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  1. A civil war started by who, against who? Why is it Russia's problem? Is the current conflict a rescue operation to save innocent victims of this civil war?
  2. Yes becuz Russia has no nukes, no military, no history of belligerence and no territorial ambitions. It's ok Europe. Go right ahead and disarm if you wish. Russia is no threat to you.
  3. I have to ask... (I may regret this).... what do you mean by Russia's security situation? Who was or is planning/threatening to attack or invade Russia?
  4. For Putin there was always the option not to invade.
  5. I think it would have satisfied almost everyone here if this stupid war NEVER HAPPENED!
  6. Wait, what? Has there been any so called false flags in this conflict? Any at all?
  7. I stand corrected. Upon further thought, this isn't at all surprising. Holocaust denial has been censored in Europe for some time. I don't approve of it of course.
  8. I'm calling BS on this claim. Which western governments have censored RT and Sputnik? If you are able to link to RT as a source it's obviously not banned where you live and it certainly isn't banned here in the US.
  9. As a follow up to my last post here's a NY Times article on Russian censorship since the beginning of the conflict. From the article:
  10. Do you acknowledge that Russia literally censors any and all news that contradicts the pro Russian narrative on the conflict? Why do they do that? Do you approve of that? How can that not cast at least a reasonable doubt on the veracity of what is reported?
  11. Ok but aren't we saying a woman has a right to terminate the pregnancy? Why would this be relevent?
  12. I'm confused. This about the obligation a mother has to a child she's given birth to right? If that's the case then this isn't an accident. This is intentional. People don't give birth accidentally.
  13. In other words you believe that Amnesty International is being bribed in some way to keep their mouth shut about any persecution or genocide? Is that your claim? If so, can you prove that?
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