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  1. Hello all. I was hoping some of you could recommend to me some Art and Culture blogs or sites (other than Big Hollywood) that analyze things from a rational and/or pro-Western Civ perspective. They don't HAVE to be Objectivist, but I'll be happy as long as I'm not reading a bunch of post-modern, critical theory nonsense. I'm particularly interested in analyses of film, literature, pop culture, and genre fiction, but visual and fine arts are cool, too. Thanks!
  2. I agree 100% This has actually been a big issue for me. It amazes me how many ways people can come up with justifications for this barbaric act, and fail to understand such a simple concept as the individual's not to have his body violated. Luckily, I've been able to change a few minds over the years, and there are several intact children running around now because I was able to educate their parents.
  3. I've recently been enjoying Code Geass on Cartoon Network, and the box set of Tokyo Majin. I really liked Noein and Wolf's Rain, but I absolutely loved Blood Plus.
  4. Right now I really like a lot of the European hardcore/emo bands like Belle Epoque, Daitro, Sed non Satiata, Mihai Edrisch. I like anything from the late 80s Dischord label, and the old-school emo of the early 90s; bands like Moss Icon, Indian Summer, Navio Forge, etc. I think some of the best musicians around today play in this style, in bands like Off Minor, Circle Takes the Square, Funeral Diner, Envy, etc. I even like the chaotic stuff like Orchid and Pg 99, and the more laid back Midwest emo. And of course, the 'angular' post-hardcore stuff like Drive Like Jehu, At the Drive In, Bear vs Shark..
  5. Thank you. I appreciate the response. After doing further research, I have discovered that my original thinking was badly ill-informed, and that Hayek's position was much more nuanced (and problematic) than I thought. This will require a lot of further reading.
  6. Hayek's position that societies and economies are too complex to be centrally planned is not a great moral argument, but as a derivative principle I have no problem accepting it as one of many explanations for why socialism and central planning do not work. However, the other side of his argument seems absolutely anti-reason. For all his talk of 'spontaneous order,' it really sounds like nothing more than cultural conservatism, as though conscious reasoning should not question pre-existing cultural practices. It sounds like a defense of good ol' tradition. Am I simplifying Hayek's arguments here? Surely his positon was more nuanced than this? (I've not read much of his work - just excerpts). Help me articulate the nature of the false dichotomy that seems to be at work here. Something just is not clicking in my mind. I'm leaning toward a position that reason can be used to establish new cultural practices and institutions which would maximize human freedom, rather than ones which would attempt to micro manage society.
  7. What do you mean by 'check out'? They won't send you your report card, or what?
  8. Has anyone mentioned United 93? I wouldn't say it's the best movie ever, but it certainly is one of the most powerful I've ever seen.
  9. Hi there! Welcome. Your story of the girl with the cool sweatshirt would make a great topic for a song.
  10. No one likes the old Untouchables series with Robert Stack? I thought it was great - good guys chased bad guys, and there was no outside family drama or relationship crap to distract from the plots. Also, there was none of this moral ambiguity - again, good guys chased bad guys. I currently enjoy the show Futureweapons. The host, a former Navy SEAL, has the greatest job ever; all he does is travel the world testing out new weapons systems. The show is all about new and better ways to kill people and defeat your enemies, and is not the least apologetic about it.
  11. Whatever you think of Hofmann's luck, or 'genius,' LSD does have legitimate medical and psycho-therapeutic value. It would be a mistake to entirely dismiss its potential value simply because of its misuse by hippies and other irrationalists.
  12. I agree 100%. There is so much great rock music in the alternative and underground ghetto that will never be heard on the radio or on MTV.
  13. What justification did Plainview have to lie to the Sunday family? He had no intention of telling them they had oil on their land, or of paying them a fair price.
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