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  1. Crown of Glory by Virgin Steele Crown of Glory...
  2. Great question and one that applies to a relationship I was in over a year ago that lasted a year and a half. An ex-girlfriend that I had not seen in over a decade since college tracked me down (thx Facebook!) and initiated contact. We had not spoken or seen each other in over a decade and in that amount of time, I became an Objectivist or at least more of one than I could have possibly been when I was younger - in a sense, the evolutionary process took place and I matured, learned enough and integrated it all into my life to at that point honestly consider myself an Objectivist. Over that
  3. FUCK ! - Ok, I just thought I would get emotional and say that too. Now, back to the topic. I just wish Lincoln the tyrant would have left the South alone and respect the fact that those states were free to leave or stay in the union much like the original colonies were free to stay leave or stay with England. If the north was concerned about "freeing" slaves then they could have let the South leave the union and welcome runaway slaves into northern states since they would not have to return them to states that were no longer part of their union. Or Lincoln could have had his butche
  4. Lincoln - He raised an army to invade his own people Ignored the Constitution: state's rights, the right for state's to leave the union Responsible through his lap dogs Grant and Sherman for war atrocities Allowed immigrants that came to northern states to join the army and kill Southern men, rape Southern women and destroy Southern cities. Non-American's trained and armed to kill Americans in the South, many who were descendants of former US soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War, and War of 1812. Subjegated a once free people that comprised the Southern states. -
  5. "Crucify My Heart" by Finland's LULLACRY... crucify my heart
  6. Lincoln said in many of his speeches prior to becoming president that he would allow slavery to continue (in the northern states were it existed in 1859 as well as the southern states) in order to preserve the union and felt that if letting slavery continue, it would prevent a war and preserve the union, then he would allow that. He lied. That is what liars do. He went on to become a US president that raised an army to invade his own people, is responsible for unleashing war criminals on the south, which led to the destruction of southern cities, mass starvation, and atrocities by Sherman,
  7. Lincoln, Grant, Sherman.........all war criminals. And of course Lincoln didn't tell his mercenaries to rape Southern women. They just didn't prevent it or prosecute the men that did it and it was in fact part of his war policy in the last 18 months of the war And it was not a "rebellion"........ever hear of the Constitution, state's rights, the right to break ties with the federal government and secede from the union. State sovereignty vs. federal tyranny. The south just wanted to be left alone as did the colonies when they fought England. Interesting though that your response wou
  8. I have struggled with the same questions for some time considering the incredible impact I feel Rand's works have had on my life and own development as a person. I try to make sense of it all by realizing that maybe as Rand got older in age and realized she was never that passionate about Frank, that she gave in to a weakness that enabled her to be with Branden and after all, we are all human beings with some degree of weakness in some areas and strengths in others. As far as being with Frank, married at the same time, I don't understand how if that happened, she could ignore any concern for
  9. I began reading Ayn Rand's novels when I was seventeen (The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, We The Living) and did not get into her non-fiction work until my mid-twenties. I now in my early thirties absorb any Objectivist material I can get that is available through the Ayn Rand Bookstore (lecture tapes, books by other Objectivist writers like Peikoff, etc.) A couple of years ago, I read both Branden books Judgement Day and Barbara's The Passion of Ayn Rand, and had little inisght into the relationship between Rand and Branden until reading both of those texts. All arguments aside.....one th
  10. Love at first sight?.......No, but definetely LUST at first sight. I have had that happen, and the end result after using all other means of evaluating a person other than vision, I have usually found out that it was exactly that, just lust. Love is such a complex emotion, and based on so many factors that is is virtually impossible to actually love someone on first sight and based on using vision alone. But lust, oh yeah.....and if and when that has occurred with me, more so when I was younger, as I began to know the person more and realized that I only had a visual (physical) attraction
  11. Sorry I didn't spell check.....I'm multi-tasking over here: on the phone, finsihing off a half-rack of Heineken, throwing a ball out onto my deck to keep my dog busy, and typing in between. My initial statement is my position. Thomas Di Lorenzo has written extensively on Lincoln in two texts: The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked, both recommended. Oh and expect more spelling errors, I am slightly dsylexic, but that is not Lincolns fault. jws1776
  12. The conquerer rights the books for the conquered. History has now become his story. Keep drinking that juice.
  13. "Christians"......Had an encounter with one when I was younger and dated her for almost a year. I ignored her lack of logic and reason and adherence to her religion at the time because she was only 18, and I thought she would grow out of it. She had me convinced she was a very moral and good person (as a Christian) at the time and it seemed like she was, but it just didn't work out at the time. Over a decade went by after going out with her then, and I recieved a call from her a year ago when I was getting divorced and she said she heard I was from a mutual friend and got my number. She
  14. That's great and everything but the war was not fought to "free the slaves". Lincoln mentioned numerious times in speeches that are well documented that he was concerned with only preserving the union at the beginning of the war and if he could have while also preserving slavery in the Southern states then he would have. Lincoln didn't "free" the slaves until over two years after the war started and it was a desperate political maneuver (Gettysburg address) to justify an unjust war and keep the north fighting. If the war was fought simply to free slaves, then the directives given to Grant,
  15. General Robert E. Lee The glory and honor for the Southern Republic in their battle for state's rights, and secession lay in the struggle itself and not victory. Lee fought during the war knowing full well that actual victory against such a larger force (manpower, logistics, etc) was far from certain, yet fought anyway. My definition of a great general is one that enters the field of battle against incredible odds, and with the knowledge that victory against those odds is not likely but fights anyway based on his principles, and fundamental sense of what is right and that it needed to be
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