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  1. Wait, what? Has there been any so called false flags in this conflict? Any at all?
  2. I stand corrected. Upon further thought, this isn't at all surprising. Holocaust denial has been censored in Europe for some time. I don't approve of it of course.
  3. I'm calling BS on this claim. Which western governments have censored RT and Sputnik? If you are able to link to RT as a source it's obviously not banned where you live and it certainly isn't banned here in the US.
  4. As a follow up to my last post here's a NY Times article on Russian censorship since the beginning of the conflict. From the article:
  5. Do you acknowledge that Russia literally censors any and all news that contradicts the pro Russian narrative on the conflict? Why do they do that? Do you approve of that? How can that not cast at least a reasonable doubt on the veracity of what is reported?
  6. Ok but aren't we saying a woman has a right to terminate the pregnancy? Why would this be relevent?
  7. I'm confused. This about the obligation a mother has to a child she's given birth to right? If that's the case then this isn't an accident. This is intentional. People don't give birth accidentally.
  8. In other words you believe that Amnesty International is being bribed in some way to keep their mouth shut about any persecution or genocide? Is that your claim? If so, can you prove that?
  9. link to Casualties of the Russo-Ukrainian War Why on earth can't you provide links this way?? Weren't you advised to do this in an earlier post? What exactly am I looking for? Proof of the claim "Russo-Ukrainians" were persecuted by the Urkrainian govt? What am I missing?
  10. Oh please! This looks like a big giant dodge to me. If you think there's been ongoing persecution against those pesky Russo-Ukrainians just prove it already.
  11. Only the pregnant woman can give birth. Pregnancy can't be transferred to someone else. Parental obligations can be transferred. Anyone can take care of a baby. And Boydstun's link from an earlier post seems to show that there's never a shortage of willing adoptive parents.
  12. More like they have a moral Right to keep or use or dispose of the ZEF as if it were their property although, technically, it isn't really property but it is a part of her body and her body does belong to her.
  13. It would have to be that the unborn can use the woman's body by Right to remain in existence. That changes the meaning of what a Right is from "a sanction to independent action" to "a sanction to full physical dependency". I never understood the claim that because a woman brought the ZEF into existence she has a legal obligation to give birth.
  14. I'm guessing they differentiate between a broken bone and a living thing (the unborn). Fixing a broken bone doesn't result in the death of a living thing, abortion does. That's the prolife view.
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