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  1. "X-Files ratings have hit an all-time low..." (from Republic of UtopiaofGreed's profile) That's funny.
  2. I think the point of it was that these "scientists" were not being rational and that scientists should always be rational. This does not mean a scientist (any scientist) will immediately find a completely correct answer to their questions, but rationality doesn't require them to. It only requires them to fix their error (when it is discovered) and not "fix" the rest of the world to fit around an error. We do need scientists to keep active minds, to discover new things and to propose new theories, but we don't need them to make up BS just to have something to say.
  3. "To go with the Best Buy analogy, suppose I steal Cds from Best Buy and offer you some of them. You do not know I stole them. Is it wrong for you to accept them?" Well, if I was certain you didn't steal them, then it wouldn't be wrong to accept them. But if I thought you might have stolen them, or better, if I was almost certain that you had, then it would be wrong. And you can almost be certain that any mp3s you download off Kazaa or any other file sharing progarm are stolen. You're kidding yourself if you think that all of the people who use Kazaa have permission from everyone who is credited with the production of the art that has been recorded, sold and eventually copied to mp3 format.
  4. My favorite musicians include No Doubt, Oasis, The Corrs, Evanescence, Billy Joel, Elton John, The Eagles, and I have a soft spot for Blur's "life" era. I listen to some classical, but not enough to really play favorites. Unless you count Mark Snow (composer for "The X-Files"). I loved his score for The X-Files: Fight The Future.
  5. Hi all. I'm just wondering if anyone else here is at all interested in forensics. If so, what interests you most about it? My interest lies mainly in the techniques involved; I love listening to the explanation of specific techniques and seeing how certain cases benefited from them. The documentary-esque forensics shows on Discovery and CourtTV do a good job of that. Especially Forensic Files on CourtTV. Love that show. Also, for those who are interested in forensics, does anyone know of a good reference book that details certain forensic sciences and techniques?
  6. There's a huge difference between Nihilism and Objectivism. Nihilism says that values are baseless and that you can't know or communicate anything. It's pessimism, cynicism, skepticism. Objectivism says the exact opposite: there are values worth keeping and acheiving, and you most certainly can know and communicate things.
  7. It would be, if you were using that money to advocate the gov't taking it from you. But you wouldn't be doing that, you'd be doing the opposite. I see it like when you get a refund on your taxes; do you refuse that on the grounds that the money should never have been taken from you in the first place?
  8. Hey all, My nicks include: AIM: Nodoubter1121 Yahoo: mad_fer_it_19 MSN: bidmeadj
  9. Heather, I am not a part of any Oist club: there aren't any around and I'm graduating soon anyway. So as far as advantages to registering with the school, I don't know. But as far as using the school's (ultimately the public's money) to fund it, the way I would justify it (and I read a similar statement made by Ayn Rand somewhere... if you want me to try and find it for you I will) is that your money is taken from you in the first place by the State and goes to fund all sorts of things you don't know about. Using part of that money to fund your club is a way of getting it back.
  10. Ash, Graduating this semester isn't too impressive; my degree is an associate's. I started college with the intention of getting a bachelor's in Information Technology but switched in the middle of my second year. Oh, and I read Atlas Shrugged for a writing course my senior year in HS. Here's an interesting fact: the school I was in was a military dependants' school, so it's even more closely regulated than public schools. And they had us spend a semester reading and understanding Atlas Shrugged. About a quarter through the book I was seeing the irony.
  11. Hey, My name is Jennifer Bidmead and I saw this site discussed on the OCN posts. Not a big talker, but I'm interested in what will come of this site; it's an awesome idea. I'm preparing for graduation from college this semester, I'm so glad! My major is Graphic Design, I work in both print and web... so if anything related to graphics or layout is needed for this site, maybe I can at least offer suggestions. That said, I am an Objectivist, I've been for about 2 years (virtually just after I finished reading Atlas Shrugged for school). My interests/pasttimes are: art/design, cooking, guitar, reading, X-Files, virtually any show on Food Network, and my boyfriend.
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