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  1. A liberal education can still be an excellent thing … but some of what goes on in some universities today is more fit for an indoctrination center than a university … especially the humanities departments. Tolerance and deference seems to be the chief goal ... and that's putting it nicely, it is more like conformance and submission. In any event, only tolerance of certain ideas and political positions. The really excellent humanities professors which came from the world war 2 generation, who had such breadth and scope of art, politics, history and literature, are all but retired now. In their place, by in large, we have a very inferior bunch. This kind of easy going, generous, really liberal minded in the true sense, extremely intelligent person has become all but extinct in the poisonous political atmosphere that permeates the academy today. It was too good to last I suppose. But some of the things which are allowed to go on in the universities today with the blessings of the administration are truly mind boggling. And many people who are graduated today some who go on to sit on school boards and city councils are some of the sorriest most divided individuals on the planet.-- not a very good tribute to the virtues of our modern educational institutions I am afraid.
  2. The problem with marxism is that it doesn’t work … it was based on a flawed set of principles. The Marxist regimes and propaganda we have seen have all been based on resentment – and the results have been predictable. And has there been anything more shameful and disgraceful than the agi-prop that the marxists used on their populations.-- a real violation of the human spirit. We can even hear the echo of marxist agi prop today in the propaganda the liberals have used in america-- to great effect. A noble person, people, or philosophy cannot be based on resentment. Resentment destroys it does not create. Marx’s work is based on resentment and a misintpretation of nature, human nature, and life. It is fair to say that stalin, mao and castro fairly represented marx’s work and that the 100 million killed by Marxist regimes in the 20th century were a sacrifice to Marx’s angry God. That some people still want to continue in this direction after all the failed expiraments and horror is to me a little astonishing. More than a little astonishing. A list of marxist leaders of the 20th century is a veritable rouges gallery-- a virtual who's who of every nasty, ressentful, power hungry, vicious, dented face that ever walked the earth. I am not exaggerating. To me it is no mere accident that these people would come to power under marxism ... marxism attracts and develops this kind of person and directs his frustrations at anything which breaths free or is competent. Marx gives the underprivledged, the disinhereted, the ill favored the permission to tear everyone around them to pieces using the pretex of human equality. Marxism has been an excellent tool for power hungry men-- but little more than that thus far. Do we really want to try another Marxist experiment ? -- are 100 million dead not yet enough for a fair verdict ?
  3. Yes, what can I say ? No question about it. You guys are suiciding on welfare and immigration and its only taken around 40 years. I think your lunatic liberals have a death wish. To think that you could put to two together is a madness which will spell your end or at least the end of danish culture. You might want to consider a burka for the wife and trade the car in for a donkey to get along in the new denmark. You have nowhere to run really... all of Western Europe is on the verge of suiciding. England, France, Italy, Germany will probably be in the same spot sooner or later. Europe is still capable of making a Volte Face and the most monumentous decisions but suicidal forces are probably too great. The Occident is dying. Western Liberal humanism contains the seeds of it own destruction.
  4. Well, I can see how outsourcing to china with wages of $40 a month would be profoundly disturbing to the American worker. When we talk about the benefits of competition and suddenly the American worker is plunged into competition with the 6 billion people of the world soon to be 9 billion … most of them making very poor wages, I can see how it would be a problem. The American worker simply cannot compete on this level and expect to have a good standard of living — naturally it would create resentment. Moving to a global economy does come with some severe growing pains because many countries have not had the benefits of capitalism, rule of law, private property and are in a feudal and semi feudal state. The goal of the advocates of free markets is not vast swaths of cheap labor and environmental degradation and somehow we need to balance our ideas of free markets and free trade with the very real problems that globalization is creating for Americans. The abuses of the labor movements notwithstanding, I think the American worker has a few legitimate concerns which we should try to address. Also I think a very real issue facing America is the numbers of people coming into the country. By the year 2100 we will be a country of 1 billion people if current immigration trends (legal and illegal) continue. A population the size of India. I think that common sense dictates that the third world countries from whom these populations are coming need to get their houses in order instead of America being flooded with their excess impoverished and illiterate populations. If the situation is allowed to happen I think that socialism and Marxism may become very popular because our poor planning will have created a bad situation. The thing about the Marxists and the socialists is that they take advantage of bad situations but they do nothing to alleviate those situations. My point is that if Americans begin to loose en masse because of globilization and immigration (which is happening today), we may loose to socialist and marxist manipulators and thus we need to pay attention to the very real problems of globilization effecting our populations as they are arising.
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