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  1. Are you implying that girls who have sex at the age of 17 are whores, or do you have evidence that Bristol is either promiscuous or being paid for her sexual encounters? I get what you're saying about Letterman's joke/mistake, but the "whore" part is curious.
  2. I guess it's a "reality show" but it's basically a dance competition. Anyway, like I said in my earlier post, you can see many different types of dance to many different types of music on that show. They have great ballroom dance tournaments on public TV here too, but I guess that's too "real" for you.
  3. I find their research/methods compelling, not arbitrary.
  4. K-Mac

    Art competition

    I got a cool, blue ribbon to put in my scrapbook.
  5. Just an FYI from a firefighter's daughter, no firefighter is gonna risk his life for your pet; however, if they know there are pets in the home, they will keep an eye out for them and perform CPR, administer oxygen, etc., in a reasonable attempt to save them. Many times, the firefighters end up in the house while fighting the fire anyway, so if they can safely get your pet, they will. Firefighters know how hard it is for someone to lose everything in a fire. It makes them feel good to save as much as they can for you, including your pet.
  6. This reminds me of a conversation I had with my sister-in-law, and she's probably like many Christian Americans. She was shopping around private schools for my nephew and we were discussing the different curriculums. One school was a Christian school that focused on a "classical education" including the teaching of both intelligent design and evolution. My sister-in-law commented how curious she was to see how those lessons would go, because she's always wanted to know how evolution would fit into Christianity. I wasn't an Objectivist at the time, but I recall thinking, "Uh, it doesn't." My point is, I think many Americans aren't sure about it at all, while many more probably think both are possible. (Which may even be scarier than the aforementioned poll results.) Oh, my brother and his wife ended up putting my nephew in the government school system ("Private schools are just too expensive") then proceeded to get a heated pool, deck and landscaping instead. Less than halfway through my nephew's first year of Kindergarten, he was diagnosed with a behavior/psychiatric problem and put on drugs. This seems pretty typical of most Americans too.
  7. http://digitalbucket.net/view/f7674f293061...%2520Monkey.pdf http://digitalbucket.net/view/b3c198e86f68...t%2520Money.pdf http://digitalbucket.net/view/07328a4018c7...n%2520Trust.pdf Three articles about DFA and their philosophy that may interest you, Kat.
  8. I think it's arrogant of US Senators to have their own cushy health care plan while they're planning to force us peons into nationalized health care.
  9. I didn't say I agreed with it, I'm just telling you why the amounts are what they are.
  10. I would think ballet, ballroom (such as the waltz) or contemporary dance would cover most of classical. As for rock music, and even metal, contemporary, jazz or jive could be well-suited. D'kian, do they have the show So You Think You Can Dance there in Mexico? If so, you ought to check it out. Although the host and judges can be annoying, the dancing, choreography and costume design is usually stunning and you can see many types of dance with different types of music. Here are some clips...some of my favorites and some with music I typically wouldn't think of dancing to and/or of songs you mentioned.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBucli_Kj2A (I wouldn't have had any idea how to dance to that music, but this guy is one of my absolute favs...awesome!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7WxOIgxDmc...feature=related (skip forward to about 1:10 when dance starts) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq-h4TXyGrM (so quirky, weird and sexy, but I love it!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HXBZCv9Rnk (Anything for Love on Dancing w/ the Stars) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_I2WtD0alY (Bat Out of Hell on DWTS) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bgMvaviExw (Ha ha! I couldn't resist throwing this in there. It's amazing.)
  11. The industry requested those higher amounts to make examples out of them, to discourage the practice altogether.
  12. Well, I for one, am not suggesting anyone or everyone *should* dance or even like it, I'm just explaining why I do for those that can see no good or usefulness in it. I certainly don't have a problem with those who don't, just like I don't have a problem with those who don't like sports, but I can at least understand where the other side is coming from. (Most of the time, anyway.) I'm curious, D'kian, what sort of music you listen to that no dance would be suitable for?
  13. I really liked this interview. Yaron did a great job explaining selfishness (so this is a good video to share with newbies or family members and such who mischaracterize our selfishness.) I also appreciated Schiff's comments on the financial industry since that's what I do.
  14. Sure! There are many different types of clubs featuring many types of music and dance. I prefer to go to places that will play my requests. Then I'm guaranteed to hear good music. Yes, I totally agree. This can be wonderful as well. Just depends on my mood. It is great exercise as well! I dance in the stand-up tanning bed sometimes. Gotta do something to pass the time, and it ensures and even tan.
  15. K-Mac

