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  1. It was her retelling of the History, not Philosophy, of the Ancient Mediterranean in "The God of the Machine". You can check this using about any source. Before discovering Paterson I used to love George Duby. Basically the Phoenicians-Carthaginians, founded many trading outposts, Carthage being one, but they never consolidated a decent or just legal system that would appeal to their inland neighbors. Even at the peak of Carthage, its closest neighbors, the Numidians, were just military and trading allies, but never a political entity WITH Carthage. That was Rome's modus operandi, and that, not a few decisive battles, was what sealed its victorious fate. The Phoenicians founded Cathage about the same time the Greeks planted colonies in Sicily and Southern Italy, even Massilia (Marseillles). But the Phoenicians-Carthaginians reached further West, planting a colony in the Westernmost stretch of the Med, close to "The Pillars of Hercules", the gate that separates the "Sea" from the "Ocean". That city-port was Gades and is now Cadiz. From that moment on the Carthaginians explored and traded along the (Atlantic) Ocean but kept it a secret or a monopoly. A lot is known about Greek Pytheas' of Massillia trip to the Atlantic shores of Europe, but very little is known about Hanno's periplus. As Isabel Paterson put it "an ocean can't be monopolized" (sic) Some would say that history is written by the winners. I sometimes think there's a reason for the winners winning.
  2. So when do you bet we're going to see Objectivist tracts on the market? I'm sure Greg is not alone in his inclinations
  3. Let go of the Thorn, hold on to the Rose The melody and partially the lyrics is the same as in an aria of "Rinaldo": Lascia chi'o Piangia (Let go of that which pricks you), and neither was originally composed for a woman to sing, but a few talents can reach the thoracic capacity of a castrato. Lascia la spina cogli la rosa; tu vai cercando tu vai cercando il tuo dolor. Lascia la spina cogli la rosa; tu vai cercando il tuo dolor. Canuta brina per mano ascosa, giungerà quando nol crede il cuor. giungerà quando nol crede il cuor.
  4. That is great advice for us all - and I'm not being the least ironic
  5. I suppose more exposition would be best. Buying ad space at google and, maybe tuning it toward younger audiences triggered by comments on emails or searches on existential subjects. Just like the Christians do with those viral "is Jesus really God?" ads but less deceptive. Yes you are correct, and by the way her books put off even her fans. She's not an Objectivist, but she's part of that same intellectual minority Objectivists endure. She's read Ayn Rand and far from criticizing her along with about every other philosopher in history, she quotes her and recommends her. If Objectivism is ever to reach the farthest corners of Earth, it should certainly reach England before during the process. Her remarks on the potential of children and the crushing weigh of "tribal" society suggests actual hope for the former if the latter is removed. Mike Judge and company do just that. Beavis and Butthead show idiocy in gestation. King of the Hill shows human and government idiocy at the municipal level, and Idiocracy at the national one. and unlike Celia Green's and Fabian Tassano's Mediocracy, Mike Judge is somewhat popular.
  6. I actually voted for the Phoenicians on the trader principle a few years ago on this same thread. However after re-reading Isabel Paterson's "God of the Machine", and then researching about probably landing of Phoenicians in the Americas, I changed my mind. I now simply refuse to vote for civilizations that don't overlap during time. Ancient Egypt is prior to Greece and Carthage, and then all three were subdued by Rome. And just as the concept of Rome didn't exist at the time of the Great Pyramids (and birth of Philosophy), the concept of America didn't quiet during Rome's time, other than through the soon to be self-fulfilling prophecy of Atlantis. This thread has turned into a nice Historic trivia discussion place though!
  7. Indeed! Including respect-deserving veterans who never chose to wear any label, but share and admire Ayn Rand's opera, and complement her work. An example of such a person in need of real assitance would be Celia Green. I am not the perfect messenger, and you may shoot down my ideas, but judge Celia Green's work and its relationship with Objectivism yourselves!
