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  1. But the reason they were doing it was because the police were unwilling/unable to. There are, realistically, many neighborhoods in the US like that, where the police barely even come if 911 is called. Frankly, in a situation such as that, I would not at all think badly of the citizens if they took up arms to "clean up" their neighborhoods, especially the property owners. They specifically went after people who were unlikely to be punished by the "objective" legal system. On the other hand, the film shows that their choices were not without consequences (their severe injuries, the death of
  2. I don't understand why people here hate on Boondock Saints so much. I really enjoyed this movie and I'd be interested to know what people disliked so much about it. Of course the whole part where they supposedly felt they were inspired by God was rubbish, but that's just something of an Irish Catholic thing and I was willing to let that go. Even though it was not a comedy, the humorous parts of the movie were priceless.
  3. I can only say one thing. You, by yourself, cannot fix this. It is impossible. A relationship will die if both people are not willing to work on it. If your girlfriend does not freely choose to commit to making this better, there is no way around the fact that it must end. If the relationship is not worthwhile enough to her that she would fight for it that means she would not fight for you, and you can and should have a better woman than that.
  4. I daydream constantly. I daydream about all sorts of things. Unlike the author's findings though, my daydreams frequenly are either violent or sexual (not both at once, thankfully, though one can lead into the other). But I also daydream about things that have happened, things that could have happened, what have you. I spend a lot of time daydreaming about alternate universes, like one of my alter egos in a story-scape. This is certainly useful for writing fiction. I don't tend to daydream much about my future or what I'm going to do. That's more often the subject of more straightforwar
  5. I know this is an old thread but it seems worthwhile to resurrect it. I saw this movie again last night. It was unfortunate that the DVD refused to play an important scene and I had a few too many folks milling about the area in the beginning, but I was still able to enjoy it. I have to say I enjoyed it even more the second time. What is the best thing this movie has going for it? Characterizations, and I'm a sucker for excellent characterizations. All the main characters are both written well and acted superbly and that is so rare these days. The casting was excellent. Everyone was be
  6. The philosophy followed by the founding fathers was not Objectivism. Objectivism had not been formulated yet. The philosophy followed by the founding fathers was the principles of the Enlightenment and classical liberalism.
  7. Yeesh. No wonder I'm a misanthrope. I want to see heroes in the world but when I look at the majority of mankind all I see is tribalistic garbage like this. What a waste.
  8. I see a lot of good responses here already, but I wanted to add that from my standpoint it is a simple matter of justice. There is no reason for you to be treated this way. You are a valuable individual and you need to be treated as such, not as someone to be led around by the nose at another's convenience. The problem is, no one can enforce this but you. You've got to insist that anyone you deal with, not just this girl, treat you in accordance with your worth, and if they don't, you need to walk away. I know this is easier said than done, believe me. I've made this mistake too. But do
  9. Here's one article to get you started. I'm at work and don't have much time but I'm happy to post newer articles later (this one's from 99). This is just the tip of the iceberg. There's much more. http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/1999-03-25/...cain-a-war-hero The forum isn't uniform. I definitely think climate change is occurring, and it may or may not be catastrophic at this point. However, I am not an Objectivist, so take that as you will. For me, the jury is still out on whether or how much humans have a hand in the change. What I believe the best thing to do is at this
  10. At the end of the day John McCain is a crazy old man and is the last person we want with his finger on the big red button. Several folks who have known him for a long time say that he is not in control of himself and prone to over-the-top outbursts. Combine that with the fact that his military service was a total joke (he more or less collaborated with the North Vietnamese for several years) and that his political record is slimy from the beginning and I don't see how anyone can vote for him.
  11. I would hardly call this band Objectivist, but my "theme song" so to speak is by No Doubt off their sleeper album The Beacon Street Collection: "That's Just Me" You think that I will change but you know that will never be I'm just that way, and that's just me Well it's just the way I am and I am doin' all I can why can't you see, I just can't change I could care less, what you see, I'm just nevertheless here for me... You always get what you want but still keep lookin', I guess you just never get what you need With your eyes wide open you still keep lookin' for your dreams, that's
  12. God this movie irks me. I'd almost like to go see it so I can help refute it if people ever bring it up in the future but I hate the thought of giving them my money. It'd be worse than the fact I paid to see Passion of the Christ. I'm so disappointed in Ben Stein...
  13. I used to fall into this trap to a degree. It was because I understood the only moral systems to be deontology or consequentialism and I chose deontology because I supposed that it was the system based on principle (not seeing how it could easily come to be disconnected from reality). I eventually found my way around it because I had also chosen the empiricist side of the empiricist/rationalist dichotomy and, well, being an empiricist deontologist is a very interesting place to be. Do not fall into the trap here of supposing inaction to be the only moral course because then you run the dang
  14. The entire list is really pretty awful. Most of the choices don't even make sense. By what warped definition were they judging genius? It seems like for a lot of the list they're just using genius as a synonym for success, regardless of the person's intellectual standing.
