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  1. Gean

    The Secret

    Hi Luther, Regarding your comment, 'hardly any bother to appeal to the objective nature of reality and the need to appeal to reason, not "visualization" and "belief" and "passion,"...How many have 'self growth materials have you actually looked into and really studied? I just find myself a little uneasy when I hear things such as this cause for the most part, when I hear these comments, it's by people who really have not studied the material, but just "heard" about it...or scanned through and saw the "main points..." -- In a lot of the personal growth books (at least the ones I've been exposed to), you could definitely scan the book and see that one might have most to do with "Visualization" and "Affirmation" for example, as the main points...but if you don't read into the material, you'll miss that they say that NONE OF THIS works without taking actually...the visualization and affirmation simply aligns your mind with ideas of what you need to do to achieve your goals. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who study self-development as well who miss the entire point, and think that they can just sit on their ass thinking happy thoughts and life will be great. --Gean
  2. Gean

    The Secret

    Chops: Thanks for the reply. Actually I did post a little bit of how I felt in my follow up reply right before you yours! As for the link, go to www.thesecret.tv -- I'm actually really surprised people here aren't more familiar with it. It's not exactly an 'obscure' movie, though it is somewhat viewed by a sub-culture. People heavily involved in the world of self-development are very familiar with it for the most part. LutherSetzer: Thank you so much for such a fantastic reply! I mean, you hit it RIGHT on. I completely agreed with you all up until your last paragraph, where you said how the people behind the secret want to keep that fact a secret. I think you would really appreciate Bill Harris's blog on the Secret.. He was featured in the secret, and discusses the problems with the movie as well. You see, the teachers of the 'Secret' were for the most part not portrayed the way they would have liked... Bill wrote one blog titled: 'Control the universe with your mind?? Or just the tri-county area? Let’s clear up a few things about The Secret…" -- Go to Centerpointe, then click on "Blog," then scroll down to see that post. His post AFTER that one follows up on it a little more as well. What you mentioned in your second to last paragraph of 'focusing on what you want,' which will then bring your attention to the things necessary to take action, is EXACTLY what John Assaraf teaches...the one I mentioned above in my last post...It's called the Reticular Activation System...otherwise known as the RAS. It is the part of our brain which is basically our own personal google system that searches out in the external world, what matches up in our internal world. That is why the basis of all those "positive thoughts," and thinking of "what you want," is so important, because your RAS will go in search of those things...the necessary step after that though is ACTION, that wihtout it, nothing will happen!! --Gean
  3. Gean

    The Secret

    Oh no no! Come on -- Obviously "thinking" doesn't achieve! It's the consistent action you must take! Anyone up for the debate? I'm really curious to see it as there's much controversy around the net. PERSONALLY, I'm a huge fan of the Secret...but you've gotta realize it was just the tip of the IceBerg! After watching it I got more and more involved in the self-development world. Reading books, listening to audio books, taking courses. Great stuff. Currently my FAVORITE book is John Assarafs Having it All: Achieving Your Life's Goals and Dreams (gave the link in case anyone wants to check it out) -- The reason why it is so amazing is that it's seriously The Secret multiplied by What the Bleep Do We Know (credits for that analogy go to someone I saw mention that on the Secret Forums which I absolutely loved!) The reason it's so great is because it not only gives you fantastic goal setting procedures...but really teaches you why we do and don't achieve goals and how to develop the 'mindset' for success, so to speak. The book is NOT something that says "Think happy thoughts and you'll achieve great things!" It's emphasis is on taking action!! It's absolutely fantastic. Any how, that's my little rant...I got slightly off topic from "The Secret," per se...but my point in general is that the Secret is GREAT if you use it as a stepping stone to other materials in the self-growth world, and begin taking action, educating yourself, etc. The best thing anyone can do is follow the steps Successful people take! Especially those who have taken it multiple times and been successful in various ways! --Gean
  4. Gean

    The Secret

    I'd actually like to see two other people go head on head on this topic! Do we have two people out there, one who supports the movie The Secret, and one who doesn't that would like to debate about it? Personally I like to be on the side lines and step in here and there to add my two cents...but I'd really like to see this one!! --Gean
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