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  1. Then they should be liable. Simple as that. One problem we have is that our legal system is currently stacked in favor of defendants with reams of corporate lawyers at their disposal to delay and drag things on indefinitely, expending the resources of their opponents. Legal reform would help this. The legal system getting more used to adjudicating environmental issues based on property damage would also help this. Another issue is that frequently government is complicit in the damage. For example, in Love Canal in New York, it was Hooker Chemical that put the dioxin in the ground, but it
  2. I don't think anyone is suggesting that the OP wait until he finds his future wife to have sex, not even Zip. But you can still have high standards and wait for someone you care about deeply. It doesn't have to be forever, but it shouldn't be "just tonight". Is this a person you have feelings for? Is this someone you value on multiple levels? Would you make her breakfast the next morning? Is it someone who, even if things don't work out romantically, you would still want to be friends with? To some of the people on here who say that a first time must be awkward by definition I disagre
  3. I think you're trying too hard. The more you focus on the narrow goal of simply losing your virginity, the more likely it is that when it does happen you will do it with the wrong person and it will be a bad experience for you. Lowering your standards is not the answer. I know you say you have female friends but do you hang out with them a lot? Do you hang out with them in a group or are you able to spend some time with the girls alone? My advice to you would be to find a few girls you enjoy hanging out with one-on-one and developing those friendships, and see if they turn into something
  4. Having learned about many extant tribal societies from my recent anthropology classes, this describes almost none of them. Parts of it may apply to certain tribes but there are many tribes where nearly none of it does. For example, in a New Guinean tribe portrayed in a video we watched for class, the narrator was explicit about the headman's role in the tribe: the headman has no political authority. He only has the power to persuade. If he cannot convince the other tribesmen to do what he says, there is no way for him to force them to do anything. All he can do is withhold his own coopera
  5. From an Objectivist standpoint, this is your error. According to Rand's ethics there are so-called "lifeboat situations" where ethics are impossible due to the emergency situation. The only prerogative in a lifeboat situation is to return things to normal as soon as humanly possible. Rand made the point that ethics are for living a normal life on this earth. They do not apply in emergencies. It also may not be possible to act ethically where force is involved. "Morality ends at the point of a gun." You appear to be looking for some kind of absolute ethics that applies in all situation
  6. This is a false dichotomy. Modern hunter-gatherer societies can't even just rely on "the environment". They have to use their reason to get what they need from it, which is why Rand had the insight that reason is man's tool of survival. All men use it, as they must...reality demands it. I would argue that a member of a tribal society is actually less protected from not using reason than someone living off the dole in a modern industrial society, because death is so much nearer. Most people in the world use reason instrumentally (unfortunately) and don't apply it in a consistent fashion
  7. It's a good song I guess. I like Aretha but I don't know the song that well. When I think of her I think of "Respect". And for the record I never agreed with About A Woman President. I think there is some loneliness in being "at the top" regardless of what you are at the top of, because you know in some respects you are always looking a little bit down in that relevant arena. But there is also joy and pride to be found in such elite status. And as it is a situational thing, it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with romance. I would think both men and women would feel some loneline
  8. What I've been trying to tell you, and possibly bluecherry as well though I can't speak for her, is that we disagree with this notion. In my 10+ year friendship and romance with my fella, who I would think most people consider typically masculine, hero worship does not and has never played a part. I do not look to him for guidance, leadership, or whatever it is that hero-worship is supposed to mean. It's no slight against him...I wouldn't feel that way towards ANY man, no matter how much I love him. It's just not in me. The main character of my story is me. I'm the only hero I need in my
  9. I'm not so sure about this. Clearly friendship alone is insufficient for building a real relationship. There has to be that "spark", that physical and emotional attraction. You have to want them and I don't think you can (or that it would be healthy to) try and force an attraction to someone you love only as a friend. But I don't see why that attraction can't organically grow out of a friendship, especially a deep one. What distinguishes romance from deep friendship + sex? I must be missing something here. This is one of the things Rand described in her notions of sexuality that I nev
  10. Kevin I have a question for you. Do you believe that adult men and adult women can be friends? If so, could you ever see yourself having a close friendship with a woman in the same fashion as your close male friendships (I assume you have some good buddies you pal around with)? The reason I ask this is because I find, for whatever reason, that people's answer to this question greatly affects their perception of romance and, notably, sex differences in romance. As an aside, and speaking to what bluecherry was saying, although my fellow and I are different in many important ways personal
  11. Well, since you're asking for women's input, here goes my take, but be forewarned I'm not exactly your "typical" lady. However I have had my man around now for a good 10 years almost and I like to think we have something really special going, so considering I'm 1/1 with serious romantic relationships in my life hopefully I'm not a total maroon, as they say. "I am a woman, and that no doubt means a lot of things. It means I'm similar to all other women in many respects and probably different in many, but most important, it means I am not a man. I don't think like a man, feel like a man, or,
  12. One can and should be conscious of one's own emotions and feelings. But how do you make the leap from this to saying the external world does not really exist? To be conscious is to be conscious of SOMETHING. I don't understand the distinction you are making between thoughts and feelings. They are both aspects of consciousness. They are both reactions to things going on in the world, the "external" world in which you are conscious (there is really only one world, "inner world" being only a descriptive metaphor we've invented to describe our subjective experience).
