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  1. Yeah, it's kind of hazy right now what happened, but the timing of this is utter BS. With regard to whether or not disclosure of Paulson's position ABACUS would have been a deciding factor in investment, I would agree that it was a moot point. Investors going long on the CDO and Goldman thought that whoever was short was a fool.
  2. Even worse than complanency, the SEC led retail investors to slaughter with this one. This has partisan interests written all over it. The fact that the "Insecurity and Change Commission" announced the charges during market hours without suspending GS shares from trading hammered retail investors' positions. A question on the topic. The SEC charges that Let's assume for a second that this is true and that investors in ABACUS, rather than the SEC brought the suit forward. If GS told ACA that Paulson was long on the CDO when he was in fact short, and ACA gave the CDO the seal of approval, was fraud committed, and if so who bears the responsibility? EDIT: Grammar
  3. I don't think that an Obama win would have affected the stock market to the degree portrayed by the media. By most measures Obama was the predicted winner at least a week before the election. The market would have already digested the news. Edit: Grammar
  4. That's true. We can't be sure if Bob Barr turned over a new leaf, or if he's paying lip-service to individual liberty just to further his career.
  5. The irony is that since the Fed is a private bank, they get any future AIG profits from their 80% stake, while taxpayers cover the losses. Bernanke is laughing all the way to the bank today.
  6. Thanks for the replies all. It is not that I don't think I can live up to these standards. I thought that it was quite distressing that a code of ethics created to enable man to live his life to the fullest seems to have made me more aware of life's obstacles and threats, rather than my values. I certainly do not want to live other peoples lives, but it seems they want to tell me how to live mine. While I don't usually fret about things that are beyond my control, the idea of being press-ganged into a life of servitude does concern me. I am aware that I probably cannot do anything about it, and that makes it all the worse. Being not fully acquainted with Objectivism (nor fully integrated), it simply may be conflicting ideas. However, I think my main issue is fighting battles that are too large and messy, rather than focusing on my immediate environment as softwareNerd suggested. I would definitely like to know more about the unrealistic standards that Mammon and DavidOdden have encountered among some Objectivists. Good advice from everyone!
  7. Hello all, In the course of studying Objectivism I have learned of man’s morals which enable him to live. Knowledge of these morals is burdensome to me. While I try to focus on the things that make my life wonderful, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of powerlessness when I realize that certain people are working (with increasing degrees of success) to enslave us under the yoke of collectivism. Does anyone else find being an Objectivist wearying at times, especially when faced with loved ones who champion immoral causes? How do the people on this forum put this aside and happily pursue their values, rather than living with constant angst?
  8. -Final Fantasy (Nobuo Uematsu) -Starcraft -Metroid Prime -Metal Gear Solid 2 (Harry Gregson-Williams) -Silent Hill series (The acoustic guitar songs that usually accompany cutscenes)
  9. Hi Corey, I will attempt to answer the first part of your question, but I will leave the second part for someone else since my knowledge of the subject is rudimentary at best. It would be quite a feat to buy up all of the fresh water in Canada. However, just because your hypothetical company would have the money to buy up all of the water in Canada, it still requires a voluntary sale from the owners of the water supplies. As more and more of these water supplies are bought up, current owners may be reluctant to sell to this large company since they can raise their prices, too. The wonderful thing about Capitalism is the lack of barriers to entry. If the company does gain control of fresh water supplies in Canada, then yes, they can charge what they want. On the other hand, since the price for water is so high, people will have an incentive to devise new ways to get water. As an idea, people would turn to de-salinating the oceans, or sucking moisture out of the air and putting it into a bottle. In today's world these ideas would be costly compared to taking fresh water from an already existing source, but in a world with higher prices they suddenly become economically viable. Additionally, the higher prices would give people stronger incentive to start looking for new reservoirs and aquifers underground. Heck, people can even import water from other nations. Hong Kong imports its water and its one of the wealthiest nations on Earth. I hope this helps.
  10. I had friend of mine recommend some of Cramer's books, as an introduction to stock trading. I'm planning on checking them out.
  11. Believe me, I would have rather taken something else, but I had to take another social science to get my A.A. I had already taken economics and the second class had to be from another discipline. I think there are valid uses for sociology. As a tool for studying societal patterns, relationships, communication, etc. However, I would assume that collectivists enjoy studying the collective, which explains all of the leftist crap in a "value-free" environment. I'm still miffed, but I'm mostly over being told that the only reason I am where I am was because I'm a white male, rather than my drive, intelligence and ambition. I can't wait to be done in 2 weeks- no more sitting through rants about "social inequity" and "screwing workers."
  12. This definitely takes the cake. I'm probably not the first person to ask how people get away with this kind of stuff. I don't get why this happens. The word "race" comes up in a conversation and suddenly everyone starts walking on eggshells, ready to backpedal at the first sign of offense or disagreement.
  13. How did the management let that fly? I don't know what it does for the supposed beneficiaries, but it would only seem to alienate the victimized demographic.
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