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  1. I'm confused. Who is claiming Thunberg is a follower of Kaczinski?
  2. Are you asking if the govt should regulate the degree of ambiguity in a TOS contract on a social media site?
  3. You have my attention now. I'm against innocent folks being eradicated. Of course you have proof of this.... I have my doubts. https://theconversation.com/putins-claims-that-ukraine-is-committing-genocide-are-baseless-but-not-unprecedented-177511 https://www.usip.org/publications/2022/04/how-kremlin-distorts-responsibility-protect-principle
  4. I wonder what the German Constitution said in from 1933-1945? One wonders......
  5. Is this supposed to be evidence that Russia's invasion was provoked?
  6. He's talking about Jon Letendre. I wonder if he ever met this Q?
  7. A civil war started by who, against who? Why is it Russia's problem? Is the current conflict a rescue operation to save innocent victims of this civil war?
  8. Yes becuz Russia has no nukes, no military, no history of belligerence and no territorial ambitions. It's ok Europe. Go right ahead and disarm if you wish. Russia is no threat to you.
  9. I have to ask... (I may regret this).... what do you mean by Russia's security situation? Who was or is planning/threatening to attack or invade Russia?
  10. For Putin there was always the option not to invade.
  11. I think it would have satisfied almost everyone here if this stupid war NEVER HAPPENED!
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