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  1. Then we must disagree on what is necessary. You draw the line at vaccines? Do you favor mandating vaccines for everyone? What should the penalty be for not vaccinating? A simple fine? Denial of services? No entry to stadiums, parks, buildings? Termination of employment? Armed soldiers going door to door giving the jab? The firing squad? ... Excuse my sense humor.
  2. Ok. Vaccinating doesn't help either. The CDC recommends masking even if vaccinated because you can still be contagious. If you are going to throw it out there that these measures are not full proof then the only way not to initiate force by your standard is to permanently isolate from others. Not reasonable.
  3. I see. So you can't know if you're contagious. Testing doesn't exist. Masking and distancing isn't an option. It's vaccinate or risk killing others. Binary option fallacy.
  4. Which people are saying the looting is wrong? I'm not a corporation getting welfare so I can't be a hypocrite on this one.
  5. Thank you. This is potentially great news.
  6. My action? I'm stuck on a train that will kill 1 person or 5 people no matter what I do. I can only minimize the casualties.
  7. To the extent that liberty is established and protected, something resembling "social order" is a by product. That's as far as I will go with it.
  8. What will make you happier. Having the ability to climb a mountain or just being at the top of it?
  9. False dichotomy. This assumes men have to choose between one or the other. Why can't he be both? Something else occurs to me: If you make enough money to be a good provider it means that you are productive. Productiveness (one of the seven major Objectivist virtues) is an "alpha" quality. What's "beta" about it?
  10. Is that what you made? A mere assertion? I think you know that no one is obligated to disprove a mere assertion. There is an invisible pink elephant in my bedroom. Can you disprove that assertion? Should you have to?
  11. This presupposes that a family has to be sustained. Why is that necessary?
  12. It's still not a duty. If you believe it is and choose accordingly you are just wrong.
  13. No. It's ONLY a philosophy and NOT a movement. No philosophy is a movement. A movement to promote the philosophy isn't itself the philosophy. This distinction needs to be understood.
  14. But is that really a duty? It wasn't god, people or nature that imposed this responsibility on the parents. There are options: abstinence, safe sex, abortion, adoption. If you choose to bypass all four, you're choosing to be a parent.
  15. I've read them. I'm still not convinced that duty to family exists. Where would it come from? If it is imposed by a member of the family, which member and what gives him/her the authority to impose it?
  16. Duty to whom? To do what? I'm confused. Ayn Rand defines duty as: the moral necessity to perform certain actions for no reason other than obedience to some higher authority, without regard to any personal goal, motive, desire or interest.
  17. What is health and how do you achieve it? Reason supplies the answer Why do you want to be healthy? Purpose supplies the answer Are you good at being healthy? Yes? Self esteem is the result Now substitute wealth for health and ask the same three questions.
  18. Based on what nature? Does the thief have a different nature than a non thief? What caused that different nature?
  19. Short answer: no Long answer: You launched into a lecture about the morality of squandering one's inherited wealth and compared it to squandering one's stolen wealth. You needed to separate the two things. How one obtains wealth is not related to how one uses it. Inheritance by definition is getting what a dead person willed you to get. You had the owner's permission to get it. That's not theft by any objective meaning of the concept. I could squander earned wealth too. Does that make earning it in the first place theft?
  20. I guess some pua's can move women emotionally. Not sure if I would trust a pua if I was a woman. Some of the advice on how to become attractive is ok but most of the "art" is manipulative and deceptive.
  21. She identified rationality as the primary virtue, the one virtue that keeps men alive. Her concern was not to describe what men actually choose but what they can and SHOULD choose.
  22. FYI, Objectivism is NOT egalitarianism. It is individualist. It wants all rewards to be earned by ability and honest work. It does not want all the spoils to be shared by everyone equally regardless of ability or the amount and quality of work done like the egalitarians do.
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