  8. David, go for the youngest, Objectivism was itroduced, and spread, through Ayn Rand's works of fiction. Her philosophy emphasizes the integrity of thought and action (of spirit and physical body) and therefore she chose to explain it through example. Those series of examples constitute her fiction works - and leave less room to misunderstandings than her non-fiction works alone (which pre-require the reading of her fiction first). Most of her fiction works, and all of her major fiction works, feature a good many pages describing the characters' childhood, youth and development. That development is re-enacted as adults as they resolve some conflict and "evolve" towards the end of the drama. Young very clever children are attacked very early by a depressing demotivating process of "formal education", but their minds are still spongiform enough to understand more than one "comfort zone" point of view - as they don't still need that comfort and social acceptance is still not *that* vital to them. They are philosophical "virgins" if you fancy. I say very clever for two reasons. The first being that the literally above-average children can identify better with a philosophy that defends the exceptional minority - and are more susceptible to destruction by the formal education system. The second being that children are inherently more intellectual (and thus free their intelligence potential) than older people. Children are curious and live to enjoy the day's discoveries as an end in itself. A small kid interested in dinosaurs, insects, planes, history, etc, is "normal" or "ok". An adult that is interested in such things, is, unless a distinguished well paid professional, a geek, a "dispersed" person, and plain inexcusable (by society) for wasting society's (or tribe's or family's) time and resources instead of procreating and dying as genes, church, state, and "plain common sense" would command. The philosophy of Ayn Rand validates intellectual curiosity, and exemplifies its eventual success in the characters' stories. Young children are for all practical purposes, the property of their parents. But they are also influenced against their parents' will by school and media. It would be a good, moral and productive thing to allow children to chose and select their own input. Objectivism can gain a good foothold in current and future generations by appealing to "Children Liberation" which must necessarily begin with exceptional children, such as high IQ or high performance kids. Some are asperger-like, others are extroverted or self-assured and are filing for their early emancipation at court. Both should be helped and both actually need help because of their lack of rights, or status similar to servants (dependents). Humans are still born in bondage. How to reach them? By utterly reshaping society or/and the court rooms until children are able to read what they desire, for as long as they desire even if it overlaps with their "nap", "sports" "socializing" or worse "formal education homework" time. That said, a lot of that money could go to attorneys, and-or to whatever sites 5 to 10 year olds frequent. Content production of hero stories with proper moral messages should also help, and it's as simple as identifying good unpublished or under-published authors and give them the life-blood they need to achieve their potential. references, and examples, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Advice-Clever-Children-Celia-Green/dp/0953677222 http://es.scribd.com/doc/48901608/Advice-to-Clever-Children-Celia-Green Regards,
  9. Yes Steve, Thanks for helping me save face in time with that edit!
  10. We are living in that interesting time when a (historically) recently deceased "prophet" begins the transformation towards immortality. By that I mean that some people are now still alive when Ayn Rand was writing her last novel and have read Objectivism during its historical context. Most people from "now" on will be reading Objectivism in a very different World. That is one of the reasons why homosexuality is so relevant to O'ists and Ayn Rand fans; gender roles seems to be the first issue that is beginning to be re-thought in the following manner amen to that
  11. This is not in US domestic policy and the thread's name clearly state World scenarios, so I'm taken aback by the "Amerocentrism", hehe. Those depressing scenarios apply only to the United States and Western Europe. In a World of increasing interdependence I'd like to know what you guys think about the place of not the USA or Greece or Britain, but of the individual worldwide. I'll start. I think anti nationalism will increase and more people will chose in which country to live temporarily (rather than in which state). Many Third World migrants will continue moving the the developed countries. Many First World tourists will decide to live temporarily in undeveloped, countries and with that, they'll have to do biz in more than one currency. Multiple currencies will continue to be used in some communities and this phenomenon will grow. In a word, homogenization. There will be backlashes against this worldwide liberalization. Particularly when the spiritual void is filled with new forms of revived religion such as every form of Adventism and Islam. New creatures like Scientology might arise. The internet, an instrument never before available in such massive scale, will do wonders to both promote and disprove these spiritual movements. Eventually spirituality might be hacked, understood, and converted into a proper technique (some would say Objectivism began that path, I'd say it was one of the many movements that did - the most obvious one being Psychology) Resource "depletion" might lead to stress Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnology, ephemerizaton, might alleviate that stress. Just speculating here...
  12. I sympathize. I sometimes put my laptop on a dresser to be able to type while standing, but still... The interesting part of these studies is that it's to some point corroborated by those Sardinian and Georgian(Caucasus) women who live until 120+ and still smoke, but spend every day of their lives tending their vegetable gardens, cooking for their grand children, climbing rocky paths.... Okinawa women, I don't know whether they smoke.
  13. Avila, that's ridiculous, I know a manager who made everyone read Scott Adam's book. It's not that unusual and it's generally more optional than "diversity exercise" day, etc. I believe he made his executives read AS, not forced them to.
  14. poe, really! why not lovercraft! How about what the leet stranger said. For example (out of many) just open google earth, go to a major city and look at the port. The sheer size and geometry of the docks (use the ruler to compare a jersey or busan dock with central park), the immense complexity that allows the infrastructure of the World to keep moving.
