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  1. I also remember him saying that the reason why people don't advocate capitalism, is because they know too little economics; thereby evading the entire field of philosophy. Generally speaking, the older the writings are by Reisman, the better; though he is, as A.West points out, very polemic.
  2. Inflation is an undue expansion or increase in the money supply, not an increase per se. The process of mining gold is not an undue increase, and this would not be inflation. It is solely the government that is responsible for inflation.
  3. As author, Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein.
  4. And the rules were: 1. Only from memory 2. How many guesses (1)?
  5. This review contains so many errors, so the reviewer is either dumb or a liar. First he attacks Aquinas for not using induction, however, the method of induction started with Francis Bacon (end of the 16th century I believe), and no author had used much induction before Bacon. But both Aristotle and Aquinas developed deduction. And induction and deduction are not in conflict. But then he start talking about David Hume, however Hume "proved" that induction is Impossible, because he believed that one couldn't know anything about the universe, and therefore one couldn't understand causes either. All he believed in was a weird sort of deduction. Following with his view on Ayn Rand, Ayn Rand rejected a priori knowledge; a priori meaning knowledge without experience. Instincts is a kind of a priori knowledge, But Ayn Rand said that man was born tabula rasa; with no knowledge. Fortunately, not all reviews contain has many lies as this one.
  6. I try my best to drive it in the winter, then using studded tyres. As to the climate in Norway, it depends a lot on where in the country you are, as Norway is very long. I would estimate that the length of US, excluding Alaska, isn't much longer than Norway (though it's much wider). In the north we have the midnight sun, so the sun never sets. In the summer, the temperature varies from 60 F to 95F, with much rain and thunder.
  7. I drive a Honda MT5, cc50. It looks pretty much like this: It uses extremely little gas, and it is very cheap. Though if you are in a hurry, you'd better find another kind of transportation.
  8. The old Battlestar Galactica, from the end og 1960, and the start of 1970, was quite good. I would say it was considerably better than the new version of it. It was not as philosophic as Star Trek, but still quite viewable. And another thing that I didn't see in this new series, was happiness, sucess and pride. And I would also second Firefly. It is truly a magnificient show.
  9. It's not modern, but Jules Vernes books are very good. And pheraps Alexandre Dumas' "The three musketeers". I haven't read it, but pheraps "The Mysterious Valley" by Maurice Champagne.
  10. You could start by reading Ayn Rands article "THe psychology of Psychologizing", The Objectivist, March 1971. Her Ayn Rand for instance writes: "As a science, psychology is barely making its first steps.....psychology has not yet found a Plato, let alone an Aristotle, to organize its material, systematize its problems and define its fundamental principles". You could read the Ayn Rand lexicon, and from there go to the articles and books by Ayn Rand about philosophy. Second you can take a look at Ayn Rand bookstore, on the psychology-section. For a recommended reading list, take a look at Dr. Hurd's list.
  11. There's no need for that. ARI will be the "intellectual heir". The official voice of Objectivism is however only Ayn Rand, and since she unfortunately is dead, there is no official voice of Objectivism.
  12. I had a talk with popeazr|el, to try and figure out his purpose with this take over. No doubt he will use the channel to attack Ayn Rand and Objectivism. Now this thread will stand here, so that everyone can see what a person he is. #AisA is as mentioned operative, so everything that has changed is the name. Now we better spread the word that #aynrand is taken, to keep him from using the channel as a weapon for his agenda.
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