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  1. I have never understood the fuss over this. I have left many Objectivist boards because of silly infighting and 'I am more Objectivist than thou' thinking. People can call themselves whatever the hell they like. Their thoughts speak for themselves. Like pro-choice Catholics, there is no debate on whether or not someone is an Objectivist or not. A thing on disagreement- Objectivists can, and should, disagree. It's healthy. It's fun. We make error judgements and errors of knowledge like anyone else. The only way to discover our errors is through critical thought and debate. I disagree with Ra
  2. I am a 33 year old Bostonian and discovered Objectivism about 8 years ago. I am lucky to have a boyfriend who is also an Objectivist. I work in the social services field (difficult being an Objectivist and working with Socialists!) and have three cats.
  3. The last thing we need is a 'church'. Churches are places of worship and are tied to the mystical. We can not untie that reality. If you mean an organized group, or a location to go to in order to meet with other Objectivists that is one thing. A church is quite another.
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