel the way I feel when I am reading/listening to Rand's work. I have 'The Romantic Manifesto' on audio book, I don't know how many times I have listened to it, a few times a year for ten years. I often contemplate her words on literature relating them to Visual art. Rand wasn't a visual artist, she touches on it, but deeper exploration of it doesn't seem high on her list of priorities. With this I believe there is room in Objectivist thought for visual exploration. I appreciate the vigorous Objectivist discussions on many subjects. My 'exhaustion' was specifically in regard to the Visual Arts Forum. And a deeper exhaustion with a sense of personal failure in my previous attempts to communicate here. I am very visual. I take in thousands of images daily. Much of my brain is visual. When I attempt to speak with words it takes me a very long time. A five minute post takes me an hour to write. ....Time..... I think I ought to spend painting. But most of the visual art world is so geared toward pushing a socialistic agenda, I feel very alone. Although I admire independence, I also know physiologically people need to touch and be touched. The personal relationships I have found have distracted me away from the integration of visual art and reason. I come here hoping to heal a broken heart and dread the response that kind of vulnerability might evoke. "Fear, shame, and pity are self defeating dead ends" Rand said.
  15. I like this perspective, the challenge of creating a post topic related to visual art that is compelling...
  16. My own experience with this forum is a state of exhaustion. Reading paragraph after paragraph of words that don't inspire my sense of life. Once in a while something beautiful is posted and the flickering interest of its author never returns to continue a discussion. Simple curiosity is met with a dissertation on the flaws and conformity of Objectivism Is there any way to revitalize it? Is there a concise way to recognize why this happens? Is there any way to entice you to want to return here?
  17. My emotional response to the name Nathaniel Branden is an empathy of loss, betrayal, confusion. Is it a breach of privacy to speak of Ayn Rand's personal life? Her antagonists have no problem dredging it up. What is the most enlightened response to them? The process by which a strong attraction transforms into a strong repulsion is a subject that has profound implications for any human... The loss of intimacy. The disarray of friendships and business arrangements. The long term repercussions.
  18. I don't remember where I heard it, it was a story about Ayn Rand saying she rarely had an emotion that she couldn't figure out its source in a short time. The more abstract the subject the longer it might take. Leonard Peikoff remarked that Ayn Rand could respond emotionally to broad abstractions which is very rare. When exactly in her life did she organize words into the phrases that resonate so concisely, integrating a process of reasoning with a process of investigating emotional responses. I still wonder why the title of this thread is Nathaniel Branden.
  19. Emotion is a very personal response. Is this thread trying to make a distinction between the Objectivist view of emotion compared to Nathaniel Branden's view?
  20. An integrated emotion seems to be something you are not at odds with...
  21. The perspective you take in any life challenge will give you energy or drain your energy. Regarding your best actions as a sacrifice will doom you to a world of hopelessness and despair. Knowing you have a choice puts the priority in a place of correct action. A man who feels helplessly drawn into war will not recover his efficacy, he will have no reason to fortify him against the horrors of war. A person who blames their helpless family members will not take the most productive action on their behalf. Is there a way to measure what sacrifices you didn't know you made? For an example a person with the potential to make a billion dollar invention. Is that family member or war worth more than a billion dollars to them? Could they have helped that family member or war front a billion times over if their time were spent in different ways. If you think your life is over because you help someone, what does that do to your mind? What state of mind is going to give you the energy to believe you can have it all?
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