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  1. Watched it, loved it. That movie is really, really great in its characterization, acting, special effects, plot - everything. Well, yes, plot is a bit predictable - . The philosophical hype I've seen in this thread seems out of place, IMO. It's just an action flick, after all. Come on! P.S.:
  2. What do you mean, followed? Yes, things change, but not randomly or unpredictably. Anything that is has particular properties that make it distinguishable from anything else. Moreover, when something changes, these changes are constrained by its potential - what it can become. You don't observe chaos of unclear, constantly and randomly changing flux, do you? On the contrary, you observe the Universe comprised of things that can be studied, along with the laws that drive any changes in them.
  3. Symbolic self-abnegation... Hmm, I gotta try it
  4. It's useful when you have a list like a) c) d) e) or if you want more elaborate smilies like >(
  5. Did you write it before you learned about Ayn Rand? It's strange that you are both against reason and morality, yet find her ideas fascinating.
  6. Welcome, John. It seems we have a lot in common - I'm planning to run development company too.
  7. Interesting article. I noticed that in describing Objectivism, it is stated that it is a capitalist, egoist, atheist philosophy, but nowhere mentioned is its most important characteristic--that it's rational. Also, the last para is distasteful, as is overall tone of the article--it can be rephrased as "Mr. Allison viciously exploited colleges need for money in his own interest, and he doesn't even think he's wrong."
  8. April Fools! My sincere apologies to everyone who took it too seriously.
  9. "In latest years I was in doubt, but when our intelligence reported that adepts of this godless philosophy are indeed behind 9/11, I could no longer stand aside". So, we got exposed. What are we gonna do next? We'd better respond, Brothers, before it's too late!
  10. BWT, it's really strange to see the people thinking that "coming out" as atheist is probably more difficult than coming out as gay. What's with America? I mean, all religious people I met were very bitter when I started talk about their faith, they were struggling to evade how irrational their faith is. I know, there is a whole history of violent eradication of religion in my country, but I just don't get how anyone who finished college can be so preachy and righteous. Edited: fixed ambiguity.
  11. Thankfully, I live in a country where atheism was enforced for generations, so I don't have problems because of it. My mom may get bitter, but that's the worst thing that had ever happened to me. I should tell, however, that I loved science from very youth, so my humanist vies were never a surprise to anyone.
  12. Speaking of advertisement... Look what we've turned this page into: Dating Russian-100% Free (I'm afraid to ask WHAT's free ) Online personals MaarifatAllah.com LOL Maybe we should throw in some more nasty keywords and see how Google will respond?
  13. It's Google AdSense, AFAIK, click-based. Ads are generated using page content, so it's probably another "Say how much you hate Islam" thread that caused this. I'm sure admins will clarify if I'm wrong.
  14. Books Dieting for Dummies by Jane Kirby, Getting Things Done by David Allen (soon), Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche, ITOE by Ayn Rand (hopefully soon). News Only news feeds: StarcraftTwo.com, bbcrussian.com, igromania.ru. Hmm, I just realized I gotta rework the list Periodicals Igromania (f*ck), Mir Fantastiki, Men's Health (VERY rarely). Can anyone recommend some international magazines? TV is off. Blogs Mostly LJs of people I got to know, used to monitor Cox & Forkum before it closed. Can anyone recommend me stuff? Podcasts Leonard Peikoff's. I'm totally lost here, dunno how to find good ones.
  15. lex_aver


    I'm reading The Antichrist now. Absolutely love it - after what I read about Nietzsche seeing him exposing great ideas is wonderful. Who else read that book? What can you say about it? Are his other books also great?
  16. My favorite is Toilet Paper, especially the scene where Cartman wants to kill Kyle and Stan with a baloon bat. The ones with Hannibal kid are also hilarious.
  17. lex_aver


    I'd appreciate good remarks and criticism. Carthage At the African coast of Mediterranean lies Carthage, a city of great heroes and history. According to a legend, Carthage was founded in 814 BC. The founder of the city, exiled Phoenician princess Elissa, came to the seashore seeking a place for settlement. She asked locals to give her as much land as covered by ox hide. When they agreed, she cut it to stripes and encircled nearby hill with them. There the city of Carthage was founded, and Elissa became known as Queen Dido. Carthage quickly rose to prominence and became center of its region. Its great political influence ensured a conflict with another rising power—Rome. For Carthage this conflict, known as Punic Wars, ended tragically. Despite great effort by Commander Hannibal, who invaded Italy and had been sustaining menacing army there for 15 years, Carthage had lost Second Punic War and was destroyed by Roman forces. However, Romans subsequently rebuilt Carthage and it had been one of Rome’s greatest cities till the fall of the Empire. Now it is in ruins, but its glory lives.
  18. Yes, there is correspondence between brain state and mental state. Do I need to surge your brain to know that your name is Mikael? No. So what's the point?
  19. Yet they have no relation to an entity in question - Hitler.
  20. Feelings about an entity do not constitute valid basis to claim about this entity, only about your mind. If you deny that man can be objectively evil, why do you use a concept of evil? And how does it amount to your epistemological theory,which is the only thing we agreed to discuss at the debate? Why do you refuse to answer my questions about it plainly?
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