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  1. Ok. It seems as if some of you think the US should be promoting moral values actively -- and by that I mean in the sense that Jehovah's witnesses go around door to door giving away pamphlets and giving speeches. As far as the government is concerned, I whole-heartedly disagree with that idea, but if you want to act in that manner as an individual, then I don't have the right to stop you, just to walk away. You respect another nation's sovereignty because you understand that you must give respect to receive it. The US was formed by people running from persecution, and you site other peopl
  2. The US perspective of inalienable rights is a perspective, but by having it does not mean you need to or should force it on others. You are forcing it when you install military troops in other countries and "promote democracy". Ron Paul does not promote pacifism. His foreign policy is non-interventionism, which just means not intervening in the affairs of others. Insofar as they are concerned with us is insofar as we should be concerned with them. Dr. Paul voted to go after the terrorists, by Bush used that authority to invade Iraq as a country and take out Saddam. Dr. Paul wanted to
  3. *** Mod's note: Moved from the Romney thread - sN *** Why do you think this about Ron Paul? I love his foreign policy, especially in the context of where we are in history. It's something we've needed for so long, his thinking is like a breathe of fresh air. Don't police the world, let people have the freedom to make their own decisions, don't force your lifestyle or perspective on others -- sounds pretty good to me. What about his social policies? Other than -- don't have the government tell you what to do, solve your problems at the local level i.e. give more power to the states an
  4. I agree with you when you say you should try to stop someone from pulling a gun on you, that makes sense. The problem I find is in how leaders truly define "threat." I just don't trust our leaders to properly gauge a threat or communicate it objectively to the public. You just end up with people like Bush policing the world and pushing people around because they can. The problem I have is at what point, really, do you make that pre-emptive defensive strike? Have you ever seen a fight? Two guys posture and posture and posture, talk noise, throw up their hands but still -- it's all talk.
  5. "So if your neighbor's hippie son converts to Islam and becomes interested in waging jihad against America, he would be "encouraged to visit other countries and interact with other peoples ", even if the "other countries" harbor terrorist training camps for useful idiots who would blend in well with American society, and their "other peoples" are in fact waging war against the United States." If he wants to go to other countries, let him. I'm sure once he gets there and sees what he's dealing with he will be sorry he went. You really think American teenage hippies are that dedicated to "d
  6. I think Ron Paul hasn't specifically mentioned engaging radical Muslims because he views their radical behavior in the present as a symptom of blowback from our occupation of their countries for so long. Personally, I agree with him. His views are that we should get our noses out of other people's business (i.e. bring our troops home from around the world where they are truly unnecessary and where we are trying to police other nations and build up other nations) and focus on our own country, our own debt, our own security, our own economy. We are so busy in the world trying to "bring democr
  7. Excellent post Dan Edge. I always immediately distanced myself from my exes after a break-up and they all told me I was being too cold, that I should try to preserve the friendship. I never understood why they couldn't just respect my wishes and leave me alone for a while. I really appreciate this post.
  8. Ok, I see why some people are getting aggravated and it's almost amusing.... BaseballGenius, the reason why DavidOdden said he might tip me from my post is because he perceives me to be a nice person who realizes that tips are very much appreciated niceties, not something I neccessarily deserve from doing my job, whereas you project that tips are something you are entitled to, just as he has been saying. You tell me I am too compassionate with people who do not tip? Who are you to tell me how I should treat other people? Excuse me for being nice and realizing that these are all people wh
  9. I work delivery for a chicken place so I have a little sympathy for BaseballGenius but I think you're getting a little bent out of shape for no reason. Tips are by no means obligatory, but it is something of a common practice (in America). After hearing (someone's, I forget whose) comments on Australia, I want to move there! You have to realize that your job, really, isn't that difficult and anyone who can drive could accomplish it. Any tip is appreciated. People tend to tip better in the winter when it's crazy cold out, or when it's raining, or when it's late at night simply because they
  10. You really hit the nail on the head IAmMetaphysical.
  11. Inspector: I hear you. As a junior in college, having switched majors and still not really loving my work, I'm a little scared. I'm sick of the stupid requirements in college, I just want to do what I love. My pleasure reading is the only thing that carries me through school. I feel so late in the game; I know I won't graduate by next spring but I'm ok with it. I want to just get a real job and make money for a while and just LIVE without feeling obligated to get my BS as soon as possible. I'm only 20, and I really don't know what I want to do with my life. I know I want to pursue re
  12. FaSheezy

    Hip Hop

    I'm sorry for sounding overly hostile. The people I spoke with were from the chat room. I do not remember their names. I didn't want to point them out specifically, but I did want to put something out for them to read. I've given my two cents now and will quit badgering everybody.
  13. FaSheezy

    Hip Hop

    Tupac was talking about what it was like to be black and how it feels to receive such rampant racism from everyone around you. Some of it is going a bit too far, but he was rapping about things that did exist in his world.
  14. FaSheezy

    Hip Hop

    I was not saying that just because there is a business for it that gives it value. My point was that as a business it will meet demands set for it by the public, and since some people want to hear crap hip hop it will exist, but that doesn't mean you should hate HIP HOP. It means you should hate the people who make BAD hip hop. I'm not trying to tell you HOW to judge it, I'm trying to get some of you to open your friggin ears and listen to something that MIGHT have value to you and not disregard something when you've never given it a chance. That is not rational. The value of good mus
  15. FaSheezy

    Hip Hop

    It has been my experience that most Objectivists I have spoken with hold a severe distaste for the genre of music called Hip Hop. Now, I understand your reservations if the only thing you have ever encountered from Hip Hop is, "You's a big fine mutha, won't you back that a$$ up." But come on people, music is just as much a business as anything else. If there is a demand for it, then you will see supply. You cannot judge a category as "good" or "bad"; you have to judge the individuals. To support my case I submit the lyrics to Eric Benet's "I Know" from his album "Hurricane." I find it
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