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  1. Having stepped into this discussion, after this post I will step out. I have now seen what happens when a reasoned argument is presented to Betsy Speicher. In another forum, she accuses my post of being a "long, nasty personal attack." If you read my post carefully, you will see that the post is indeed long, but you will search in vain for evidence of a personal attack. I stated specifically that Betsy's statement resembled Kelley's view that objective moral judgment is possible, and then proceeded to spend most of the time explaining why I thought that. True, I suggested that the similari
  2. Betsy's statement nearly amounts to the claim that it is impossible to make an objective moral judgment of another person. Since mindreading is impossible, it is obviously not a source of objective data. Presumably Betsy thinks moral judgment is still possible because it is possible for the other person to confess his own introspections to us. But if this is the last refuge for objective moral judgment, we're in trouble, at least if we're talking about judging another to be an evader. Such a confession would amount, in effect, to the liar's paradox: "I am lying to you right now." How can we tr
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