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  1. Oops! Forgot to give the title of Floyd Norman's book. It's "Animated Life". A lifetime of tips, tricks, and stories from a Disney legend.
  2. I have not seen the movie but wanted to add 'second hand' personal note. I have met a man who worked on Mary Poppins at Disney by the name of Floyd Norman. Through a friend of mine who knows Mr. Norman better than me (thus, 'second hand'), Floyd told him that they got the story right. Also, Mr. Norman was not invited to the premier until he sent a note to Tom Hanks who made sure he got to see the movie. Norman was consulted by Hanks for the movie. In addition for those who may be interested, Mr. Norman has written a marvelous book about working for Disney which does include a chapter about Mary Poppins. I am lucky enough to have an autographed copy of the book in which Mr. Norman also drew a picture of a mouse! Hmmm . . . wonder where he got that idea from??
  3. Tell us how you really feel, Ed! I'm kidding of course. This is brilliant.
  4. Branden or Valliant? Vallint's book thanks The Estate of Ayn Rand for access to her journals and also includes the name of Jeff Britting who is, I brlieve, the archivist at ARI. Also, just looked at Amazon and they want $78.53 for a new copy.
  5. I don't know if it can be called an 'official account' but there is a book called "The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics, The Case Against the Branden's" by James S. Valliant. It's been a long time since I read it but I believe it does contain an explanation of the affair. It was consensual amongst all the parties involved. But more than that the Branden's succeeded in pulling the wool over not only Ayn Rand's eyes but most every one around her for about 18 years. Someone who is more familiar with the book may want to comment.
  6. Yes, posts seem to be appearing twice - (just kidding).
  7. I suspect either Quent or Linda put these out on Youtube. Some (if not all) you can see on their facebook page. Also for those who like sculpture like this you can buy through QCFA the pedestals you see here with the motorized motion. I think it adds tremendously to the sculpture.
  8. I would say that this is socialism. Communism is socialism with brutality.
  9. The initial panel said .net. Changing it to .com worked. Thanks!
  10. I have signed out and tried to sign back on but the problem remains.
  11. This problem started just recently. I bring up the initial web site that has the 'category' Forums. I click on Sign In and nothing happens. I click on Members, then click on Sign In, and the log in panel comes up and I can log in. Any ideas on why this might be happening? Thanks.
  12. This is indeed a sad day. Yes, RIP Dr. Lewis. We will miss you.
  13. Another favorite of mine is: Sic transit gloria mundi (thus passes away the glory of the world). It becomes more relevant as one gets older.
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