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  1. Why would anyone want to worship a god that is so awful? That's what I don't get. I got really, REALLY mad at my brother once, but I didn't torture him to death.
  2. Roman Catholics have a lot more to be far more embarrassed about than just this.
  3. Ugh! I'll second that! I HATED that movie! (And just about every other movie I've seen Juliette Lewis in for that matter!) Why Rodney Dangerfield accepted that awful role, I'll never know. I was always a fan of his, but his part in this disgusting film almost ruined him for me! Apocalypse Now - can I get another nightmare please? (And I didn't see it until I was in my 20s!) True Romance - saw it way back in the early 90s, had an all-star cast, yet still stands out in my memory as one of the most icky movies I've ever seen.
  4. I've seen a few people get hung up on the birthday thing. If anything, it was probably a joke or, as someone mentioned in the other thread, a humorous ice-breaker. I seriously doubt Rand thought they would be anything alike simply because they happened to be born on the same day of the month.
  5. I know, I know. I'm just more than bitter since I'm in the already-heavily-regulated financial industry and thanks to guys like Madoff, we're about to get even more. (Not to mention the many lives he's already ruined.) I guess the most I can hope for now is that he lives beyond his life expectancy in a miserable prison. It's interesting, one of the things I like most about my job is the satisfaction that comes from having close relationships with our clients, understanding what's important to them and their financial goals, then helping them attain those goals. It really makes me feel good when one of our clients compliments us and/or truly appreciates what we do for them. I can't imagine ripping them off like Madoff did, then looking them in the face when they're ready to retire and saying, "You're all set!" What an evil SOB.
  6. Yeah, taking the camera was great, but probably not legal. I would've held them at gunpoint until the police arrived and suggested the police collect it as evidence, then filed charges. Furthermore, being a native Texan, I'm not sure why those guys thought they were so tough in their Toyota pick up truck. Real Texans drive Ford trucks.
  7. I get a daily email newsletter from The Heritage Society, not because I like or support them, but because I like looking for activism opportunities, and this quote was in this morning's edition... (Regarding http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/29/opinion/...ml?_r=1&hpw ) Well, his statement about global warming being the bigger threat to America is dead on accurate.
  8. He deserves the death penalty. At any rate, the 150 years is much better than the 15 or so his lawyer suggested. Where the hell did he come up with that number?!
  9. That's awful! It's been front and center at the bookstores I've been to and when I mention it to bookstore employees, they always say something about how classics are so much better than modern books, etc. Must be your location...deep in the heart of union and liberal hell.
  10. Yes. The human body must "recharge" in order to function normally. Failing to take time to relax can lead to sleep deprivation and other side effects of stress, which are not healthy for the body or the mind. Me, on a beach, in a hammock, with a pina colada and a good book right now would be incredibly productive!
  11. You don't have the right to force me to give birth. Period. Get over it.
  12. I think this sums it up well. Well, when you go around saying things like you shared your bed with little boys and played blindfold games, you kinda leave yourself open for speculation. I will remember MJ for his great music and wonderful style of dance, but I will also remember him for being weird as hell and having a strange and probably inappropriate fascination with little boys. I pity him for never having a regular childhood and I place partial blame on his parents and the press for making him the freak he was the day he died. As to his skin color and medical conditions, he's rumored to have had lupus, vitiligo, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and possible skin cancer, any or all of which could have caused or contributed to his death. (Much less his extraordinarily stressful life being the most famous person in the world, ever.) And as a capitalist, I must admire the approximately 3/4 of a billion albums he sold worldwide. Not to mention everything else that goes along with that...t-shirts, white beaded gloves, red leather jackets, posters, concert revenue, etc. He probably did more with regards to capitalism in the music world than any other. This video epitomizes the MJ I appreciate for his music and dance. If you're a Gen Xer, you've gotta remember this. I remember watching with my family and when MJ did the moonwalk, my dad exclaiming, "How did he do that?!" We were all thoroughly entertained. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VASYhabHkM Now it may seem so boring or has been, but at the time, no one had ever heard or seen anything like that. Good stuff. Oh, I love Carey Grant!
  13. So you prefer for the mother to die?! Did you even read the article about the women who have late-term procedures? Did you read how he was their last and sometimes only resort?
  14. What does having or not having children have to do with anything? Perhaps this child is a value to her parents and as such, they will not mind caring for her the rest of her life, but that doesn't mean that people without children cannot judge them.
  15. Well, it's the game the government makes people play to try and get by. Sick, I agree. This is part of the overall economic problem as well. For example, instead of padding their regular, liquid savings accounts for a "rainy day" and renting (not tax advantageous), people sock their money into an ARM and a 401k plan. When their house payments become too large to handle, they tap into their 401k for a loan and must pay themselves back with interest via payroll deduction. Then when they lose their job, the balance of the 401k loan comes due, which of course they don't have since they are now unemployed and have a mortgage they cannot afford, so the whole loan amount becomes a taxable distribution, thus causing a tax burden on the unemployed person who is being foreclosed on. Lovely, ain't it?
  16. Last night on SYTYCD, there was a routine to a Pat Benatar song. I couldn't help but think of this thread.
  17. This thread is reminding me of that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry is dating a healthy, good-looking girl that likes to hang out naked. He thinks it's great at first, but then witnesses her struggling to open a jar, coughing, bending over to pick something up, etc., and it's quite the turn off. There's an appropriate time and place for nudity, in my opinion.
  18. A good, short video about state run health care. I posted it to my FB page so as to reach a larger, mostly non-O'ist audience.
  19. Buy a house, have kids, max out a qualified retirement plan, take advantage of an HSA (if your employer offers it), make charitable contributions??? I mean, there are only so many things you can do, legally, to pay fewer taxes. Just ask Willie Nelson.
  20. I'm not confused, just annoyed. If I don't care about a subject or have nothing constructive to say, I don't post in that thread. It's almost as though you're trying to belittle us for liking dance. Bizarre way to waste your time.
  21. Let what go? And for someone who's not interested, you sure are posting a lot in this thread. What's your point then?
  22. It's too bad it's not playing anywhere! I love how Hollywood doesn't advertise or have theaters playing movies that are actually good. Yet another reason to hate them.
  23. The ones I've seen are very easy to read and just say "Pets Inside" and there are boxes to check next to the list of pets you may own. I think it's obvious they should save them if it's safe.
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