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  1. He is talented, and certainly has an eye for the beautiful ladies! https://www.pinterest.ca/nadooshka1/konstantin-razumov/
  2. Unfortunately I neither speak nor read any Polish, so I don't know where to find watching it. Tried all the links I could find.
  3. I first came across this mentioned in The Intellectual Activist, IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098582/ , a dramatization of a true story, the real-life murder of an Iranian exile living in Orange County. The movie was filmed, but in the aftermath of the Fatwa against Salmon Rushdie by the Ayatollah Khomeini, it failed to find a distributor. I have seen references to a Polish release of it, Grozba , but no clue as where to find a copy of it, or even a URL where one could watch it online. Can anyone help out? Here are two images of the VHS cover.
  4. Inquiry: Do Vegans breastfeed? Or join in the hunt for Easter Eggs?
  5. Is anyone here familiar with this lady? Hails from the Republic of Georgia, has 5 CDs out, plays concerts all over the world but mainly in Europe. Often will have her sister Gvantsa join her. Often plays in an almost dreamy like manner. And, if that isn't enough, is as you can see, quite beautiful! Speaks fluent English, French, German & Russian, along with her native Georgian. And has spoken out against Vladimir Putin's aggressive policies, another reason to admire her. Here are three of her performances: Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata Liebestraum Chopin's Waltz In C Sharp Minor and her with her sister playing 4 handed piano Astor Piazzolla's Libertango Enjoy!
  6. One thing that came to my mind before this whole Antifa attack took center stage.........what was Yaron Brook doing attending a debate sponsored by an organization calling itself "The King's Libertarian Society"? I thought the Ayn Rand Institute considered libertarians "Persona Non Grata", and David Kelley's appearance as a speaker at Laissez Faire Books was the thing that sparked the rift that resulted in the Institute booting him out. How is Brook's appearance any different?
  7. "Antifa" is supposed to mean "Anti-fascist"? Sounds like a case of the pot calling the kettle BLACKSHIRT!
  8. I just saw it, having already seen Pts 1 & 2. Same disappointment as with the first 2, the acting was so flat! I always pictured Dagny as being much more animated in her joy and bitterness, and the actor's "Who Is John Galt?" speech was comparable to having an opera sung by a folksinger!
  9. A friend had directed me to this disturbing article. I was familiar with Lew Rockwell's anarcho-capitalism and Christianity, but the Von Mises Institutes attempts to reconcile what Ludwig himself stood for, with Christianity is outrageous! http://againstpolitics.com/von-mises-washed-in-the-blood-of-jesus/ .
  10. I recall him saying that 'progressives' (meaning: Leftists) have an obligation to deny or downplay the truth about oppression under communist dictatorships, on the grounds that otherwise it would give intellectual/political ammunition to American warmongers, something along that line. Can anyone find the exact quote, as stated by Chomsky, direct from his writings, and give a link?
  11. As you can guess by my avitar, I met her in person in Calgary. Mentioned to her that I read The Fountainhead when I was 19, and she responds "Yes, it was really challenging for a French person".
  12. My mother told me to always speak good of the dead. Okay: Kim Jong Il is dead. Good!
  13. Then again, you can always fight protests this way: My link The Patriot Guard Riders have been useful as serveing as a buffer between the Westboro Inbreds and the funeral procession line. And, always at the invitation of the berieved families. Incidently, if you can set aside the references to God, this is a worthy song & vid:
  14. For those who don't know of him, Dr. Petr Breckmann was a refugee from Communist Czechoslovakia who came to America and started a newsletter, Access To Energy, in 1973. His book, The Health Hazards Of Not Going Nuclear, was praised by objectivists for it's unabashed pro-science, pro-free market stance, and opposition to the anti-rational anti-capitalist crowd. Not it is online, for anyone to see back issues. My link Great intellectual ammunition for those who want to preserve the free society in the 21st century and beyond.
  15. Okay, so this doesn't necessarilly makes her an Aristotilian, let alone an Objectivist, but scroll down to where she quotes Aristotle. Rachael Flatt Gal is one hard worker, juggling skating and schooling, never once getting a 'B' or lower.
  16. Ah...the virtue of selfishness indeed. Go to this link: NY Times article Mother wanted her to think of herself first because she wanted her to be strong. Well, look where that strength brought her.
  17. An update: Visit My Website Man, to go through what she did, losing her mother to a heart attack just 2 days before competing in the Olympics, and ultimately winning a Bronze medal for her country on homesoil, really has been an inspiration for millions. And read her comments on The Fountainhead at the end of the article.
  18. This reminds me of someone's observation that Man creates God in his image. Robertson's idea of God is a serial mass-murderer who kills scores of people wantanly because of the sins of some. Sounds more like a reflection of Robertson's sense of life.
  19. In the current issue of Blades On Ice, there is a three pager on Quebec figure skater Joannie Rochette, where they talk about her improvement in English. As proof of this, she reaches into her handbag and pulls out a copy of The Fountainhead, adding "I'm really enjoying it".
  20. One thing that Illusionist Penn Jillette pointed out: Michael Moore's message seems to be that the little guy has no chance against the corporate bigwigs. How does he explain his own success? Here is a guy who is no threat to Brad Pitt in the looks department, is no great orator, no great intellect, yet his documentaries have been making millions! And his message is so explicitly anti-business.
  21. What would they renamed Catfish, 'CatSeaKittens'? Remember, this is the group that wanted the group 'Pet Shop Boys' to change their name. All PETA is interested is more publicity for themselves.
  22. In prison since 1975 for her attempt to assassinated President Gerald Ford, Lynette Fromme is scheduled to be released on parole today Aug. 9th. And, unlike the actual killers, Atkins, Krenwinkle, Van Houten,Watson, (Fromme has never been convicted of murder), she has never renounced her association with Manson, and still pines for him. Side topic: I am all for freedom of speech, but something has got to be wrong when convicted murderers like Bobby Beausoleil, Susan Atkins & Charles Watson all have their own websites.
  23. Interestingly, Peonad Peikoff on his own website has come out in favour of gay marriage, saying that he knows enough gay couples who are just as secure in their relationship as any heterosexual ones. As well, he supports it as a way to stick it to the religionists, who he regards as being even more of a threat than socialism.
  24. Why is everyone jumping the gun on how they think Sasha will regard Atlas Shrugged? Why put her in the same sentance as communists? Would an actual communist describe the book in such terms, or even admit to having it in his/her library? Geeze, some people don't know when to turn the cynicism off.
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