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  1. Hello swNerd, As I said, Just asking. Look at mrocktor, he's already bashing me and he doesn't even know what symbiotic means, he is mixing up "conscience" and "consciousness", and he says I do not have his permission to call myself a Christian Neo-Objectivist. So, I think it is very reasonable to ask those questions immediately. Hello mrocktor, As I said in my earlier post, I define "conscience" as the inborn inner pressure to do what is right. I think you are a little mixed up. Although reason has no limitations, every human mind is limited in discovering facts and applying reason. I suggest that no one is completely reasonable. Therefore, my questions.
  2. Christian Neo-Objectivism starts with the symbiotic relationship between reason and the human conscience, the inborn inner pressure to do what is right. Reason discovers and understands the conscience while the conscience, in turn, gives reason the valuation of good. Here is an assertion that supports the conscience as a universal experience. Lying is universally valued as wrong by the conscience. No parent has ever said to a child, "I am so glad you have started lying to me; now you will have many advantages over people who do not lie." What does anyone think about these premises? Now, does everyone here discuss philosophy only if they can continue to believe exactly what they already do believe? And does everyone here believe to be true whatever they wish to be true? Just asking.
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