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    Hi, I am Suvine. I live in Coral Gables, Miami. I am a writer. I eat raw/vegan/fruitarian. I love Ayn Rand's books. I love reading and spend hours doing it. I am really into health and beauty. I love traveling to the best cities in the world.
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  1. Has anybody read her article http://www.capmag.com/article.asp?ID=3247 What do you think? I always thought Ayn didn't think beauty was important. But in this article she does. Where did I read that? I was in 1964 Playboy magazine. Not what I call Rand approved magazine.. really, what do you think? AM I mistaken?
  2. Hello, I myself had the same question when I read that. But still I don't feel it has been answered here. Like, are you saying that if a man is attracted to a bimbo he values good looks? Is that what that comment means? How is that bad? Beauty is important right? It's a value, it can be marketed, its hard to earn etc.. I don't think that is what she meant. Does anyone else have an idea?
  3. A is A is pretty deep. I use it alot. I hear myself or I hear others saying a is non a and then I remember what she says, that contradictions do not exist in nature, thinsg cannot be non things. They simply are.
  4. I like the one with the Grave, that is very nice. Too bad she died before I started getting into her writings, what was it she died from, cancer of some sort?
  5. I think well, that one should never say what another should or shouldn't do, but if it were me, I probably would say no, because while I am in that class, I need to focus on teaching the assignments, and having a pet , is really not benefiiting me, but lowering me, I think. and I would be really risking alot if I sleep with him. I would say no. Plus I would consider him, and does he always flirt with his teacher's? And why? But let's say, I was in love, which I probably wouldn never fall in love with my students, but if I did, I would make it right and wait until I am out of that class or he is graduated to pursue a relationship or casual friendship. Or wait until he is grown up. I would feel I am lowering myself though. Chasing a student. I mean, maybe just for mental stimulation.. It FEELS wrong to me. I like to look up to men, not down.
  6. I cannot really say how others should be, but for me, I would consider that evil, all counts. If I am evil and I decide I want to be good, well, I have to to earn it. I cannot expect my own self esteen to think I am good, when I have been bad. I must do good work, and choose better and then one day I look in the mirror and only then , when I am good, I am good. Nice to meet y'all
  7. There are ways to come across the border legally. I live in Miami and I know this. It's a seedy business. Alot of men pay alot and do not get to come across. It is smuggling. Cubans are treated like kings.get help and get to practice their careers over here, other boat floaters are not allowed to be Doctors and Lawyers if they were in their country. I personally know some illegal aliens who are friends with my mom, they build floors and stuff. One sold her underage daughter to get married illegally, to american, and he divorced his wife and for 10 grand married a lady who now wants more money. he has to wait 2 years and the remarry his wife who is not happy and depressed. Their family is torn apart, they are religious freaks and fake that they are still married to each other. They act all righteous in front of others. It doesn't feel right to me at all, when I know people who wait for a few years to do this the right way. I admit, they do good work and work jobs noone else wants for dollars a day. You can find anyone to do a 12 hour days work or labor, on street corners in miami for like 40-50 dollars a day. Alot of them want to work and they should be allowed to come over here to work temporarily and then sent back home to give their money to their families. What about their ideas? Mexicans do not have the same ideas as we objectivists or americans. That is why their country is so messed up, why not spread the right ideas so they can work magic in their own country. Because they will bring the worng ideas to this country. It's not Mexico that is poor, its their ideas.
  8. I watched it and it is funny, I am not quite sure how it parodies rationalism. Wouldn't a person who is rational know what to do, as far as action? I get it, is it the knowing part and not doing? I think...please explain
  9. I am happy when I have given myself what I want or worked hard and earned/gotten where I wanted in career or personal life. I cannot depend on anyone to give me happiness, how can they? They are not me, who feels does and says everything about myself.
  10. I just want to say reading all your posts, I am so excited. I had no idea others were all well educated in Ayn Rand as me. This is the first week I discovered this forum andit blows my mind. I am right at home and know what all of you are talking about. I am in the midst of real objectivists, who understand and grasp it. I feel at home. Since this is about Peter Keating, I always think of the actor in the movie preview for the Fountainhead. I have not seen it yet. I saw it on youtube. I would have thought a real Peter Keating would have been tall and handsome, overly concerned with his looks. He looked shorty and nerdy in the preview. I see Peter Keating alot in Miami. There are alot of lawyers who go online and just copy documents because its too much work to write up a new one. They bring Judges gifts and hang with them.They have their juniors or paralegals do the work and take all credit. They don't really have a BMW, it's rented , when they could own a car. I am guilty of it myself. I would copy others who are successful never thinking I could create ideas, out of nothing, and I can. Ayn Rand said once, I can't remember how it goes, but I understood it as such< correct me, if I am wrong Don't apologize for what you don't know, but take the blame for that which you do wrong that you do know.. ( Art of Fiction) I know better now and so do we all And it hits home. It's like when you hear something you know is true. It feels right. I think Peter Keating is an archtype, as all her characters. The new modern adult fairy tales of good and evil.
  11. suvine


    Hi everybody I played Bioshock while it was demo. "There are no gods or kings - Just MAN" was this first banner I saw after your plane crashes and you make it on to this secret under water city. Then if you play a video to leaarn about the history you see a guy talking that the government tells you your duty is to the poor, russia says it's to everybody, and all this stuff how man is free to be here.. It's pretty cool. I mean, its about the realest looking videogame ever. I knew right away it was randian but it is so dark, that man was left to do all this scientific stuff and things got out of control and pretty much everyone turned into a splicer. This zombie. You can shoot electric bolts and you need to shoot up. You also smoke cigarettes for energy and eat junk food. Its art deco and pretty, pretty demented, like the shining..
  12. Hi Everybody this is my first post. I think Paris is beautiful. Also I love the tropical woods in Florida. I do. I love palm trees and beaches. South Beach is pretty nice.. My fave is Coral Gables. Mansions and all Spanish Mediterranean architecture. Manicured lawns, 2 golf courses and these gigantic trees with vines hanging down. Tall royal palms in lawns and then short fat ones
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