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  1. I don't see that happening with the primitive tribe in this video. I think you might have to be born into it. There's a lot of specific knowledge needed, the right community, and other things. You're only focusing on the bad parts. It's like saying: why would you want to live in a society of menial jobs, a high rate of depression, plagues, pointless addictive activities, laziness, and being fat and unhealthy? I like that their "jobs" pertain directly to their survival and that there's a risk of failing. I like that all activities serve a purpose directly to survival, with some
  2. It comes down to land. To live off the land - to have that way of life - a person would need to purchase it. He would have to get a job and therefore live a non-primitive life.
  3. My point is that our modern society is immensely different from what humans as a species adapted to. It's not our natural environment. But it's everybody's natural environment. Some people aren't adapted to their natural environments? They're better adapted to some artificially modern one? You're right, you're right, and I knew that. It just slipped my mind. And I don't think condemning a society based on one aspect is justifiable. There's plenty wrong with the society we live in now. I never said a primitive life was "romantic." It seems rough and inconvenient. I would like to
  4. There's more to it than just the use of technology; it's a way of life. The necessity for money in a highly technological society prevents most people from being able to live in a primitive state. Not to mention the longer such a society exists, the less of nature remains. It essentially changes into a new environment.
  5. I was thinking from an individual basis and only passively. Kind of like: "here's the info, do what you want with it." I think what led me to this curiosity was Rand's exaggerated value she placed on material possessions and her apparent dislike for the primitive. My experiences tell me that being closer to nature is of fundamental importance for well-being, but I was wondering if knowledge proposed like in the OP would be sufficient to prove it all the way to the hunter/gatherer level.
  6. A criteria is necessary here. Carol Ryff, a leading scientist in the field, uses these points: 1) Self-Acceptance High Self Acceptance: You possess a positive attitude toward yourself; acknowledge and accept multiple aspects of yourself including both good and bad qualities; and feel positive about your past life. Low Self Acceptance: You feel dissatisfied with yourself; are disappointed with what has occurred in your past life; are troubled about certain personal qualities; and wish to be different than what you are. 2) Personal Growth Strong Personal Growth: You have a feeling of con
  7. Let's use two example societies: a primitive one at the hunter/gatherer level and a highly technological laissez-faire one. If it was reasonably proven that the inhabitants in the primitive society generally have a greater well-being, does that mean a more technologically advanced society shouldn't be pursued?
  8. That's what I would like. I have never been able to think of something that peaks my interest enough though. I'm 25 and I'm getting impatient. It looks like I'm in the same position as your daughter. I follow your advice already: gaining new experiences, trying to find things that interest me. I find a lot of things that I'm somewhat into, but it's so hard to find just one that I love and would consider making it my life. Maybe one day I'll figure it out.
  9. I fully accept what Objectivism says on how to live and be happy, but never in my life have I honestly been able to say "It's great to be alive; I love life." I find it hard to significantly value life, probably because I've never been able to justify life as being worthwhile. I like dedicating myself to certain people and activities, but it's a minimal amount of them that I enjoy - I don't want it to be a minimal amount; I can't find more. So I don't think the problem is my philosophical values. I think it's either this world (not providing enough things to potentially stimulate me) or it's m
  10. I'm looking for a weekly/monthly magazine that covers world business news and stats (company performances, economic conditions, products, etc). Preferably, the writings would consist mainly of facts and numbers, with little personal viewpoints or editorials. Does anybody know of one that fits this description?
  11. I can't find much available evidence for the validity of a colon cleanse or body detoxification hypotheses, and yet methods of such seem to be gaining popularity. I ask the people who choose to use the methods why they do it ("clean the colon" and "rid the body of toxins" are the usual answers), and how they know they need to do these things, and if it actually does it (their answer is "I don't know"). There's a method that's gaining popularity at my workplace called The Master Cleanse, which is only drinking a concuction of maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne peppers for 10 days, along with
  12. Who are you voting for, and why? Maybe someone will convince me to change my stance from a no-vote.
  13. I would like traveling on that road. A road where police use reasonable judgement instead of a strict number to ticket people. It costs $125. Is that not a lot of money to most people? I can't get myself to drive these ridiculously slow speeds all day every day. I honestly think that I would go crazy if I did. So if I request a trial it's going to cost additional money?
  14. I think this is my best option. Let me know what you think of this argument: 1. I will videotape how desolate the area is at 12:30am on Saturday night. There are hardly any cars at all and definitely no people walking around. I think most people would agree that there is less precision of speed needed during very light traffic times compared to heavier traffic. (I wonder if there's a statistic or study I can find that proves this.) 2. I will use the videotape to show that 25mph (the posted speed limit) is excessively slow and actually more dangerous than 34mph (the speed written on my ti
  15. What if I can get the officer to admit he lied on the citation paper, such as writing that I was going 34 and he admits in court I was going 40? The case is essentially his word versus mine, and if I can prove he lied during prior gov't business, then his testimony during court shouldn't be admissable.
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