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  1. Ah..if only Denver wasn't too far from where I am..I might go.
  2. Yes, that's a very good thing. The Civilization games are incredible.
  3. Part 2. Ellsworth M. Toohey. Chapter 2. She read it and smiled. She thought, if they knew...those people..that old life and that awed reverence before her person...I've been raped...I've been raped by some red-headed hoodlum...I, Dominique Francon...Through the firece sense of humiliation, the words gave her the same kind of pleasure she had felt in his arms. There, that's the exact quote from my version of the book, where she thinks to herself, "I have been raped." In response to Inspector. This comes soon after Roark gets the letter from Enright asking him to build the house.
  4. No I didn't ask. I work at a fast food place, so I didn't really have the time to get into a much longer talk with him.
  5. A couple days ago, where I work, a guy came in and used a credit card as payment. When I looked at the receipt, his name was John Galt. I couldn't help but laugh and ask him if he's ever read anything by Ayn Rand. He said that yes, he had, and that he is now his own idol. Haha. I thought it was interesting.
  6. Yes, I've had this game for a long time now. And it's been one of my favorite strategy games ever since. However, I haven't played it since I discovered Objectivism now that I think of it. I think the Morganites would now be my favorite, before discovering Objectivism I was always playing as the Spartans. It's a great game.
  7. It might be because soon after, she thought to herself, "I have been raped." Allthough, she wasn't thinking of it in a bad context.
  8. ramKatori, yes, I've told her how I feel. We had a long discussion on it not that long ago. Stephen, I'm not attaching any stigma to a therapist. If I am, I don't realize it. I know that discussing it with a therapist could make things go by faster, and based off of that I will have to think of whether or not it would be best for me right now. Thank you all for your help in this matter. I appreciate it.
  9. No, it's really only with her. Other people, when I make them mad, I really don't care. It's only with her. I hate it when I get like that, and so does she, with extremely good reason. We've talked about it, and the only very plausible idea I can come up with currently is that it's something left over from past relationships (many of which were incredibly bad). Most of the people I've dated before her, I don't speak to anymore, because we ended up despising each other. I know that my current relationship isn't heading in that direction at all, it's an extremely good one. However, the fear I experience of making her more mad might be something left over from my past relationships ending in hatred. I think it's possible I'm afraid of her hating me. Thank you for your comment Stephen, however, I do not think I am need of a therapist honestly. But your comment is definitely appreciated.
  10. Hi, I've noticed that I seem to get overly emotional whenever my girlfriend gets mad at me. I honestly become hysterical, and will pretty much do anything to change the fact that she's angry. I literally seem to lose control of myself, my rational mind, and lose it. I'm thinking that it could be that I haven't completely intregrated Objectivism into my life. When she becomes angry, it weakens me really. I honestly do feel like I'm completely terrified of making her even more mad. I went from a drastic change in life, from self-loathing, to attempting to become an Objectivist. It's been a radical change, and I think the becoming hysterical may be something left over. Do any of you have any ideas or something as to why this might be? Thank you.
  11. Another movie I just saw that I really liked, Pleasantville.
  12. I'm thinking it's both. Especially considering that Half Life 2 is an amazing game.
  13. Sorry for the double post, but I had to add Man on Fire to my list.
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