  15. Iraq was invaded and are occupied to prevent an attack by WMD even thou . If I were standing in Iranian shoes I'd say the Americans wouldn't care about them denying the obvious - and therefore see the Russian sponsored program as deterrent. Russians worship power and status not death. Thanks for expressing something very close to my viewpoint in a more fluent and concise way! I at least (and believe everybody since you linked) recognized what you were doing, and was trying to go a step further. Libya is a good example of how thing have indeed changed the last couple of years. As for the blood of innocents, http://forum.objecti...ndpost&p=283978
  16. The argument I'm making in favor of Iran developing these weapons, is that the program was sponsored, was made possible, by the Russians, which inclines me to believe that it's for defensive, deterrent purposes, and that they are "only" trying to counter balance America's supremacy with some more leverage. Much like Afghanistan during the Great Game, Persia was also contested without a clear winner between the Russian and British (now American) spheres. The argument against it is that I fear for the lives of millions of Israelis and Arabs from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi if the Iranians decide to use that new self confidence to either directly attack Iraq and the Gulf region or Israel through their proxies. --- now, the following is definitely OT (blame me) so if you'd like to have a long, well paused, personal conversation about it, maybe that'd be the best way to reply. Another way is to let it run its course. I enjoy Ayanna's writings and she' beautiful and brave, but she acknowledges that there is no moderate Islam now, quiet the contrary. I believe she considers this outburst of Fundamentalism the first part of a Reformation. and all the other OT points made before (such as why not attack Iran with a revolutionary spring)
  17. @Michelle, Obviously directly breathing burnt organic matter is going to be harmful, no doubt about it. However the warning might be disproportionate. Just recently my attitude towards tobacco was drastically changed by the tabloids, example "Sitting can be more dangerous than smoking, study shows" and 2
  18. By that definition (and demographics since most Muslims are sunni) you certainly mean Pakistan. Saudi Arabia and Iran only come next competing for the second place.
  19. well, let's hope action is taken then, I want nothing but to be proven wrong by reality on this subject. by the events of the last 10 years I'd bet it wont be because of you, or us propagating this position, because the wars and interventions and "springs" have not been planned and executed with the same problem in mind. "They" don't want the same kind of World as "us".
  20. same here, only I also realize I'm having trouble feeling comfortable with the World the way it is either way. I have reading that sort of material for years, now I am rather inclined to think that iraq and afgh are being rebuilt while destroyed for a reason. If Iran were to be dismantled then oil production would be halted. Giving the weapons to those "comfortable"-with-West will not be optional if you want to keep the occupation short. I'm surprised you don't see this legal system as central to their religion, knowing that you've read what Daniel Pipes says about how holistic Islam is. Sharia sprouts in Britain and to an extent elsewhere in Europe. Saudi Arabia is also ruled by sharia but somehow they are still the good guys because they channel their operations through more sophisticated proxies. If you see the problem, you should recognize its extent, and maybe give it a chance to let it run its course while protecting your own, Switzerland style. Either that, or acknowledging that the situation is more complicated, but that would involve non kosher ideas such as the actual necessity for a World Police and how America is so far doing it better than anyone, but with increasing costs, and the other chip in the shoulder,related to costs (and thus time frame) strategic resource protection. not really that much of a hassle just an open immigration treaty with Israel while it lasts. One with, say, Czechoslovakia while it lasted, would have saved many lives and probably contributed to the American economy.
  21. Thanks for the input, your personal experience obviously contributes much. When the population of Israel is added to the territories it controls and is entangled to, that is Palestine, the ratio becomes a bit closer to Southern Africa during the latter part of the 20th century. I believe Rhodesia was worth defending, but as you might tell us, sometimes it's better to pack up and leave. The comparison can't be accurate but I chose Rhodesia/Zimbabwe instead of South Africa to give it a sort of finality. Guilty of that, but do you, living there, see any other outcome for SA. The good thing is that you count on other British Commonwealth countries to accept you almost automatically - I believe. The Antisemites' only excuse is Israel. How convenient to have to deal with anti zionists instead of anti semites! It would seem that it serves a purpose for one third of the Jews to be a scapegoat or punching bag for the other two thirds that happily resides elsewhere. The pride of sovereignty, Nationalism, and what it entails, is a concept contrary to Jewish traditions and Jewish identity. God gave and God took away. We've lived in the diaspora for time immemorial. The ones who believe should not return until called. The ones who don't have very reasonable reasons to make it to the New World* I don't want Israel to go down easy or to go down at all, but I value more the life of the individuals who live in that particular spot of the World chosen for the most irrational of reasons than the real estate that would be lost (euphemism for the horrible cost of relocation) *Using that term the way wines are classified
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