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  1. YES. YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. Don't mind if I do.
  2. I love how it conveniently leaves out any mention of Rand's strident opposition to any business, big or small, getting one dime of government money for any reason. Bailouts are not capitalist, they are corporatist.
  3. I'm not sure it's that simple. Racism can definitely be a factor. My WWII vet grandpa hated the Japanese until the day he died despite the fact that he only ever fought in the European theater and the ones killing his boys were all Nazis. The war ended before Grandpa could be shipped to the Pacific. Why would he express such hatred of the Japanese but never the Germans, to the end of his life mind you?
  4. Singer is a self-described utilitarian. There are many stripes and not all of them are trying to maximize good. In fact, not all of them seek to maximize. Mostly what the consequentialist philosophies have in common is a teleological view of the good, intrinsic value or worth (without reference to a valuer).
  5. Any of the various countries that the CIA has meddled around in over the years. Central and South America come to mind most quickly. However, I would not say that any government currently in existence can rightfully declare war on the US - any that might have in the past no longer exist. And the truth of the matter is, I'm not certain what the legitimacy of those various governments would have been in the first place. But I would certainly never call the governments of the many dictators we supported and propped up over the years legitimate. For me this is not about governments. This i
  6. Not necessarily. We've kicked in lots of people's doors over the course of various wars and operations. I wouldn't have had to do anything besides live "in the way", basically.
  7. You know, I've had the same thought before, myself. But I don't even consider it a future question. This country has already done some unjust things and if one of the victims of that injustice came to my door and kicked it in, I'd do what I had to in order to defend myself and my house, but I couldn't exactly call the guy wrong.
  8. I want to second this. Most emphatically Not Okay™. I am in favor of legitimate self-defense. But wiping the population from a swath of several countries goes far beyond that and could never be justified on the basis of self-defense or any other means. It is wrong, it is evil, and I won't condone it.
  9. Singer thinks he can. He is a utilitarian and so takes value outside the context of a particular valuer. He is attempting to assume the "view from nowhere" when he makes these kinds of arguments (which of course he cannot do). So to him all units of value are equivalent and can be mathematically parsed in such a way. This type of thinking is why utilitarianism continues to exist.
  10. Did people not notice that this is a haiku? I think this guy is yankin' our chains.
  11. A retarded 2 year old orphan is a human being with rights, and that's all that matters, so no.
  12. If it's in a public space why presume it's the man's dog at all? For all you know he could be torturing someone else's dog that accidentally got under the fence.
  13. I disagree. I have seen some truly beautiful tattoos. I don't currently have any of my own, but I can appreciate other peoples' when done well.
  14. Where in Texas? I'm a student at Texas A&M myself. My best friend is from a super-small public school in N. Tex.
  15. My point is, don't you think it says something about a piece when exactly opposite interpretations of that piece are both equally valid? I think, to me, this is the crux of the "non-objectivity" label when applied to art. I am not much for a visual art person, unless you count my expansive geeky love for all forms of comic media and animation. So I don't know too much about paintings as such and I don't spend a whole lot of time looking at them (in fact I spend far more time listening to music). But the point I suppose I'm trying to make is this: can't you think of some forms of art wher
  16. Oh my gosh that's Bones! Wooo Bones! (Though I still find it jarring to see David Boreanaz in his Booth role since I was so conditioned to think of him as Angel)
  17. Not really. This reference might be of interest to you: Rivas, E. 2005. Recent use of signs by chimpanzees in interactions with humans. J Comp Psych 119: 404-417. This researcher finds that the chimpanzees trained and filmed by the research team founded by the Gardners (advocates for the ability of their chimps to use language) are using the signs to get what they want, but do not have any semblance of syntax or semantics in the way they use their signs. Instead, the longer the string of signs they make, the more they use repetition of a sign or what Terrace et al. dubbed "wild-card
  18. The first painting looks like a kitchen tile floor to me. Its splashy color palette and angular lines evoke a mental image to me of the "futuristic" design style employed in the 60s, and I associate it with a "modernized" house where technology is able to save time and energy for the housewife. The colors are playful and make me think of children. So what this painting evokes for me is 1960s on-the-go mothering. The second painting is very cold and sparse, and the wavy lines make me think of readings on an instrument panel of some kind. It's as if some scientists are in a lab measuring
  19. Usually it consists of taking a branch or stem and stripping off the leaves and/or shaping it (perhaps chewing on the end to create a brush) and then using it, generally to acquire food. In more experimental lab settings chimps and other apes have had to either construct or deconstruct a particular object in order to render it appropriate for getting food from whatever orifice the experimenters have constructed. There was an interesting report about a gorilla in the wild who pulled up a small tree and used it as a depth probe, then a bridge to cross a mucky area (laying it down and walking
  20. It is attested with animals regularly, notably with the great apes but arguably with some birds as well. Of course then we started to argue among the class what really constitutes a tool (if you throw out the hammer and anvil chimps use to open nuts you pretty much have to throw out the Oldowan tool industry of early Homo as well). You are correct that tool use and volition are separate lines of discussion, however. The nitpicky biologist must be coming out in me today since I'm cramming five or six papers into my head today. Incidentally, they're on ape language, so they might interest yo
  21. Anyone got any advice as to how to get started riding? I'm interested in a crotch-rocket type sportbike but I know those are not what you really want to be starting out with...don't want to end up like Ben Roethlisberger. So far the only bike I ride is the pedaling kind.
  22. It's hardly controversial. In fact, it's nearly devoid of any kind of content whatsoever. But that was not the ad that was originally slated to run, from what I understand.
  23. themadkat

    Mack E

    I always thought Eminem had some good songs. Grad school has me listening to the long version of "8 mile" a lot.
  24. Honestly this thread reminds me of some of the discussions I've had with my man LOL
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