  15. My father's family is Catholic mostly (some Protestant as well), and my mother's family is Jewish. Neither of my parents are particularly religious and we never went to church. I was allowed to be exposed to religion and pretty much permitted to choose my beliefs in the supernatural, or not. The God thing never did anything much for me. I decided not only that there was probably no God at all, and that even if there was, He and I wouldn't get along.
  16. Nope. Making it better for the students is reason enough for me. I'll be the first to admit that Zywicki in particular is kind of a moron, and I in no way support what he said in that meeting - as I said in an earlier post, it's paranoid neocon tripe. But there's no danger of the college at large ever adopting his worldview. For one thing, the faculty would never allow it. They're far too liberal. Secondly, most alumni do not feel that way. Far more are concerned with the direction of the college over all and what may happen to our prized undergraduate experience if the administration a
  17. Thank you for that. The letter Paul is referring to is the one I posted here. I've already voted (class of 06 baby!), and I voted for him and his fellow slate members. I share a lot of the reasoning he outlined, though I diverge from him in some places and choose different points of emphasis. My main concern is that Dartmouth will lose its identity under these Board-packing folks. Their concern for "being outside the mainstream of higher education" is extremely revealing. I didn't want to be in the mainstream of higher education, I wanted a Dartmouth education, dammit. Dartmouth is not
  18. I am a big fan of TJ Rodgers. The "petition" Trustees that followed him, not so much. Todd Zywicki recently made a bit of an ass of himself when he was caught spouting paranoid neocon tripe at a separate and, what he presumed private, conference. Still, even though I don't much care for some of the backers of the "petition" candidates, I feel their presence is so necessary that I'm willing to swallow some bitter medicine. On a more positive note, TJ Rodgers gave some fantastic interviews and explained his rationale in a detailed, logical manner in several publications both Dartmouth-relate
  19. Most people are probably not aware of the ongoing fight over the role of alumni in the governance of Dartmouth College. Most people are probably also not aware of the things that make Dartmouth special, or why it is not merely an analog of its fellow Ivies just stuck out in the woods somewhere. The following is a letter I received today from the Board of Trustees (minus four, but they try to de-emphasize that fact) which I found highly disturbing for several reasons. First I'd like to see if anyone can find objections to it on its face, and then I'll explain why I, personally, was infuriate
  20. My first response to this post is that you should be less worried about whether you are acting according to Objectivist standards and just make sure you are acting as rationally as you can by your own standards. Does your course of action make sense to you? Are you in concord with your values or struggling against them? What is your personal evaluation of your behavior and your responsibilities? That's what you should be asking. That said, I've been in similar pickles before. My position at present translates roughly to somewhere between your shift manager and your assistant manager.
  21. I am an athlete, how did you know? Also, just to clarify, I myself do not follow the above diet. I SHOULD. I would like to, and would find it satisfying. Currently, due to the nature of my night shift and the fact that I can't cook a lick, I don't eat as I should, and frankly, I know that's part of the reason I don't have enough energy and am a little on the chubby side. I currently enjoy recreational exercise on the side, but if I were to ever undertake serious practice of some sport again (which is not out of the question) I would need to seriously improve my diet. I definitely get eno
  22. I'm surprised the issue of quality has not come up earlier. The assumption that our current methods of factory farming are the best way to feed people nutritious food is erroneous. The things that get introduced to the food in those places would make your head spin. Yes, cruelty is a factor, but another thing to keep in mind is that animals raised in a more natural (for them) setting do taste better and are better for you. If you eat a natural chicken as opposed to one pumped full of hormones and antibiotics (which, by the way, we're still not certain of the long-term effects of these thin
  23. I've met one child in my life who was diagnosed with ADHD and was in fact pretty impaired. I watched her for a summer when she was 7 and again briefly at the end of the summer when she was 9. She was a very sweet kid to deal with, the toughest thing about her being her literally constant need for attention. (This was a little hard for me in particular to swallow because even though as a child I was demanding of attention I could also be left alone for hours to my own devices and have been perfectly content. The demand for attention would come when I wanted you to see my drawing/high score/
  24. I really think that the way they drug some of the kids up someday borders on child abuse, and the parents are mad to allow it. I'm not a parent but I may be in a few years and you basically won't convince me to put anything into my kid like that unless they'll die without it (ie if my kid is a diabetic, obviously I'll give them insulin).
  25. I think you may have misunderstood me. I was not implying that one should evaluate based on sunk costs - in fact, the whole reason we learned about it in economics was to caution AGAINST judging by them! Like evasion, it is one of those more troublesome aspects of human psychology. The reason I brought it up was to bolster Sophia's point that the more work you do on a relationship, because believe me relationships take a damn good amount of work, the more you will value it. But I think I may have confused the issue more than anything else. I agree with the subsequent posts by Kendall and
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