  13. Hey all, A friend convinced me to get back into writing and I did a short one-shot Xena fanfiction, which I subsequently published to the web. It has been quietly garnering some positive attention. I like it and I think it is a good story in its own right, even if you are not overtly familiar with the television show (though it helps). I encourage all interested parties to check out my story at www.fanfiction.net under TV shows, Xena: Warrior Princess. It's called Nearly Lost You (yes, like the Screaming Trees song) and it's about the 9th or 10th story down on the page, by A Mad Kat.
  14. What about it did you or did you not like? I admit I'm always a sucker for action and so I enjoyed the battle scenes. I also thought the characters were portrayed richly, especially King John, the old nobleman Locksley, and Marian. Finally I liked the message of what happens (what MUSt happen, really) to lawful men when subject to arbitrary and punitive rule. Would be interested to hear your take on it.
  15. Well, I can take a crack at this. I am pretty sure I am the only professional ecologist on this board. Someone feel free to correct me but I have never run across any other ecologists, or even any biologists who are not working at the molecular level, around here. Ecology as I understand it is nothing more than the study of living systems at the macro-level (organismal and above, so population, community, ecosystem, etc). You can choose to focus on the biotic parts of the system (i.e. the living things), or you can also study the abiotic parts (such as tracing the nitrogen or carbon cycl
  16. Wow. Just...wow. "Liberty through law." So awesome. Another great one from Russ and Ridley.
  17. Is this supposed to be pick-up artist stuff? What sort of woman do you really hope to bring in with these kind of tactics? What happened to just getting to know a woman, being a chill dude who's cool to hang out with?
  18. Yes, I also thought they get reissued periodically.
  19. From what I understand there was an additional type of valve BP could have installed which would have allowed methane to be released rather than build up pressure. They did not install this valve and what caused the severity of this explosion was a buildup of methane pressure.
  20. I am currently reading this book. Has anyone else who is actually reading or has read this book want to discuss it? I have a largely positive impression of it so far but I am just now coming up on some "fireworks" (Atlas Shrugged has just been published and I think Rand's relationship with Branden is about to get problematic). Positive or negative, I am mostly interested in the opinions of people who have read this book.
  21. I just saw this movie tonight. Boy, was it great! Hit Girl was by far the best character, although Kick-Ass himself is very sympathetic as well and not totally lame considering that he begins the film as, well, totally lame. The best part of the movie was the unrelenting commitment to seeing justice done on the part of the main characters.
  22. This is mostly how I feel. I would be thrilled if I were to suddenly come into money. I would have no problem deciding how to use it to further my values. The more money I had, the more values I could support. I could do all sorts of things...from easy obvious things like funding my own graduate school and possibly some of my research, to helping out friends who are financially in trouble through no fault of their own, to buying a nice plot of land and providing for me and all my boyfriend's needs and having too many animals there, and then onward and upward...I don't think it would negati
  23. I believe that certain traumatic events can permanently mentally damage somebody, such as torture or witnessing the graphic, unexpected death of someone you love. The tricky bit is that it would depend on the person. The exact same event might permanently damage one person but not another, depending on their other traits.
  24. There are other legitimate reasons not to eat factory-farmed meat. Because of the conditions the animals are kept in, they must be pumped full of antibiotics. They are also frequently fed massive amounts of growth hormones so that they mature much faster than they are meant to. It is possible that consuming these chemicals in the meat you eat is not terribly good for you. If you were to eat instead, say, grass-fed beef and free-range chickens, they may not have quite as much fat content or portion size but they would be better for you and, I venture, taste better as well. I once ate pork
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