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  1. Wow, I didn't know all religous people were evil. Thanks for the info. (sarcasm) Baldwin has stood up for religous freedom and freedom from religon many times. Holding the fact that someone is christian against them sounds pretty close-minded to me. He also has stood up against the extreme far religous right numerous times. Another thing, I didn't know criticizing Dr. King made you a racist, pretty quick to judge aren't we? Anyways, no offense, but you guys don't really sound too objective to me. I listened to what you said and read the wiki on him, and I am still voting for him. Also, you can't believe everything on wikipedia. I'm going to stick to being an individual, and go with what I think is right, because you all sounded like you were regurgitating the same dribble. Thanks.
  2. Forget about McCain and Obama for a second. There are other political parties. I am curious to see everyone's views and opinions on the constitution party candidate Chuck Baldwin. He has his own personal and religous beliefs, but is extremely pro personal freedom. He is a fiscal conservative. He wants to dissolve the federal reserve, eliminate income and sales tax, and demolish the department of education. As well he wants to secure the border, which is something the other candidates fear. Currently, Ron Paul has told his supporters to vote for Chuck Baldwin. To me, he seems like the perfect candidate, and I am voting for him. I am not wasting my vote, just in case any of you want to bring that up, because the big two candidates don't fit the original tenets of the constitution. I also believe the two big parties represent the same man behind the curtain, so logically I will vote for Baldwin. Anyways, feel free to debate and converse about this presidential candidate. Thank you.
  3. Well, to answer everyone's questions... I started with "Return of the Primitive" because that is the book a co-worker of mine chose to lend me, he thought he had other Ayn Rand books, but he could only find that one. I plan on purchasing "The Virtue of Selfishness" as another starting point, but it just so happened that that was the first one I got my hands on. As to what got me interested in Ayn Rand's philosophy, well it's a little silly, but it was first off a videogame named "Bioshock", which incorporates a lot of her philosophy into the storyline. Also I have been slowly but surely becoming more conservative in my politics, and choosing to be strong and provide for myself, as opposed to making myself out to be a victim. I have desired strength for a long time, and I finally realized that only I can make myself strong. I mean this mentally, psychologically, and physically. I think "Objectivism" is one of the only philosophies that follows common sense, and doesn't incorporate guilt, sacrifice or surrender to acheive what you want in life. As cheesy as it may sound, I think in the long run, "Objectivism" will win... I think it could save the world. And thank you to everyone for the welcome, and I look forward to educating myself further. Thank You.
  4. Of course, our first admendment right to free speech can be used to defend this, but anything that threatens the personal freedoms of others, i.e terrorist irrationally killing others in the name of allah, should be stopped. It sickens me that these articles were allowed to be printed. It shows the political agenda of the editors of these "newspapers". It propogates weakeness against the threat of terrorism. More people need to stand up against this mindset of pleasing islam, because we are afraid of what they think of us. Who cares what others think, we need to stand against islamo-facisism, and destroy it. It is a close-minded, irrational, violent way of thinking, that could be the downfall of all western culture, and a reversion to primitive, uncultured society. I will do everything I can to prevent this from happening.
  5. If Iran directly attacks our country, then we should bomb them. What we do know is that they fund and support radical, violent islamic terrorist groups that are killing our troops in Iraq, and that they beleive in the complete destruction of Israel, which is one of our allies. Anyone who threatens one of our allies, is our enemy. I think we should send in a special ops team to take out some upper level officials, and any terrorit cell that exists in Iran, istead of an invasion or carpet bombing. I think our government acts like they are scared to admit that people are our enemies, due to the fact that politicians are mainly worried about what the public thinks about them, and not standing by their conviction and beleifs. We need to declare Iran a threat and admit they are our enemy.
  6. According to the link you posted Rick is back in NZ, which is good to hear. I think this is a perfect example of corruption. The officer that put him in jail simply did not follw the laws and rules put in place to protect a person's individual right to justice and liberty. It is a shame. The more people that become personally responsible for their actions, and choose to live a moral, reason based life, the better the world will become.
  7. Hello, My name is Jeremy Schwartz. I am new to this philosophy, so I am open to any suggestions. I am starting with Ayn Rand's "Return of the Primitive". It is good to be here.
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