    God exists

    "Amen!" A few days ago, I was in my local Hallmark store to buy some stationary and they had a Christian radio station playing in the background. This man had called in with his example of a "miracle." He had been diagnosed with hepatitis C several years previously, but at his most recent checkup, his new doctor could find no trace of it. The caller started bawling like a baby and praising God for this "miracle." Gee, how miraculous the lab screwed up his first test results. The whole segment made me laugh out loud in the quiet store. I have no idea if anyone knew what I was laughing at, but I kinda hoped they did. They have the right to play that crap in their business, but I also have the right to laugh hysterically at it.
  16. If I were invited to speak in a church, I would. What difference does it make as long as you remain true to yourself and your principles? Of course, I wouldn't participate in their prayers, say "amen" and such, but if they have asked me to speak about my beliefs, I would. Lots of people just go to church for the social, community atmosphere, and you never know who you will reach or where. EDIT: Yaron Brook was practically in a church when he met with Virginia Republicans.
  17. http://dishnetwork.com/packages/programming/default.aspx for those of you that may doubt me. And I already said I agree that government shouldn't be involved.
  18. I was temporarily disabled for about 6 months due to a broken leg. I can tell you the ADA did not help me get around or have access to anything. In fact, most of the ramps were simply too steep or positioned in inappropriate locations, etc., so they weren't much use. And why is it you able-bodied women hog up the handicapped stalls when every other stall in the bathroom is available?! At any rate, my point is, the ADA had little to nothing to do with me being able to get around and use facilities when I was in a wheelchair and then on crutches. The biggest help to me was Walmart's electronic carts, which they offer free from government force. They offer them because they want the business of the disabled. I feel that if other businesses, particularly small businesses weren't burdened with so much taxation, they would have the funds/resources to offer more access to more people.
  19. ARI doesn't agree with everything Glenn Beck says, for example, but ARI sends people to appear on his show just about weekly. If ARI waited to be in agreement with every show or with every news organization they appear on/in, they'd never get any press! They have to work with what's out there. As long as they aren't compromising their principles on the show/in the article, who cares about the venue?
  20. Okay, great, but you still have to buy the equipment (or find someone willing to give it to you) to be able to pick up the "free" signal. I just can't believe TV is so important to someone that they aren't willing to pay $20 a month for a basic satellite or cable package?? Few in America are that poor. And if it's not that important to you, quit complaining. Again, I agree the government shouldn't be involved with the transition, but this transition would've occurred sooner or later anyway and the same people would've been complaining then. I find it annoying.
  21. What do you disagree with, Kat? We use Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) in my office, and I've been impressed. My boss used Vanguard previously, but found DFA to be superior to them. We still use Vanguard in situations where we cannot use DFA, but we're definitely ETF people with long-term investment horizons over here.
  22. Even club dancing has value. What better way to enjoy music than to move (or sing) to it? For me, even driving to certain types of music is the same experience. Feeling the sounds and moving with them can bring you great joy. Screw the idiots around you. Who cares that they think or what drugs they're on? And if you can find someone of value around you, all the better to dance with someone else.
  23. Dish Network, $20/month, many times with free installation. Your friend has no right to free TV. While I agree the market should be dictating this switch, not the government, I think it's preposterous that people are acting as though they have some right to the TV airwaves.
  24. http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dw...n2.50fdeae.html Ha ha ha ha ha! You mean, no one wants to buy the ugly, little, efficient cars that Government Motors (GM) will be making?! You mean, people want cars their families, groceries, kids, dogs, etc., will fit into?! No way!
  25. That may have been a drop in the bucket, but that's not what put them out of business. (Or I should say, out of the free market and into the government's arms.)
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