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  1. First regarding the capitalization of "Objectivism" and "Objectivist" I'm a novice for a reason and will make an effort to improve my grammer. To be honest Biker I had exactly the same idea as the Objectivist version of how charitable organisations would receive funding as you do. When it comes to efforts such as cancer research for example I can see a lot of incentive for people to invest in such research. However when it comes to investing in childrens charities I do not believe that people would contribute the money's required if there only incentive is to get every urchant off the streets
  2. Okay David you got me there. Unimaginable was a bad choice of word. Simply replace it with "unrealistic".
  3. To say that it is completly unimaginable that an abandoned child would die on the street in a society that dispises non-profit activities because a non-profit organisation would care for it seems to me to be a contradiction. The mere concept of giving or receiving charity is viewed as unethical (but still legal) according to Ayn Rand (see Galt's Gultch). Thus if you were to imagine the scenario (deadbeat child scenario) taking place in an objectivist state you would have to imagine there would be very few if any NPOs (non-profit is almost a curse word to an objectivist). An objectivist
  4. I follow what you are saying for the most part but get a bit lost in the execution of your ideas. Consider this following case: Deadbeat has a child. The deadbeat in question has no assets that can be confiscated or put towards the childs upbringing. Furthermore the deadbeat is unable to perform any meaningful job that could be used to support the child. How is government meant to protect the child's rights which we agree is a real right to financial support from said deadbeat? We are in agreement that government sponsored foster care and day care are not acceptable solutions so what are ot
  5. What about the individual rights of the members of society that that abandoned child is going to affect. By simply dropping an orphan onto a free society invariably someone else is going to have to bear the burdon of that action. That someone else would then require some sort of restitution. If the woman in question commited any other sort of delict against another individual surely objectivism would hold that in that case some sort of punishment is appropriate. Objectivism does not grant absolute rights on all the citizens living in a free society. Consider if someone stole something from
  6. Excellent point by rationalbiker. One also has to consider the negative impact what having an abandoned child could have on individuals living in a free society. Revisiting the crack whore child machine problem; I feel that this case is not that uncommon and that the major violators of an abandoned child population explosion would stem from few members of society having many children. If we agree that a parent has a legal obligation to support their children then parents who fail to comply with that responsibility should be banned from having children until they can prove otherwise. I feel thi
  7. Mathlete

    Traffic Laws

    I think Bob makes an excellent point. The objectivist would hold that property rights are absolute and your land is yours to do with as you please even if you are not acting rationally. However it is not uncommon to see some Ornery Cuss put the breaks on some massive developments (see Donald Trump and his new Scottish golf course development). Another situation where property is forcibly sold routinly is when it comes to hostile or non hostile take overs of public companies. If a company or individual submits a bid to shareholders subject to it receiving the required percentage of market cap (
  8. Back to the original post I feel you only have to look at the thriving success of middle eastern and islamic states to realize that the world in my opinion would have been better off with sadism than islamism for the past 2000 years.
  9. David Thank you for a very comprehensive reply to my question. I can see you have an incredible depth of knowledge on this issue because having lived in South Africa for 20 years I had no idea their were no Siphos to be found North of Zimbabwe! I tried to keep my original question brief but just to clarify when I refered to terms such as "social justice" I meant their (the environmentalists") definition of the term (which is obviously very warped). The study from which I am paraphrasing is the IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate change) Fourth Assessment Report. I have not delved into
  10. Hi all I'm new to the forum and wanted get a community opinion on the current state of the environment and environmental politics. My concerns stem from: An understanding as to how human activity is really affecting the environment For instance it is my understanding that the larger portion of the scientific community believes that global warming will result in potentially devasting consequences for the quality of life on earth. However having made a consorted effort to determine the details of this "potential disaster" i.e. what coastlines will be affected? how much of the coastline
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