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  1. This would be a good place to start to learn more about Ludwig.
  2. This exact topic is the subject of Leonard Peikoff's, The Ominous Parallels. I can't recommend enough that you read this book.
  3. There is a lengthy discussion of implicit concepts (see "Implicit Concepts") in the Appendix of ITOE. The main idea is:
  4. I don't believe Miss Rand meant "a state of awareness as opposed to something else." She was merely highlighting a state of the faculty of awareness from the faculty itself. This is common usage in the Objectivist literature. She clarifies this usage in the Appendix: As to your model, I don't see how that is helpful here.
  5. Please visit the Ayn Rand Centenary site and celebrate the life of Ayn Rand.
  6. Objectivism rejects the a priori/a posteriori distinction in its entirety. See Leonard Peikoff's epic essay, "The Analytic-Synthetic Dichotomy," in Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology.
  7. I would much rather see books like this one coming out. I'm not saying that you don't appreciate this either. I'm just illustrating why a book like The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics was not written by a Dr. Peikoff or a Dr. Mayhew; they're too busy producing positive material.
  8. Yes, please tell us more about Libertarianism.
  9. [This was supposed to be a PM but I haven't had my coffee yet. ]
  10. Michael Berliner has a wonderful article, Ayn Rand: A Legacy of Reason and Freedom, published today in Men's News Daily.
  11. As far as we know (perhaps a moderator can verify), this is entirely optional. It is a fact that you can edit your own post without this note being added (it's an option that you simply turn on or off) so I assume it's the same for moderators editing posts.
  12. He is incomparable. Let me be the first to admit that we need him more than he needs us. What happened is that there has been a breach of security if you will. Someone was given a power over the content of this site who should not have been given such rights. Their actions were unwarranted and Mr. Speicher had every reason to assume that every one of his 2,500+ posts were at risk as well. That means that the integrity of countless hours of hard work had been jeopardized. Work, I might add, that constitutes the majority of the valuable content of this site all of it done voluntarily not for pay. Why would anyone tolerate such treatment?
  13. It has been my point from the beginning that there was nothing outstanding in those posts that warranted this action. I have read at least two of the three edited posts and they were no worse than dozens of other posts elsewhere on this board. How such a person was given moderator status is beyond me. Before giving someone moderator status, there should be sufficient evidence that 1) the member has an adequate understanding of the philosophy of Ayn Rand and 2) the member can arbitrate objectively in forum matters. I think that even a cursory review of this member's history should have raised questions in both respects. Now this forum has suffered a great loss for no good reason.
  14. Up to this point I was willing to entertain the notion that you had made an innocent error. But given that you think that this summarizes Stephen's posts (I have read the posts) along with your refusal to see a problem with what you did (Betsy has raised many important points with your behavior), I can no longer believe that this was done innocently.
  15. At the same time, this forum needs to be very picky about who to give moderator privleges to because some people just aren't qualified to arbitrate justly.
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