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  1. I hope to see that puppy next week.
  2. It is definitely worth a visit. If you are coming from a distance it is a little harder to get to since they moved to Napa - Burlingame is practially next to SFO, but what the heck, you'll be in Napa! Maybe, just maybe you can find other things to do there too!. I think they have most everything on display which is one of the reasons for the move - more area. I can also say that what you see on the internet doesn't make up for what you see in person because as good as the internet is it doesn't capture pictures of pictures very well. In person, you will see things you like and things you don't like but they are all nonetheless stunning. My favorite artist (at the moment) is Lorenzo because I am in the process of buying two of his pieces. They are both on the main page and I'll leave it up to you to guess which ones they are. Also for a personal touch, go to Linda's blog page at: http://www.cordair.blogspot.com/. Scroll down to August 7th for a picture of "Carefree" (and company).
  3. Well hopefully the parking situation will be better! But it's going to be tougher to drive an extra hour or so to visit my two Lorenzos. Guess I'll have to turn a few hours visit into a weekend - maybe there is something else to do in Napa? Enough joshing. I would encourage anyone who hasn't had a chance to visit the gallery to do so either in Burlingame (near SF airport) before the move or plan a visit to Napa afterwards. Like any art that is displayed on the web there is a lot lost by not seeing it in person. I know this just by looking at my Lorenzos but also looking at another favorite artist, Eyvind Earle (Cordair doesn't carry Earle). Linda, I will of course see you before the move but do look forward to seeing (and maybe being a part of) the new digs.
  4. I was more accurate this time around, if not perfect the way I wanted to be (but the mistake I made, I would not have caught during a normal end-of-puzzle accuracy check), and pulled myself back up to 12th place. Not good enough to get back into the top 10, but still pretty darn good out of 700 people. As we Phillies fans say, next year, man! Congratulations, Stella! 12th isn't bad at all - I have been doing this by mail for the past few years and can only get up to pretty low. I've run across several of the puzzles you have created including the NYT of a few weeks ago and have enjoyed solving them. Keep up the good work! Oh, and I've seen the movie and those PJs are a kick.
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